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Friday, August 4, 2017

Our Two Senators join the Attempted Coup d’etat

Both of our Senators have joined the attempted coup d’etat of our president by supporting the Mueller witch hunt. Burr wrote me the following supporting special counsel Muller: "I believe that this (Mueller) is a positive direction."

Then there is Tillis ,who so far has accomplished nothing since
going to Washington. He has joined Sen. Coon, a Democrat, to introduce two bipartisan bills Thursday aimed at protecting Special Counsel Robert Mueller from being fired by President Donald Trump. Never in my lifetime have I known a US Senator to mount such an attack on a president. Coup d'etat

I wrote them both, and in my frustration I told them I hoped Trump will challenge them both. Fire Mueller. Then our two do-nothing senators would have precipitated a constitutional crisis. They both then can go down in the history books as modern Benedict Arnolds.

I declare the obvious. Mueller has compromised his investigation, loading up with Democrat donor lawyers. He is best friends with the star witness, Comey. Typical of every special prosecutor, who go down rabbit holes to see if they can find just anything to justify their existence., Mueller is already proving he is no exception.

You guys on this blog warned me not to support these senators. Oh, how I wish I had listened!


guy faulkes said...

Burr and Tillis will go down in history as being traitors regaurddless of Muller being fired or not. At least they will for those that take the trouble top research their careers.

Do you suppose Trump or another entity could petition the courts to disband or dismantle the special commission due to the obvious conflict of interest most of its members have?

Blogger, when the wool is removed from in front of one's eyes, he can see things clearly. Unfortunately what he is looking at is usually not very pretty.

WOlf's Head said...

"Our Two Senators join the Attempted Coup d’etat"

Tried to tell ya, but nooooo. You gotta vote republican no matter if they're a**holes or not.

You voted Tillis in, you enjoy the ride.

There is no democrat or republican establishment. There is just THE Establishment.

And they want Trump out. They are trying to find a way to give them some cover so they won't be hanged when they get home.

But if Trump is removed from office there will be millions of Americans ready for another civil war.

And that is not hyperbole. Look at the rally in West Virginia, and the enthusiasm of his supporters. It will only intensify as the attacks on Trump intensifies.

USS Rodger Young said...

Many of us noticed that Burr wasn't the conservative he claimed to be during the infamous Blowing Rock Land Trade. The positions Burr and RINO Virginia Foxx took on the illegal land trade were astounding to those involved with the issue. Not only did they side with an ultra-liberal town council whose members owned homes sitting directly above the land trade area, they actually conspired AGAINST sportswomen and men as they rammed the land trade issue through. They REFUSED to allow testimony by local sportswomen and men in Washington, DC while inviting the Blowing Rock Town Manager to do so. Sportswomen and men found out about this testimony at 5 PM the day before the testimony was to take place by Virginia Foxx's Congressional aide, Aaron Whitner. To add injury to insult, the land in question was never surveyed an neither the Town of Blowing Rock nor the good Senator even knew where the land was! The only reason the public knew about the land trade in the first place was due to overzealous Blowing Rock cops trying to prevent trespass on a patch of land that they didn't know the boundaries of. They actually tried to prevent local sportswomen and men from hunting on U.S. Forest Service Lands thinking the U.S.. Forest Service Land was the land they had bought!! After the situation was uncovered, it was discovered the Town of Blowing Rock, in a hidden deal, had bought 190 acres of land on the other side of the gorge not far from the Elliot Dangerfield Manor on US 221!!!! Talk about a corrupt action that should've seen someone go to jail. But in stepped RINO Burr and the illegal, immoral and unethical actions were covered up.

This is the fist inkling we got of Burr. The establishment RINO Party of Watauga County REFUSED to question Burr and ignored the situation altogether. Now we are saddled with a lame duck Senator (didn't Rico warn of Burr's lame duck actions?) who is going hard against the President (notice upper case). And the Watauga County RINO Establishment Rethuglicans are SILENT.

USS Rodger Young

USS Rodger Young said...

