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Friday, August 18, 2017

Praying for Potus

 POTUSSHIELD  is a council of prelates that assembled to raise up a spiritual shield over Potus, his family and his administration.  I just returned from a regional meeting in Charlotte.  It was awesome!
Just before I left home, I was mentally and emotionally wiped out from listening to the lying dark spirits
being channeled through all the media.  My wife asked, “as tired as you are, are you sure you need to go?”  I replied “I need to get with my own tribe for a while.”

It turned out to be beyond my expectations.  People had come from all over, including a large contingent who flew all the way from Taiwan.  They had come to pray for our president!
For two full days and into one evening, we prayed, worshiped and shared what God has been telling us.  The most awe-inspiring part for me was that, no matter where we came from, we laughed at the same things, moaned at the same things, shouted hallelujah at the same things, booed at the same things.  Like the disciples in the upper room we were all in one accord.

A number of Potus leaders are in Trump’s  inner spiritual council, so we were able to get to know the real spirituality  in the White House, including that of his beautiful family.

There are Christians today who feel they are specifically called to a ministry as an intercessor, interceding in prayer, as well as conducting spiritual warfare for others.  For some, it can be a full time calling.  If you are called to be an intercessor, join Potus or one of the many other groups of intercessors.  As an intercessor, you have not lived until you are in a gathering of hundreds of the real things, as I just did!

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USS Rodger Young said...

Many of us are praying for POTUS. We are not going to have another one like Trump, so enjoy while it lasts. NEVER again will you hear a President say it like it is and actually go against group think. When Trump said BOTH sides were to blame for Charlottsville, that's when I realized he was speaking from the heart. Now that facts about Charlottesville are coming to light, the mainstream news idiots don't want to talk about Charlottesville or any of the other events in which left wing protestors bring violence to public places. Trump recognized it and spoke against political correctness which is exactly why he was elected. Politicians just don't do this kind of thing, ever, which point to divine province leading Trump to speak the truth. Your prayers are working so far!

Speaking of difficult times, does anyone know what happened to the "Left Behind" movie that was due out. The first one with Nicolas Cage, was pretty good, and I was looking forward to the next installment. Strangely enough, the internet is devoid of information relating to why "Left Behind 2" isn't out. The rapture and tribulation are massively interesting subjects to Christians and realists although Hollywood seems reticent in getting the word out.

USS Rodger Young