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Friday, August 11, 2017

The High Minded Sen Tillis

    Sen. Tillis responded to my previously posted letter.  He doubled down on everything he was doing on what he euphemistically calls Special Counsel Integrity Act, even admitting it was bipartisan.  The act is “aimed at protecting the independence of investigations conducted by special counsel by
codifying existing regulations and providing a process for judicial review if a special counsel is removed.”    He lists the existing reasons a special counsel can be dismissed but then he adds something new.  The new is where the devil gets in the details.  “It allows the special counsel to challenge his or her removal before a panel of three federal judges.”  They can immediately reinstate the special counsel if they want to (Three federal judges–do you think they will be from the 9nth district in San Francisco?)

Any way, following is my response:

Thank you for answering my letter.  I still think your Special Counsel Integrity Act is unconstitutional as Rep. Chaffez suggests.  It also implies that this president is morally inferior to you and needs to be reined in.  Also, it smacks of the evil coup de d’etat against my president which I take personally as one of the 2,339,603 North Carolinians who voted for him as compared to the 1,413,269 North Carolinians who voted for you.

But this note is to ask a question about the codification which includes “conflict of interest” as a reason for dismissal.   Mueller’s close association with his principal witness Comey, some say violates federal law as a conflict of interest--choosing so many Democrat supporting attorneys who have conflicts of interests–having his grand jury judge, a close friend and former colleague of Loretta Lynch–would you call these conflicts of interest?  If so, then he is gone even before you get your misguided law into effect.

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USS Rodger Young said...

I'll double down on thom tillis. RINO tillis is a coward who will do and say whatever it takes to stay in power. If it means condemning only one side of the Charlottsville protests for example, then he'll do exactly that. He's after the soundbite that he thinks will gain him support despite the fact he was elected to uphold the Constitution, reduce government, and promote freedom. Perhaps we'll see Tillis as a one term Senator. He reminds me of Kaye Hagen, and come to think of it, they are very close in their beliefs and manner of governance.

What does the Watauga County Rethuglican Party have to say about traitor thom tillis? Since last November, you dolts have been on the wrong side of history. Confused maybe?

Blogger, we really need a post on Charlottsville protests.

USS Rodger Young

Ben Pongyang