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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Psychotropic Drugs

Many mass shooters are on psychotropic drugs. Some of these drugs are prescribed for depression. They work by changing the chemistry in the brain. If a male adolescent's brain is developing, isn't it dangerous to modify its chemistry? These drugs combined with Hollywood's and video games lack of respect for the innocent life is a bad mix. Before, when a person was depressed, they receive help to keep them from hurting themselves... makes sense. Do the new drugs cause them to save themselves and to kill their perceived enemy? Alzheimers sufferers appear to be in a dream in their own mind at times. It seems to me that some of these people who kill masses of innocent people are in a dream world similar to dementia. Is it drug induced? Would a person who is not being treated for depression kill himself before killing innocents? Do the psychotropic drugs cause a form of dementia?



Wolf's Head said...

Information is still coming out about the killer.

Earlier I heard a report he had been undergoing therapy or some kind of treatment but hadn't been in over a year.

Maybe the explanation for these shootings is simple.


The government, politicians, media, academia all want to attribute the act to something they believe in. Medicine, guns, society, drugs.

They do not want to believe that there is such a thing a evil. Because if there is evil there must also be good.

That means all their equivocating and moral relevancy are wrong, that there is moral and spiritual right and wrong, and they can't allow that to be believed.

Because if people believe in a higher authority than the physical, it undermines the establishment's control over the people.

This is why lefties hate God. They don't want someone to tell them what they are doing is wrong.

This man, he's 19 and not a child, murdered 17 people. He may be insane, or on drugs either prescribed or free lance, but there is the possibility he is just evil.

Like the Los Vegas shooter, motive seems elusive, maybe they just woke up one morning and said "F**K it, I'm gonna kill some people."

But maybe, just maybe, there IS a spiritual evil. Maybe that is their motive.

More and more it seems to me the world is showing signs of moral and spiritual evil, maybe even demonic possession.

This may be ridiculed by the left, but when they have no other reason for these murders, then maybe I'm right.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sark and Wolfe for important contributions. There is no known explanation for the las Vegas shooter. As to the Florida shooter, the usual explanation is a kid isolated by others. However, a kind fellow peer was befriending him and that friend’s parents took Cruz into their home. Typically, those actions should have saved him. But it didn’t. So for me, as a psychologist, for the first time in my life I have two inexplicable events. It feels like something new is happening. Blogger

Sarkazein said...

Our conscience fights evil. Do the psychotropic drugs alter the conscience to a point where it doesn't recognize evil ?

Sarkazein said...

I have read that the Vegas shooter was also on psychiatric drugs.

Sarkazein said...

When my son was a junior in high school class of 2009, he insisted on getting Ritalin. He said Ritalin was why so many other kids were getting better grades than him. He was convinced Ritalin would make him get better grades and he said most of the kids were on it... a well known teenage exaggeration. I wouldn't budge, no way, he never got on it. A few years ago (later on), the Armed Services were turning down recruits who had been prescribed Ritalin in their youth yet they were writing psychotropic prescriptions for war troops suffering PTSD even while they were still in theater.

Sarkazein said...

It looks like the FBI screwed the pooch on this one. Liberals want only L E O to be armed in public. Liberals don't want you to be able to defend yourself. They want you to count on LEO.

Sarkazein said...

I have a feeling of empathy for this shooter. I won't add all the obvious disclaimers. I would have rather him been run over by a bus on his way to the school or taken out by a security officer as soon as his rifle cleared his back pack. I haven't experienced this empathy before in other mass shootings, and no I am not on any psychotropics. It might be empathy for a decaying culture/society and he's part of it.

Florida Conservative said...

Wolf's Head nailed it. It is just plain evil. There is no way to wrap your mind around pure evil. If you try, it will just make you crazy. The only way to understand and stop evil is through prayer and embracing the love of Jesus Christ who is the antithesis of evil.