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Thursday, August 24, 2017

New Rules for Trolls

 People from all over the world check into our blog–even Russia and China. Last month we had more readers in France than in the US. Social media, like blogs, have taken on a new importance.  What use to be called the main stream media has abdicated its role.

 We have some really thoughtful and meaningful discussions on our blog and to keep it that way, following are new rules:

From now on any anonymous poster  must demonstrate in their comments that they have read and understood the thread they are commenting on.

Secondly, if the comment even hints of tolling by taking readers off into the weeds, consider your comment toast.

Thirdly, no more anonymous repetitious drive by hits, which add nothing to the discussion.

A caveat: If after a discussion has run its course and readers are ready to move on, I will then let anything in reason through.  Many readers have realized that giving some of you a platform helps the rest of us to see how inane you are as well as how mean spirited you can be.

To keep anyone from taking this personally remember, I have no idea how many of you there are.  But there is the adage, if you throw a stick into a pack of dogs, you will know which one you hit when it yelps.


Wolf's Head said...

Wait a minute.....

Pack of dogs???

As a close cousin I feel somewhat alarmed..

Just kidding.

Thanks for the heads up Blogger.

USS Rodger Young said...


This is an excellent tactic. Perhaps the noneymouse cowards who troll here will once again use a screen name. What you've done is force the liberal socialist sheep into either debating their inferior positions with moral authority conservatives or quitting altogether. I've noted that noneymouse coward, because he was unable to debate conservatives would send a repetitive drive by comment. No more. You've forced their hand in much the same way Donald Trump (notice upper case)is forcing the hand of liberal rethuglicans. Can't wait to see how this works out.

USS Rodger Young

guy faulkes said...

The reason this blog is so successful is that it is one of the few in which the principle participants can and do have adult discussions about issues on which we have different opinions. WE do not get mad. We back up our opinions with data from legitimate sources (which also so do not agree). We often times agree to disagree.

I am referring to the conservative voices on the blog. We have had problems with some of our liberal friends. They d not seem to be able to tolerate anyone with a dissenting opinion from their own.

The French connection is very interesting. I wonder what is going on. Would any of you folks care to comment?

Wolf's Head said...

Guy, maybe it's because the French have some of the same problems we do.

Terrorists attacks, an influx of immigrants, problems with the economy.

Or maybe they just like to watch Americans argue.

Anonymous said...

How is the blog successful if you can count all of the conservative cult commenters on your fingers and still have fingers left over.
It's both entertaining and scary to try to follow the hypocrisy, extremism, and unconstitutional comments here.

guy faulkes said...

"It's both entertaining and scary to try to follow the hypocrisy, extremism, and unconstitutional comments here." We feel the same way, Goofus. That is why we read your posts.

Just what conservative cult do you speak of? Christians? Patriots? Capitalists? I take pride in any and all of them.

USS Rodger Young said...

ah ah ah noneymouse coward. You're dangerously close to being deleted, again, for another repetitive, say nothing comment. Trolls never seem to learn.

Your ole pal

USS Rodger Young

guy faulkes said...

If the blog is not successful, Goofus, why do you bother to come here?

Sarkazein said...

Maybe there will be a statue made to censorship for you and yours to tear down.

USS Rodger Young said...

Looks like the noneymouse coward troll still hasn't learned that repetitive driven is no longer allowed on this site. I expect Blogger's delete button will be used frequently for awhile. Noneymouse coward, take a valium, eat some of your mom's meatloaf, and let the experts take it from here. LOL

Your ole pal

USS Rodger Young

USS Rodger Young said...

Mean to say "drivel". Autocorrect is a pain sometimes

USS Rodger Young said...

And here we have yet another lesson learned for the trolls. Failure to follow the rules will result in a consequence. This must really hurt troll noneymouse coward as he seems, somehow, to think the rules don't apply to him. What an idiot. Good riddance.

The Elohim not posting as Anonymous said...

The main rule is that if it hurts the demonstrably unethical Bloggers feelings or challenges him to explain anything pertinent, it gets tossed like USSR Youngs salad.

guy faulkes said...

Wrong again, Goofus.