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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bullys in the White House


Also, see Malkin's new book: Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies


Gregg said...

Here she is horrifying Matt Lauer with truth.

Sarkazein said...


What a look on Lauer's face as they go to commercial.
One can tell most of his conversations are amongst liberals. He has that look someone has at the end of the game when the score is 11-0 and he has the 0.

Blogger said...

Thanks Gregg for the link to YouTube. Malkin is definitely one of the best and the brightest.

oatz said...

Unemployment -- the professed reason for the stimulus in the first place -- is now at 9.5% and will break 10% within the next few months. Credit remains tight and industry is still fumbling. It is clear that there are no shortcuts back to a steady prosperity, that this recession will be overcome in the exact way such disasters always have been -- by working our way out of it. The $787 billion ("real money", as Everett Dirksen would have put it), already spent, being spent, and to be spent, can be considered as so much waste paper.

The interesting thing about this is the reaction of our media and political elites -- or rather, the lack of reaction. They're behaving as if flushing away three-quarters of a trillion dollars is trivial. The failure of the greatest act of financial pump-priming in history has elicited no more than a collective shrug. Cognitive dissonance doesn't come more obtuse than this. Our great opinion leaders have stumbled over a huge pile of facts having serious bearing on O's future prospects and rather than pausing to take a look have instead gotten to their feet, brushed themselves off, and hurried away exactly as if nothing happened. The pretense appears to be that the fate of the stimulus has nothing at all to do with the rest of Obamus Maximus's policies.

Gregg said...

I just read that Mrs. Malkin will be on "The View" Monday. I might just have to watch.