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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

North Carolina's Stupid Tax Policy

American Thinker


Reader said...

What can we do? I didn't realize how high we were on the list. By reading some on the links provided, I find it hard to believe this is happening. Nothing but harship will come out of this taxation. As a business owner, I just pass it along to the consumer. We all lose. People have no idea how they've been swindled by the left, but will have to live with their votes.

matt said...

I noticed a tax on my charter cable and internet bill a few months ago that goes to "helping those that can not afford to pay their bill".

I know that is slightly off topic of what we are discussing here...but I couldn't help but scream.

Looking at my pay stubs so far this year, I think the amount I pay into medicare, social security and state and federal taxes is a little absurd, considering I am not really sure what I am getting for it (and, not to sound sorry for myself at all..but need it as much as most). I promise you with that extra couple thousand dollars that I could better myself than any government program could. If you consider what they have taken out of my check so far this year, I could pay 20 months of my health insurance premiums and donate enough money to feed 100 people at a soup kitchen.

But it probably instead went to much more 'important things' like Bev Perdue remodeling her governors mansion and Obama digging a ditch in Kansas and our wonderful congressmen and senators pay raises. How dare I question their ability to spend my money.

When will we put a stop to this non sense?

LiberalGreggPOV said...


You sure are greedy.

Reader said...

Lib, no the government is greedy. I prefer to sell my own belongings and give them away. Not have some greedy son of a guns, taking them from me and giving them away. That's crap and you know it...unless you are one they are giving it to, then you agree.
I'm about at my breaking point with these people. Something needs to be done and a lot of prayer needs to be going on in this nation. If God doesn't help us soon, we will be fighting over a sandwich from the dumpster.

Anonymous said...

Today I counted between my house and Boone (7.5 miles) 10 cop cars: 4 sheriff cars; 3 Boone PD cars; 1 ASU cop car and 2 HP cars. If you add up all the salaries, cost and upkeep of the cars, cop toys, etc., the final tab would probably be close to a million bucks (taxpayer bucks.) I was struck with an idea--why not eliminate, say, 10% of the number of cops to balance the budget instead of taxing us to the poorhouse? Of course the gov. wouldn't consider it. Gotta turn the country into one big police state.

Reader said...

I'd rather pay for protection, than another piece of property that doesn't benefit us, other than being historical. Very few people think about tomorrow, especially the ones who are watching out for us. They live for today, never expecting tomorrow to be here.

We need to see if this President would move here and run in 2012.

Anonymous said...

Reader, surely you're familiar with what Ben Franklin said: "Those who would trade in their freedom for their protection deserve neither."

Gregg said...

"Those who would trade in their freedom for their protection deserve neither." - Ben Franklin via Nonny

I'm not clear on who is willing to trade what freedoms. Also, I don't think Ben Franklin was suggesting that we don't protect ourselves.

However, on the surface the quote makes Nonny sound erudite.

Reader said...

I don't think we're being taxed to death for law enforcement. I'd prefer to take the law in my own hands to save a few bucks, but I don't see that happening.

I'm wondering how much longer our business will survive with all the taxes we continue to pay out. Guy or Wolf, could we get a job with you in construction? I'm a hard worker and pretty good with a hammer.

It makes me want to just sell what we have and move to one of the states without all the taxation.

Wolf's Head said...

First of all, IT"S OUR MONEY!


If you read what is passed in Raleigh, it is apparent that they think they are entitled to anything you make, and will tax us to further their socialist agenda.

Look at the spending bills and you will find most of it is spent on things the gov't should not be doing. This is because most of them are elected to steal from the workers and entrepreneurs who produce wealth to give it to those who want what other people have.

As for law enforcement, whenever I see someone pulled over I can't help but think of it as a Pudue Fund Raiser for Socialism.

The real tragedy is that while the state gets some money off of traffic stops, the insurance companies are going to make a killing off of increased premiums.

Reader said...

I was speaking of thefts Wolf. We've not allowed to take the law in our own hands, so we need officers to find the thieves and business owners need restitution.
If they are only thrown in jail, it's good enough for me. I would prefer my things returned of course, but you can't get blood from a turnip.

I would be happy to sit with my gun waiting on them, but somehow the Boone police officers don't like that idea and have told me so. Our security cameras can only do so much.