Tuesday, September 4, 2018

12 Minute Awesome Civics Lessson From Kavanaugh Hearing


Reader said...

If only the majority of our legislative body could think this way. I've never seen so much hatred toward one another over political views. This young buck seems to understand the laws of the land. Thanks Blogger for the video, missed this part yesterday.

Anonymous said...

We have and believe in limited government !? 'Sure could have fooled me!

Anonymous said...

Blogger, for what it is worth:The young senator does make some very vital points. He stresses Congress as the main body of federal government and lawmaking, the most important, because of its closeness to the people back home. Well, going further, of these two congressional bodies, the House is, and should be, as designed by the Founders, the closest to the people, because their constituents are districts, and they are required to answer to these districts every two years.

Also, just as important, the Founders stated that the US Senate was to be selected and controlled by the state legislators, who directly represent their local areas. A US senator, or both, could be recalled, if they displeased their bosses, the state legislatures, back home; a very good and necessary CHECK on the US Senate. And this was the way it was until the early 20th century, via the 17th Amendment and the rabid progressive era. Altho' I never could understand why the state legislatures and General Assemblies willingly gave up that very important power. One wonders if the 17th Amendment process was done properly and if there was fraud involved.

In my humble opinion, this increasing federal power began during and after the Civil War and the very unstable aftermath. The post CW legislation turned this country on its head and began the concentration of power at the federal level.