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Monday, January 22, 2018


I sent the following e-mail to all three of my members of congress.  There is only a short window so I hope you all will weigh in with your members.

"After careful vetting DACA’s get on a path to some sort of legality. Illegal adults who brought them here go back home, taking any dependent children with them. Then they get in line like everyone else.

After DACA is settled, then border security, chain migration, lottery and updated vetting for all immigrants are made rational."

One of my senators has already introduced a bill but I have not had time to read it.


Wolf's Head said...


We have heard all this before.

Reagan agreed to amnesty with the condition that the borders be secured and no new illegals would be granted citizenship.

The Congress lied to him, and to us.

I have NO faith that Congress will secure the borders. They lie about everything, and expect us to take it.


All illegals must return to their country of origin.

Immigration to this country must be controlled, limited and merit based.

Anyone who enters this country illegally must be permanently barred for ever becoming a citizen or legal resident.

Tillis is writing a bill in collusion with the Democrats. He will betray us on this as he has everything else.

An Interested Reader said...

Mr. Blogger,

Your posts have been wonderful and thought-provoking. I'd love to read your professional works! Can you please provide the citations for your publications?


Blogger said...

Breghtbart reportered illegal aliens appeared at Schumer’s house. Now they didn’t just want DACA but were demanding amnesty for all. Some sources are suggesting there may be as many as thirty million illegals here. Because they claim they are organizing, I am becoming alarmed.

When we came home from the Peace Corps, we had a saying. “If they served in Africa, they came hope laughing and dancing. If the served in Asia, they came home stoic and serene. If they served in Latin America, they came home and started a revolution.”

Sarkazein said...

Any country that turns such a large number of its citizens into refugees deserves a revolution. But the revolution needs to be in the countries from which they flee, not the USA. We will even parachute them in there... back there. It will be the largest parachute drop since D-Day.

Anonymous said...

Demagoguery is the cornerstone of conservative politics. Divisiveness, fear mongering and hate must be preached by the conservative propaganda machine! How Christian of you Blogger!

guy faulkes said...

Goofus, how did Blogger preach " Divisiveness, fear mongering and hate"? He merely indicated he is aware of the criminals illegally in this country organizing themselves. It is certainly cause for alarm when groups of criminals do this, particularly the members already in violent gangs. In the event something like this were to happen, illegal aliens should realize that the difference between here and the s**tholes these criminals came from is that people here are not afraid to fight back. This includes citizens of all races fighting back against criminals of all races. Non violent illegal alien criminals should take into account the possibility of being pressured by the violent faction to join them. They has three possible choices I feel sorry for the third group, but they are criminals here illegally and halve to shoulder theta respectability for any possible harm that comes to them. 1. Reports this to the authorities. (not likely as they are here illegally themselves and are thus criminals.) 2. Join the violent faction. (more likely, but many will resist) 3. Not join the violent faction and continue to try to remain here illegally. (most likely and very probably resulting in them getting caught in a crossfire by being in the middle between violent criminals and people defending themselves. Remember the criteria for deadly force in self defense is that a reasonable man would fear for himself in regard to great bodily harm or death. Thins standard would not be uncommon in incidents of civil unrest or riots.) By the way, religion has nothing to do with this situation.

Anonymous said...

When the poet Alan Ginsburg shouted out at the 1968 Democratic convention, friends of his said “Alan, they are only going to think you are crazy.” His classic retort was “But I’m not you know.”

That is always my response to goofus' name calling.

Sarkazein said...

A typical liberal insults the hell out of people (Anonymous 10:16 AM) examples: Demagog, divider, fear monger, hater, propagandist, unChristian... all in one comment... then gets his panties in a bunch when someone calls him Goofus.

I don't think Anonymous 10:16 AM is the original Goofus (LPOV) though.

Sarkazein said...

Son of Goofus, maybe.

guy faulkes said...

Sark, I am among those that feel three different individuals posted under LPOV. LPOV1 was was almost incoherent . He/she could not manage a sentence that made sense,much less a paragraph. LPPV2 wrote on about a forth or fifth grade level.He had trouble staying on topic from sentence to sentence, but one could usually figure out what he was trying to say,even in the worst case. LPOV3 was fairly articulate, but never had an original thought. He repeated the same La La La La La talking points over and over on every thread. His " Divisiveness, fear mongering and hate" rhetoric is is straight out of the La la La la La talking point repartee. However, this Goofus is probably not one of the original three LPOVs. He could be LPOV3, but he did not ramble on long enough to be in character.

AS I have said before the term Goofus comes from a character in the M*A*S*H books by Hooker. Goofus McDuff was a doctor who was always wrong on every issue. In serious medical situations, other doctors would do a Goofus test by having the character do a brilliant job in researching the situation and then they would do the exact opposite of McDuff's recommendation. In my humble opinion, any liberal that spouts these same old talking points ( which are always wrong) without an original chain of logic or sources to back them up is worthy of the title "Goofus".

Is it not funny that even when Goofus responds to being called Goofus, he/she does not have an original statement? He/she uses another's thoughts as a talking point. I rest my case as to calling him Goofus.

Sarkazein said...

GuyFaulkes- You might be right about LPOV being 3 people.Or, it could be some of the emails he wrote, some his visiting children helped him with and some his nurse helped him with.

Anonymous said...

You are both overlooking the obvious. It is more likely that it is on individual a-hole posting in various stages of sobriety.

Sarkazein said...

Anonymous 10:58 AM- So his last comment was composed during a severe hangover.

Sarkazein said...

Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill. walking out because of the USA! USA! USA! cheer shows exactly what I already know about illegal aliens. The snowflake Representative was triggered by national pride. He went right to the ladies room and cried while other snowflakes and other self floating liberals consoled him.

Sarkazein said...

"self floating"?- self loathing

Anonymous said...

I jumped the gun. I like the president's four point plan better.