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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Letter to Tillis regarding His Attempted Coup d'etat

 Sen Tillis, I am sure you know the phrase: “Never strike a king unless you are sure you shall kill him.”―Ralph Waldo Emerson.  Potus will be in for eight years.  I am sure  he is not going to forget the little backbencher who struck him while he was still getting his feet under himself.  So as he learns to concentrate the enormous power of a president, not to mention backing your primary opponent in the next election, I can only hope for you, that you have kept your day job.


Blogger said...

Lou Dobbs tweeted Tillis & Graham Shameful Place in History-Bills to Protect Mueller’s Russia Hoax.

USS Rodger Young said...

Thom RINO Tillis struggles to conceal his contempt for conservatives. His contempt is stems from a general lack of respect for a large segment of the population who still believe in freedom, patriotism, and rugged individualism. Tillis has never stood for any of these principles, but he has always said he has. He was able to trick people into thinking he was a conservative for no other fact than he labeled himself a Republican. His style is reminiscent of John Boehner. Get the job because of a label, not because of actions.

When RINO Thom Tillis and Phil Berger defrauded gun owners in North Carolina a couple years back, it should've been the death knell for Tillis. A packed Rethuglican field gave him a win over Tea Party member Dr. Greg Brannon. The sheeple were easily duped into voting in a fringe left liberal Rethuglican. RINO spotters knew what was coming but were silenced by the establishment. Now that it's here, truth telling conservatives look on unsurprised by Tillis. He didn't suddenly turn to the left after being elected, he was there all along.

Folks, unless you have a politician fighting hard to decrease government, increase power to the proletariat, and increase general freedom, then anything else just won't do. The time is late, probably too late, to turn this thing around. Too much water under the bridge to come back from the brink. You actually have a politician (Tillis) choosing illegal aliens over American citizens! Tillis wants to increase immigration, illegal or otherwise, instead of talking about deporting the millions of illegal aliens who suck off American society like leeches. This is who you elected a short while ago. Not a peep from the Watauga County Rethuglican party on their pick. They pulled out all stops to elect this communist and then remain silent when the dolt reveals himself as a full blown Marxist!!!

Thom Tillis has always been a liberal. Nothing's changed. It's just you're noticing it now because you refused to notice the very same actions perpetrated by this traitor for years during his stint in the NC Senate. He didn't increase freedoms or reduce government during the State Senate days, so why would you think he would improve as a Senator? Dumb, dumb, dumb. Enjoy the Marxist you Marxists elected. Conservatives tried to warn you, but it fell on deaf ears.

USS Rodger Young

USS Rodger Young said...

Speaking of contempt for conservatives, did anyone happen to see Dana Perino's interview with Dana Loesch, the NRA spokeswomen on Fox News? RINO Dana Perino barely holds in her contempt for Loesch. The fact Loesch is prettier than the fading Perino might have something to do with it, but I notice it's this same type of contempt that RINO Tillis has for conservatives. In public they tolerate (barely) conservatives, but it's easy to tell they do not want to. Conservatives want ACTION and RESULTS. RINOs like Tillis want status quo and power. Action and results don't mix with status quo and power. They are anathema to each other. RINOs fear and loathe conservatives.

Tillis will continue down this road. He's irredeemable. He will always be a Communist and you get him for 4 more years. If the electorate was truly mad a Tillis recall would've already been underway. It's not. Tillis is a ruler, not a representative.

USS Rodger Young

Anonymous said...

News flash -- Most people have contempt for conservatives.

Anonymous said...

Anon we have already established that these two senators are not conservatives.

Anonymous said...

Senator Chaffee just said on Fox that what Tillis is doing is unconstitutional.

USS Rodger Young said...

What is most alarming with Senator RINO Thom Tillis is the fact he's undermining the President's policies even after a pissed off electorate voting Trump into office for a reason - to DO SOMETHING. Trump is a change agent for Americans tired of status quo governance. One would think Tillis might be a little more attuned to the electorate's proclivities, but, as usual, he's on the opposite end of the spectrum. Perhaps Tillis is trying to take John McCain's title as "Maverick" with the maverick part only applying to attacking conservatives.

Tillis will be a pain in the behind for 4 more years. At year 3 he will go hard right, propose a few tough sounding bills he knows won't have even the tiniest chance of passing and attempt to gain re-election. He learned that very effective tactic from fellow RINO and obvious mentor, RINO Richard burr (notice lower case).

Tillis is out for Tillis. His only responsibility is getting re-elected and retaining power. He will sell you down the river at ever turn if it means keeping power. He's made a career of doing that very thing as have a majority of current politicians. When the establishment turned its back on Ken Cuccinnelli, a Tea Partier, it was done by politicians like mitch mcconnel and thom tillis (notice lower case). Notice how liberal socialist sheep never criticize mcconnel or tillis - there's nothing to criticize from the liberal point of view because tillis and mcconnel are liberals.

What does the Watauga County Republican Party have to say about the traitorous tillis? Nothing? It's a fair bet that many Watauga county republicans have switched sides to become democrats. what a bunch of do nothings.

USS Rodger Young

Wolf's Head said...

News Flash! MOST people are conservatives.

guy faulkes said...

Wolf, do not further confuse Goofus with facts. Rather let him explain why there are so many Democrat governors. This should be good.

USS Rodger Young said...

thom RINO tillis and mitch mcconnel may well be doing us a favor folks. Their stupidity, along with help from other establishment rethuglicans (Watauga county rethuglican party for example), will help conservatives get elected. But far more important, it's allowing many to see the true difference between a conservative and a fence sitting moderate rethuglican (a liberal). As the proletariat becomes more educated, it will become harder for the tillis/mcconnel types to pull the wool over their eyes. I'd like to see a majority of rethuglicans get voted out during midterms and replaced with either tea partiers or even hard core liberal dumpocrats. As long as we're taking action to remove liberal rethuglicans, via voting, we will be making progress.