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Monday, May 7, 2018

Dynamic Christian Election Group Faith & Freedom Coalition

President Trump spoke to the Faith & Freedom Coalition in 2017.  Among his remarks he said “I have spoken to this group often.  I’ll e back.  One yea ago, I came here to ask for your support, your help and your prayers.  And wow, did you deliver!  You really did . . . you knocked on 1.2 million doors in the key battleground  states . . . We focused on those states.  You sent 22 million pieces of mail, shared 16 million videos, and made 10 million phone calls.  That’s something!” 

From organization’s webpage: “Never before has it been more critical for us to speak out for these values. That is why the Faith & Freedom Coalition is committed to educating, equipping, and mobilizing people of faith and like-minded individuals to be effective citizens. Together we will influence public policy and enact legislation that strengthens families, promotes time-honored values, protects the dignity of life and marriage, lowers the tax burden on small business and families, and requires government to tighten its belt and live within its means.”

Mission Statement of Faith & Freedom Coalition

•Mobilize and train people of faith to be effective citizens
•Speak out in the public arena and in the media on behalf of Christian values
•Influence legislation and enact sound public policy at every level of government
•Train citizens for effective civic action
•Protest bigotry and discrimination against people of faith


Blogger said...

More information on Coalition’s work in 2016 election:

They distributed 30 million VOTER GUIDES in 11 key battleground states including North Carolina.
They sent 26 MILLION video ads with customized messages to digital devices of “low propensity” Christian voters who needed the extra push
They mailed 22 MILLION pieces of CHRISTIAN VOTER EDUCATION letters to Christian voters, focusing on the key Senate races.
They conducted 1,256,778 personal HOME VISITS TO “LOW PROPENSITY: Christian voters in the key states to make sure they voted;
They sent more than 27 MILLION emails and text messages t Christian voters in the key states reminding them to vote.
They registered 2.5 million brand-new Christian voters, mostly in the key swing states that decided the election.

THE RESULT: 40% of all voters in 2016 were self-described conservative Christians–an all-time record. And 81% of these Christian voters cast their vote for Donald Trump!

Blogger said...

The Coalition was founded in 2009 and has already grown to 1,800,000 supporters, activists and volunteers. No other organization on the conservative side has a grassroots “ground game”

More impressive, they have identified 42 Million eligible conservative-leaning Christian voters.

Naturally, I joined.

Anonymous said...

America is not a Theocracy, you’re thinking of Iran. Tyrants use religious bigotry as a political tool.

Nobody said...

Liberal hatred for religion -- well, the CHRISTIAN religion -- knows no bounds. Idiot POV/Anonymous is right and simultaneously wrong. The US is not a theocracy, but expressing one's religious views, voting according to one's own conscious (shaped by their religious views) and demanding the right to live by one's religious beliefs does NOT create a theocracy. If any group in this country is seeking to create a theocracy in America today, it is the liberal atheists. Atheism is a religious belief. Atheists want to force everyone else to live by their religious beliefs, ergo, they wish to set up an atheist theocracy. Speak openly on subjects like gay marriage? Hate speech! Speak openly about sin of any kind? Hate speech! Say that, according to your own personal belief system, Christ is the only way to heaven? Hate speech! The ultimate goal for them is to create an environment where, "theoretically" one can "believe" whatever they want, they just will not be able to publicly speak their beliefs, show their beliefs, or live by their beliefs because someone else might be "offended" by those beliefs. And nothing is more important than "feelings!" Faith is pointless without the freedom to express and live by that faith in the open without fear of persecution. And the liberal atheists DO persecute Christians.

guy faulkes said...

Well said, Nobody!

Anonymous said...


Liberal don’t hate religion, they hate religious bigotry. All human beings should be free to practice their religious beliefs without government interference as long as that religious belief doesn’t put fellow humans at risk or deprive other human beings of their own religious freedom. I happy you recognize America is not a Christian Theocracy. Why would you believe bringing religion into a political campaign going to increase religious freedom for all? Are you and you family free to practice your religion in your house of worship? You are free to pray at any time and place. You are not free to use a position of government to favor your personal religious beliefs. You are not free to use a government mic to speak to a captive audience to favor your personal religious beliefs.
You have NO religious freedom to weaponize you religion to deprive fellow citizens of their constitutional rights. Attacking fellow citizens for their sexual orientation is hate speech.

Nobody said...


First, PLEASE take an English class. Community College isn't that expensive.

Next, you say liberals only "hate religious bigotry." The danger in that is that YOU are claiming the authority to determine if someone else's religion is real or not. You throw out accusations against Franklin Graham and Blogger all the time, but have you met them in person? Do you really KNOW them? If you don't really know them, what gives you the right to judge them?

Thirdly, where has anyone on this blog supported using religious freedom to deprive fellow citizens of their "constitutional rights?" You are infamous for this -- accusing others of doing something they've never done, then attacking them based on YOUR lie. I've never attacked anyone for their sexual orientation. I personally think gay marriage is wrong, but don't care a bit in the world AS LONG AS GAYS WILL NOT USE GOVERNMENT RECOGNITION OF THEIR MARRIAGE TO ASSAULT PEOPLE OF FAITH IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR. Live and let live, I say. But that is not what we are seeing. Armed now with the force of government, gays are seeking out religious business owners and driving them from the public square. It is the liberal atheists and gay activists that are the only ones doing any "attacking" right now. And then, when people of faith, fearful that they are being driven from the public square, organize and vote according to their beliefs, YOU make the accusation of "Theocracy!"

The constitution does not guarantee anyone a cake or flowers. No one should be compelled to do something or participate in something they find personally objectionable. The first amendment DOES guarantee the right to freely exercise religion. The first amendment also guarantees the right to peaceably assemble, including in religious groups that also have the right to participate in the political process, however much you may not like it. There is no such thing as hate speech. The only speech that needs protecting is the speech with which you disagree. Grow up.

Johnny Rico said...

Nobody has taken it to the village idiot. Especially liked the one about community college - this particular nonymouse coward is the one that can't spell or write coherently. LOL.

Johnny Rico

Anonymous said...


I read the words and half truths of Blogger and Franklin, which explains their brand of religious. These men are into divisiveness not Christianity. Yes, this blog and Franklin Graham have used their voice to restrict the human rights, constitutional rights, religious rights of minorities and citizens on the fringes of society.
Corporations, do not go to jail, die in war, feel pain or fear which means they are not individual citizens with religious rights. If you’re not willing to serve the “general public “ without discrimination, don’t go into business .
The Construction guarantees equal treatment under the law. Businesses don’t get a right to discriminate.
Evangelicals don’t have Constitutional rights which exceed, their neighbors not sharing their personal religious beliefs.