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Monday, February 11, 2019

The Biblically Illiterate Troll Strikes Again

  Anonymous commented:   Blogger, Your brand of religion seems to be based on the worst and cruelest of the Old Testament, not Christianity. Your brand of religion seems a lot closer to ISIS than true Christianity.
Anonymous, you always reveal that you are biblically illiterate. You also don’t seem to realize you are way out of your league by taking me on where the Bible is concerned.

I started studying the Bible about 75 years ago. I even studied some in the Greek. I attended
seminary. Some days I spent the entire days in study. For a long time, I have made it a practice to study every day. On top of that, I am Spirit-filled and it is Spirit Who does the accurate teaching.

Here is a quick graduate course for you. At the tower of Babel, God washed His hands of the human race. He then put the world under 70 of his sons. Some of those sons began to set themselves up as His rivals.

His wrath then poured out against them. The violence of Yahweh was against these rivals and the people who worshiped them. That is probably why you think He is a harsh God.

His move to establish Himself as the one true God began with Abraham’s tribe. He led them to a small piece of land. Anyone who worshiped His rivals and got in their way, He wiped out. Again, probably why you think He is a cruel God.

Abraham’s descendent were suppose to be models to the whole world. They failed and went after the other gods. God scattered them  all over the world until 1948. Again, this may be a reason you have a problem with Yahweh.

Finally, through Jesus, God was able to fill people with Himself as Holy Spirt. This group has not failed Him. They have given Him no reason to be wrathful.


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed that god waited 2000 years for you to be his emissary. You must feel quite blessed!

I'm sure you're profound study included these passages:
Ezekial 13:9
Jeremiah 23:16
Matthew 24:24
Matthew 7:15-20

Anonymous said...


Why are you preaching such divisiveness, injustice, supporting injustice, bigotry, greed, cruelty, discrimination, racism, incompetence, corruption, cronyism, money laundering, campaign finance crimes, tax evasion, lies and unethical behavior? Regardless of your personal beliefs, America is not a Theocracy. Most of those human beings Trump is demonizing are likely much better Christians, than any of the conservatives posting here. Your support of human rights abuse is not in any way Christianity.

Blogger said...

Johnny, all of our boy's Scriptures above are about false prophets. Do you think he is trying to tell me something? LOL

Anonymous said...

No, god is trying to tell you something about your self-deception.

Johnny Rico said...

Yes Blogger, the village idiot identifies with false prophets as it is a false prophet who will deceive many in the end times. I used to wonder how millions found it incomprehensible to believe in God, but it is foretold this will be the case. "Wideth the gate and easy the path to temptation." Noneymouse coward takes the seeming easy way out.

Anonymous said...

If Heaven is going to be filled with souls like Blogger and Johnny, Heaven will be a mean, cruel place.

guy faulkes said...

One has to wonder if the souls that fill up heaven really matters to Dufus as it seems very unlikely he will be there. Of course anyone has the chance for salvation.

Sarkazein said...

GuyFaulkes- Look how far Dufus has come along. He now Believes in god (sic) and believes there is a Heaven. Blogger is moving him right along the path.

Johnny Rico said...

Noneymouse coward ( notice continued use of lowercase),

Yes, heaven will be filled with folks who tell the truth however hard it may be on those who don't (you). The Book of Revelation tells of a great deceiver who will fool many, and I bring this to your attention because you're regularly deceived by run of the mill deceivers like Hussein obummer and Ms. Bill Clinton. When the real thing is out and about, you're in real trouble. Repent today.

You're ole pal

Samantha Cuomo

Johnny Rico

Anonymous said...

Next time you and god have one of your little heart-to-hearts about trump, ask him to please stop having his representatives, priests and baptist preachers, stop committing sexual assault on the parishioners. That would be helpful.

Sarkazein said...

Sounds like Anonymous might be a victim.

Johnny Rico said...

Yep, or he's embarrassed the Virginia Lt Governor is getting away with rape with nary a peep from noneymouse coward's fellow liberal sheep. Or that that black gay guy in Chicago is lying about being assaulted by maga hat wearing Republicans. Yes, no wonder the village idiot is so nervous about God's coming judgement.

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico

Anonymous said...

Sounds like sark has been court ordered to stay 1000 feet away from schools.

Johnny Rico said...

Sounds like noneymouse coward is ok with adults attacking children on the national mall including racist, bigoted hate speech.