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Thursday, August 17, 2017


There I was standing inside, by myself, near the front door of my current favorite Vietnamese restaurant waiting for my youngest brother to join me for lunch today. In walks the homeliest congressperson alive. At least the homeliest male congressperson alive.
A part of the mud fence you see mugging for the camera with Pelosi and Waters and Jackass Lee and that guys who looks like Andy Kaufman's and Butthead's love child. We were two feet apart, face to face. There was only the two of us. I was set back a little, because I had thought from seeing him on the news that he was a big guy... not so. He was about Smurf height... tiny. He greeted me after he entered the door. His voice was tiny also. It was weak and unassuming. I said to him- I'll say hi back, but I ain't liking it. He said- Well, (I wish I had a smaller font for his words to better express his mousy voice) at least we can be cordial. I said- The way you talk about our President deserves little respect or cordiality.
He was escorted to his table where he was meeting, I guess, his constituents. Another Texas State Democrat legislature came in and they posed for pictures at the table. The people at his table would turn and look at me in between times my brother would look at him because he didn't know who Al Green was. Of course once he saw him he recognized him. I was ignoring him and his people. Later the check arrived for his table. He grew Tyrannosaurus Rex arms and someone else paid the check. I left and was standing outside near the front door waiting for my brother when Green came out. He looked in fear as if I was waiting on him. So as not to make him run in this oppressive Texas heat, I turned my back and ignored him once more.


Sarkazein said...

I know what you are thinking, but Henry Waxman retired in 2015.

Reader said...

Sounds like you had a good time, Sark, other than having to look at his mug during eating. As I age, I find myself now writing more to my congress people....just yesterday I received a response letter from Burr. Will read it today, didn't want to be disgusted before coming home. Tillis has yet to respond.

Sarkazein said...

Reader- Not even that mug can ruin a good Vietnamese lunch.
I always say I am going to write my Congressman, mayor, or talking head but never do. Talking to them in person might up ones adrenaline a bit but it's worth it to ones inner peace.
The Conservatives are fighting Islamists, MS13, and over-reaching government regs. Rep Al Don Quixote Green (D) is fighting the Russians and the Confederate Army.