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Friday, April 13, 2018

Judas Tillis--When You Strike a King, You Must Kill Him

      My next two posts concern the Thom Tillis betrayal   the-special-counsel-integrity-act.  Reader Sarkazien accurately pointed out the bill is an insult to our president.   In this bill, our senator Tillis arrogantly charges the president as being untrustworthy, and because he, Tillis, is so morally superior, he, Tillis must bring the
president under his control.: 

Who the hell does Tillis think he is!  Or better still, who is Tillis?   In truth, he is a totally unknown--undistinguished--back-bench freshman with no certifiable accomplishments to his name.

The president could expect this sick behavior from the others on the bill -- Democrats such as the scumbag Booker and the creepy Coons–even Lindsey who still smarts over being beaten so badly–but a member of Trump’s own party?  That is not supposed to happen.

Someone needs to remind Tillis of Ralph Waldo Emerson — “When you strike at a king, you must kill him.”  Someday Trump needs to repay the Judas Tillis for the insult.  The only problem, it may be us North Carolinians who take the hit.


g said...

The Wolf and I told you that Tillis could not be trusted in an outhouse with a muzzle on.

Blogger said...

I know. I know.

Wolf's Head said...

If the democrats gain control of Congress this fall, I expect Traitor Tillis to switch parties and run as a democrat for re election

You heard it here first.