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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Glenn Beck: Cash For Clunkers is a government scam to gain access to your computer



matt said...

Glenn Beck has been stepping it up lately, I am glad he is touching a lot of issues that many are not.

Dare I make any comparisons between the wording of that and the lovely "patriot" act?

Sarkazein said...


A great comparison. One is trying to defeat terrorism and the other is trying to defeat capitalism. Hard to see how they are different.

Reader said...

Glenn asks, "do they think we're that stupid?" Well Glenn, yes some are that stupid. When you agree to their terms, you agree to share information. I'll just keep my old clunkers for now.

Gregg said...


Evidently, thanks to Beck, the language has now been changed on the Cash for Clunkers website. Also, it was supposedly meant for dealers computers. It was probably written by an over zealous lawyer casting to big a net but with Obama you never know.

Here's an explanation (from commenter "Skywise" at that makes sense to me:

"Beck’s wrong…

Okay, here’s the deal.

The government cannot share data collected from you with any other entity.

This means, it can’t accept your information that you have a Yugo you want to trade in and then check against a third party database to look up info without violating laws.

UNLESS… said computer is a government computer.

So they made an agreement that if you go to this site, the government is going to treat you like government property.

Good? Well, in the sense that they got something done.

Bad? I’m 99% sure they’re not doing it for reasons Beck suggests… but if your computer *is* government property… how long before the government gets the idea that… well… in the words of Spiccoli… “Well since you’re here and *I’m* here, doesn’t that make it *our* computer?”

Reader said...

The thing is...whoever is entered into the dealers computer, leases, loans, whatever, is there to see. It can happen. I know what's entered at dealerships. SS numbers on employees and the customers. Estimate how many people have purchased a car over the last 10 years or so. It's something to think about. Don't let someone tell you it can't be done. It has and this will only get worse. Whoever thought we'd chat to one another on internet, from earth to the moon? They already have all our financial information, now they want to know the rest and some people will just hand it over.

Wolf's head said...

This was done under provisions in the Patriot Act, which I opposed.

Under this act if your computer is logged into a gov't network it is considered gov't property and they can examine and download ANYTHING on it without a warrant.

I think it is totally un-Constitutional but you will note that the dems, who were so noisy about the Patriot Act, have done nothing to change or abolish it.

The Repubs set in place the mechanisims for a police state and the lefties are making use of it.

Blogger said...

Thanks to all.

Blogger said...

Imagine a few months from now when people can't make the payments. They will weep for the beloved old cars taken from them. But those cars are no more.

Anonymous said...

I'm a programmer who has experience with web applications. I can tell you that just visiting a site does not give them access to all the data on your computer, no matter what the TOS says.
They would have to remotely install software on your machine, which unless your security settings are wide open and you have no virus or malware protection is very difficult. Basically there system can only interact with your browser software.
They could install cookies on your machine, but they are only useful for tracking if you visit another site that is looking for that specific cookie.