Monday, September 3, 2018

Life Under the Open Borders Loonies

When we lived South of the border, our house had iron bars on the windows–a tall wall with jagged glass along its rim--a fierce dog who looked more like a wolf patrolling the perimeter–and a paid armed neighborhood guard.

That is what the Open Borders people want for us all.


Johnny Rico said...

An illegal alien killed a family on 105 in a drunk driving accident a few years back. This happens all the time in America as does cold blooded murder like happened to Molly Tibbits and Kate Stienle. Americans are too busy watching NFL Football and Honey Boo Boo to care, right now anyway, about the scourge from the south infecting society and changing (for the worse) our hard won culture. At this point, not sure if enough people will wake up to bring about change.

guy faulkes said...

Rico, part of the problem is that there are some good people among the illegal immigrants. This gives a political cushion to the rest of them. What we have to do is decide if we are a nation of laws or not. if we are, then we prosecute them all until such time as the laws can be changed to expedite the ability for the good people to become citizens. Being illegal is like being pregnant or dead. You are or you are not.