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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The Tsunami of Failed Countries

Americans  like  Pueblo Sin Fronteras , use flaws in our immigration system to flood us with people whose values fail.

 American successful values vs values adverse to ours:

Work ethic:  Energizing Americans has been the Protestant Work Ethic.  Energizing Latins and from other underdeveloped nations, is the survival work ethic, unnecessary for survival in a welfare culture.

Having private property is a core value for us.  The heritage of Latins are the thieving Conquistadors which required those with property to build their homes like fortresses behind high barriers including bars on windows and doors.  Compounding the problem, with nothing to steal, poorer Indians kept the indigenous system of homes with doors opening outwards and no private property values.

Family values: Latins are known for their warm families.  However, at the same time, they coddle their menfolk over the females.  In turn, many men have a wife for status and to give them children but have a mistress for sex and play.

Men from  rural economies, still feel it a badge of honor to produce children to work the fields.

Finally, Spanish is a Romance language and therefore not as well adapted to invention and technology as is English.

The most maddening thing is the naive attitudes of my fellow citizens.  For the first time in my long life, I have come to believe half the people have lost their minds. 

(The above article is not scholarly. It comes from observations while  living in Latin America.)

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