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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Praying the Boomerang Prayer Against Tillis

Letter sent to Senator Tillis who has joined three other idiots to try to handcuff the president for Mueller.
  Senator Tillis:
  You know and I know, President Trump has every Constitutional right to fire Mueller.  At the same time, you know you have no
Constitutional status to box him in. Write on the black board a hundred times “I am just a senator.  I am just a senator.  I am just a senator.”

The first time you were wading into this quagmire, you answered my letter with such politician
gobbledygook, you confused me.  I actually thought you had come to your senses.  But here you are again.

I will try once more.

 I don’t know if you are one who honors the Scriptures or whether you are one St. Paul says believes the Word is “foolishness.”  But let me remind you that we Evangelicals put Trump into office.  Many of us actually were told directly by God Himself that this is what was going to happen.   We went on public record (in my case, on my blog, others on YouTube) even as he was just announcing he was going to run. Trump’s circuitous route to  win was so obviously supernatural, one would have to be spiritually blind not to see it.  Being God’s choice means he is God’s anointed.

Now I am here to tell you that hundreds of thousands of us around the world commit ourselves daily with prayer to protect our president from his enemies.  One of our daily prayers is the boomerang prayer i.e. “Whatever the enemy throws at our president will boomerang back on the perpetrator.”

There are a number of relevant Scriptures.  One is the familiar “Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap.”

And another:  Psalms 105:15 KJV1 “Touch not mine anointed”

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