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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Trump, the Only Grown Up in the Room

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Foscoe Phoenix said...

The only person willing to tell the truth about Charlottesville and fringe groups is Donald Trump. Fox News, establishment RINO politicians, and Democrats are going crazy over Trump telling the truth! It's simply amazing that the President has more guts than nearly anyone else! I'm a believer now. Is Trump the only one that sees radical leftist groups bused into Charlottesville by the thousands to engage in violence? Or tear down statues in Durham? He sees it whilst political correctness has silenced the sheeple. Wonder what the Watauga County Republicans have to say about it? We'll never know at they've all migrated to the Democratic Party!

I saw that fat idiot Carl Rove speaking against Trump the other night on liberal Fox News. Rove was madder than I've ever seen him. I wondered why he wasn't ever this animated when Hussein obummer was busy taking rights away and fomenting racial violence (remember the black man shot in Charlotte by leftists). Rove didn't seem all that put out by Antifa burning Ferguson or Berkley. But now all of a sudden this establishment idiot is pissed? What a loser.

The President was at his best today. Glad he's standing up to darkness.