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Sunday, February 4, 2018

No One is Talking About This

Hillary reset the button with Russia in 2009.  In 2012 Obama was caught on hot mike promising Russian president Dmitry Medvedev that he, Obama would be more easily worked with after his election.

In other words we were friends with Russian in those days.  Russia  became an enemy after the Dimms had to find an excuse for their failed election campaign.

Carter Page was having business dealings with the Russians back during that time. For some reasons intelligence agencies were looking into him by 2013 when they all were dealing with Russia.  Now they are using that odd suspicion to justify their trashing FISA.


Sarkazein said...

It looks like Hillary's/Obama's leftovers at State have been exposed as Deep State.
The Russian relations weren't good when Obama and Hillary took over from Bush because Putin was angry with US involvement in Iraq and previous to that the bombing of the Serbs. But Hillary with her having the Libyan President sodomized and then beaten to death really teed him off in spite of Obama's pledge to Putin to be more flexible if he Putin would help him win re-election.
Hillary and Obama apparently don't mind dealing with the Russians for fake accusations against Americans who happen to be political opponents.
I wrote years ago here, Obama would make Nixon look like a choir boy. The difference is the MSM hated Nixon and they have thrills running up their legs for Obama... and Hillary.

Sarkazein said...

Hillary/Obama showed foreign leaders not friendly to the USA who got rid of their nukes that they could still be deposed, sodomized and murdered while Hillary cackles on TV about it.

Whitey said...

Gentlemen, Lying is not just a democrat or republican fault. It is an attack.

It is an intentional insult and meant to demean us by lying to our faces when they know we can do nothing about it.

Their lies are not meant to be "innocent", or to protect someone's feelings.


They lie, the propaganda directorate (Media, News, Academia) disseminate and inculcate these lies as facts to the less intelligent and most emotionally unstable, thereby gaining support for their political komrades.

Obama lied about knowing what was going on. He knew. He ordered it.

This was an attempted coup by the ruling political party, the democrats, with the help of Deep State operatives both democrat and republican.

People must go to prison for this. Not just fired with their benefits and retirement intact. They need to be indicted, tried, convicted and PUNISHED.

If not, there is no hope for us or our children. America will have been totally transformed from within.

Just as Obama predicted.