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Thursday, December 7, 2017

As One of the Few WW II Vets Remaining, Celebrate With Me

According to US Department of Veterans Affairs statistics, 558,000 of us of the 16 million Americans who served in World War II are alive today--13,302 In North Carolina.  They say we are passing away at the rate of 1000 daily.


guy faulkes said...

Thank you for your service. You are not called the Greatest Generation for nothing.

Celtive said...


Celtive said...

Several years back, there was a gentleman who lived here in Boone, who I became acquainted with named Louise Farthing. He was on board the USS West Virginia on Dec. 7th, 1941. He dove into the harbor during the attack and was initially listed as M.I.A., due to all of the records being destroyed during the attack. One of the finest men I ever had the pleasure of knowing. He and my father, who was also a WWII Navy Veteran, became fast friends once they met. You are absolutely right Guy.