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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Let's Don't Create a Lynch Mob for the Mentally Ill

Fifty-seven percent of Americans believe mass shootings in the United States are more of a reflection of "problems identifying and treating people with mental health problems."

In my previous post I ask: "Who are the people with mental health problems?" For example, will we be talking about the one out of five Americans who have been prescribed a psychiatric drug and thus have a psychiatric diagnosis?

If not, then how do we identify a likely shooter’s mental illness, and who will make the identification? Example--the Florida shooter was treated in a mental health facility. They missed him. A trained social worker visited him in his home. She missed it. The police were called 39 times. They missed it.

So, I hope they won’t ask me to predict someone.

Between us, my wife and I have over 100 years of experience studying, treating and advocating
 for the mentally ill (now properly called people with brain disorders.) Fortunately, we have never had to predict a suicide, nor homicide.

We did have one Tarasoff case. The Tarasoff legal decision requires that in a case where a patient makes a specific threat on a specific person, mental health professionals have what is known as "a duty to warn" the intended victim. In our case, the outcome went well.

My work with the seriously brain disordered includes leading national, state and local advocacy groups. I chaired and attended many meetings with many seriously mentally ill people. Some were actively hallucinating. If there was anyone planning to shoot someone, I never picked it up.

In 2016, people with diagnosed mental illnesses committed less than one percent of all firearm homicides. However, right now hysteria over shootings can grip the uninformed and create a lynch mob attitude toward people with brain disorders. Also in the cross hairs will be mental health professionals who are asked to do something which may be impossible.

In my previous post I wrote about the problem of medicalization of mental illness and guns. Lest anyone think that I believe medicalizing emotional problems is a negative, I don’t. Actually medicalization has been positive. Discovering that what we were calling mental illness responds to medication has given us new tools. Hopefully, also realizing brain disorders can fall along a continuum with other nonstygmatized brain disorders such as Parkinson, will eventually help end stigma.


Anonymous said...

How about we declare the AR 15 and similar military style weapons and high capacity magazines illegal for everyone for starters.

Blogger said...

Fox News just just informed us the Russians put out the above tweet. I’m not kidding.

Will said...

A very thoughtful discussion. It's so easy in hindsight to ask why no one saw it coming even when people raised warning signs. I saw one commentator on TV suggest we need to lock people like Cruz up in advance to prevent these horrible crimes from happening. Where would it end?

Anonymous said...

Blogger, have you read William Cooper's Behold a Pale Horse ?

Anonymous said...

No why is it an important book.

Anonymous said...

A radio commentator reminded Breitbart staff that if the left get in control, they will diagnose conservatism as mental illness. She also pointed out that young peoples minds don’t perfectly form until into the 20’s. Yet we have handed them the mike.

As to the last point about youth, cognitive developmental psychologists describe adolescence as true believers. In adolescence the mind is becoming capable of deductive reasoning. Discovering this ability, the adolescent becomes enchanted with his or her own mind. They begin to believe their exquisite thoughts have never been thought before. Problems are simple and they can’t understand why adults don’t see it and fix things. You see this in the kids now rising up.

A more advanced level of thought comes later and is called dialectical. Now you can handle contradictory thoughts at the same time and are able to listen to other points of view.

The left is now using the kids as human shields. The kids are not ready for prime time so we are heading into a dangerous time. Example. In China the kids were used in the cultural revolution.

Anonymous said...

I wrote that last comment as I thought I had forgotten my password. Blogger