Then we have RINO Thom Tillis. We saw this one coming while Tillis was a NC State Senator who ignored gun owners and pro-gun bills just like the state senate is now doing to gun owners over Bill 746 (Constitutional Carry). Thom RINO Tillis was in danger of losing the Senate election if the word got out about him, so the Watauga County Establishment planted New Guy on this site as a "moderator" to kill any bad press they knew would be directed at Tillis. Sort of like what Foxx and Burr did to conservatives over the Blowing Rock Land Trade - silenced and excluded them!!!! Rico and myself were unable to post comments for 2-3 months before the Senatorial election that saw RINO Tillis win. In fairness to Blogger, he had no idea this was taking place.

Now we're saddled by a leftist liberal in Tillis who is pro-illegal alien, anti-gun, and anti-American. He will vote for oppressive laws designed to give power to the government each and every time. Like Burr, he will suddenly turn conservative a year before re-election and yap and babble about the 2nd Amendment or some such conservative cause long enough to dupe dim witted RINOs into re-electing him. Dr. Greg Brannon wouldn't be giving us these problems, but I was ridiculed by the Watauga County Establishment Rethuglicans who are now silent on these issues.

Rico, myself and many on this site saw the extremism spewing from Burr, Roxx, and Tillis a decade ago. Our alarms were poo pooed time and again. Now that we're proven right, those who would ridicule try to ignore the vindication due.

When is the last time a Watauga County RINO posted on this site? I'd say it was last November a few days before Trump shocked the world. The fact the Watauga County Rethuglican Party refuses comment should be clear evidence they supported Ms. Bill Clinton over Donald Trump. The poor farmer out in Aho set upon by health inspectors over his septic tank could use some help, but he's out of luck.

Enjoy slavery.

USS Rodger Young

Blogger said...

Guy I know you and JR know what you are doing. At the same time, I am over here freaking out and I would rather you two would be freaking out with me rather than playing around with the troll.
We, not you two, have sent two traitorous senators to Washington. If Burr was doing his job as head of the Intelligence Committee, he would be rooting the renegades out of the deep state swamp intelligence agencies, instead of wasting his time harassing Potus. And, if Tillis, way above his pay grade, would just accomplish anything rather than trying to precipitate a constitutional crisis, everyone would be better off. I feel so strongly about these two senators’ treachery that all I want to hear is some amens. I am going to do something I never have done to you and JR–two of my favorites . I am going clean all of this up.

Blogger said...

ROSENSTEIN to Rush Limbaugh: If Mueller finds evidence of a crime that’s within the scope of what Director Mueller and I have agreed is the appropriate scope of his investigation, then he can investigate . If it’s something outside that scope, he needs to come to the acting attorney general — at this time, me — for permission to expand his investigation. But we don’t talk about that publicly, and so the speculation you’ve seen in the news media? That’s not anything that I’ve said. It’s not anything Director Mueller said. We don’t know who’s saying it or how credible those sources are.
Boy, is Rosenstein ever the master of Washington speak!

guy faulkes said...

Blogger, if there is something in the money, paper, or digital trail as Goofus contends, it would have been discovered by now. In order to come up with something, whatever it is will have to be manufactured. If they manufacture some kind of charge, traces of the duplicity will exist and be found.

Trump has the support of a large number of the public. Even a good many that do not like him like what he is doing. This kangaroo court of Mueller is the greatest risk the left and the establishment have ever taken. If it blows up in their face, then the "progressive" and establishment forces will be damaged beyond any kind of timely repair.

The left has escalated the situation with violence to the point that the Wolf thinks there may be a civil War. I have leaned over the years to never take the Wolf's predictions lightly. The left is stacking the deck, but they do not realize what is required to play the hand. The country is more polrzed than it has ever been.

I always said that we might have to come back out of the ashes. I cannot decide if Trump might be able to forestall the conflict or if h is the phoenix getting ready to arise.

Anonymous said...

The money, paper and digital trail has been discovered but not made public because those involved will be questioned by the FBI under oath. Those being questioned won't know how much the FBI already knows but a wrong answer is jail time if caught lying to the FBI.