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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Origin of "Fake News"

It appears the term "Fake News" was started by a liberal non-profit to describe stories on Conservative  news sites. Donald Trump flipped it on them and the term now is mostly related to CNN and the New York Times and their bogus stories. Sometimes the truth wins out.



Wolf's Head said...

Appears the lefties are the ones working with the Russians.


Sarkazein said...

Wolf'sHead- Some of the Leftists are trying to cover their tracks. Videos will bring them down to hero status in the Democrat Party. Someone should check to see if Lewis (the 86 year old fetus), Waters, and Green were colluding with these Russians. According to the MSM, one can be guilty of colluding even if they didn't know they were colluding. Sounds like a Sheila Jackass-Lee quote.

Sarkazein said...

There is now evidence that Michael The Tub of Goo Moore participated in a Russian sponsored rally against Trump. Was Moore a collaborator or just a dupe? Or is he a Quisling?