Sunday, September 2, 2018

Open Borders Future

  When we lived South of the border, our house had iron bars on the windows–a tall wall with jagged glass along its rim--a fierce dog who looked more like a wolf trolling the perimeter–and a paid armed neighborhood guard.

That is what the Open Borders people want for us all.


Johnny Rico said...

Third worlders unstand only one thing - force. They are less enlightened than exceptional Americans. This is one reason, among many, that we don't want or need them here. Past American leadership understood this and kept the barbarians in their own cesspool. Now that we have millions of them here, it's only just a matter of time before our once great nation is fouled with the detritus of third world latin America and middle east muslim animals.

Johnny Rico said...

Even liberal Socialist Sweden is beginning to understand what happens when you import too many of a third world culture into your own. Especially one that doesn't want to assimilate! Exactly how is all that "diversity" going to help Sweden? Anyone care to try and justify that great lie? Didn't think so. But Sweden deserves what's happening to them though as does any modernized nation who imports or allows third world unenlightened communists to infect society.

Johnny Rico said...

Notice how Molly Tibbits has fallen completely off the news cycle. No more reporting on that inconvenient situation. I sure won't forget just like I won't ever forget about;
1. The infamous Blowing Rock Land Trade
2. RINOs
3. The female small business owner put out of business by government regulation and special interest groups, both in collusion with each other

4. Farmer out in Aho who was prevented from fixing his 60 year old septic tank

5. Machts Niches Bitches

6. the video entitled "No Guns for Negros"

7. Liberal hypocrisy

Johnny Rico said...

What happened to Molly Tibbits. She is no longer mentioned on the news. Or Kate Stienle either. Or the family killed by the illegal alien drunk driver on 105.