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Friday, February 23, 2018

My Letter to Trump With Appropriate Automatic Response

President Trump, I am behind you 100% on the solution of hardening the schools as targets.

Several suggestions: Remind those in Congress who are against protecting our children that they go to work every day in a very hardened building. Also, if the congressmen last year at the Alexandria ball park had not had someone to shoot back, they would all be dead now.

Second, contact the Israelis to send us consultants.

Having armed people in the schools is the least problematical solution between gun control and mental health.

Problems with mental health solutions: I have more than 55 years in the mental health field, including as a therapist, a Psychology professor, and advocate for the mentally ill at the federal, state, and local levels. Yet I am not ready to be responsible for identifying the dangerous people. At the same time blanket definition of mental illness includes one out of five Americans who have a diagnosis of mental illness and most of whom are in the computer health records. Finally, psychologists tend to be on the left politically.

Problems with threatening to take guns: It is the left who want to take our guns. It is no conspiracy theory therefore, to believe those on the left who want a strong centralized government and then globalism and eventually one world government, pose a real danger

Appropriate Automatic Response

The White House, Washington
February 22, 2018
I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and suggestions. My staff will share your email with me shortly, and I look forward to reading it.
I was truly touched by the students, parents, and educators who joined me for a listening session at the White House yesterday. Each of the participants demonstrated incredible courage by sharing their heartbreaking personal stories.
To continue this important discussion, today I will welcome both State and local officials to the White House for a dialogue about the actions we must take to protect our children—actions that actually make a difference.
My Administration is already taking significant measures to ensure the safety of Americans, especially our Nation’s children, and we will not rest until our schools are free from violence and fear.
With best wishes,
Donald Trump
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Sarkazein said...

A good point about Israeli consultants.

guy faulkes said...

Trump has turned his back on gun owners. He has just indued a Democrat will be president in the next elecion. The only chance the Republican have is if Trump decides not to run for some reason.

g said...

Should have been insured. It does not mutter if a Republicans were to go in. He would probably be an establishment liberal.

This is a link siting the betrayal.