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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Defeat The Debt Pledge Commercial

At least they are not pledging allegiance to the Chairman. I suppose the children are just vowing to pay for their parents licentiousness.


Sarkazein said...

Liberal POV said...


What's the source of this propaganda?

Gregg said...

I didn't see anything that was partisan or untrue in this add. It's right on the money. BTW Lib it was done by the "Employment Policies Institute" but you had to actually watch all of it to know that. Google away, shoot the messenger, blame Rush and disregard the factual accuracy.

Gregg said...

Just the facts.

Sarkazein said...


Great video!
I wish they had telephone booked him a couple of times to make sure he got the message.

Liberal POV said...

Gregg and GOP

Thanks Gregg for the source of this propaganda.

This show the Republican distain for American workers on Labor Day

It seems Richard Berman makesbenefits million as a lobbyist to keep working families poor and without benifits.

Richard Berman runs all of the following campaigns out of his offices in Washington, DC, most of which were revealed to pay “huge fees” to his lobbying firm.46 According to a July 2006 profile of Berman in USA Today, his company has 28 employees and earns $10 million dollars a year, but "only Berman and his bookkeeper wife" know how much of the $10 million ends up in their own pockets.4

Blogger don't you ever look to see who paid for the information you pass along?

matt said...

So you are pro-union lobbyists, but anti other lobbyists? Is that right?

Not that I am supporting this lobbying firm...but what point are you trying to make with his numbers? he brings in 28 mil. more than half goes to taxes, so that leaves roughly 14 mil lets say. He probably rents out an office for two in DC, provides benefits and 401k for his 28 are talking 300k per employee if split evenly.
I understand the disdain for lobbyists...but how many of our "czars" make more than 300k per year? How many government officials make 300k a year? Where is your attack on them?

How much does the auto worker union leaders get paid?

I just don't understand where you are coming from in your posts. You hate people that make money...but support those who lobby for increased wages for hourly support those leaders making hundreds of thousands a year... but then ridicule other lobbyists who make maybe 300k a year.

as a separate point...are you going to be as harsh of a judge to the new advertising blitz that will be coming to soon that is "pro Obama care" that is funded by specific medical companies that will benefit from his proposed reform? How much do those lobbying for Obama care get paid?

aDaughterOfYaHWeH said...

Great points matt!!!!

Gregg said...


If the message is true then what possible difference does it make where it came from? What's not true? Address the issue.

Liberal POV said...


Your logic alway amazes me or I should say lack of logic.

Richard Berman's different front organizations are all set up to produce propaganda ( similar Jack Webb You Tube, or Pledge to the debt )to keep opportunity, a living wage, health benefits, vacation time or holidays from people like you.

You have very little health insurance and an income you could not support a family on and yet you choose to blog in defense of scum like Berman.

This is a man similar to Rush, Hannity and O'Reilly that make millions keeping their foot on the neck of the working poor.

Blogger is a coconspirator pushing the right wing propaganda of misinformation, distortion lies and fiction alone for free.

Your Voodoo math is pure fiction. You can bet this man pays the employees a little as possible with as few benefits as possible. No where the numbers you suggest.

It's not his income that I find disturbing, but this man is making his wealth by keeping the working poor ( You ) down.

How many of you good Christian Republicans fine this morally wrong?

Blogger is this what you call capitalism at it's best or like me capitalism at it's worst?

Gregg said...

All because you say so, right?

Sarkazein said...

The point is, no one was going to even have the chance to debate this Obama-care thing. He tried to push it through before anyone would get a chance to see what was in it, he failed. He failed thanks to the diligence of everyone POV and his ilk hate. He failed thanks to people who insist on being informed and sharing their beliefs and information with others. Obama failed because freedom loving Americans have awoken and are back on their guard.

Sarkazein said...

Barack Obama accused of making 'Depression' mistakes
Barack Obama is committing the same mistakes made by policymakers during the Great Depression, according to a new study endorsed by Nobel laureate James Buchanan.

matt said...

Once again, I have an initial negative bias of any this guys is far from an idol of mine.
But your points just don't make sense.
This guy is keeping me down as you say, ensuring I get lower pay and less benefits.
His cause is lobbying paying down the national debt, which costs you, me and everyone else here 30%+ of their income.

His cause would give me, you and everyone else a 30% raise, if we paid down the debt, we could cut the income tax. (obviously it can't be repaid at once...but hopefully my point is clear)

What are your buddies going to do that gives a 30% raise to every worker in America? nothing.

You keep bringing up points of my situation...and I'm not sure why. You are right, I don't have an income to raise a I don't have a family. Sorry i am acting responsibly...I have health insurance for the same reason you have health insurance...just in case. Paying out for a $100 deductible and complete coverage would be a waste of money for me right now.

POV, do you hold this same view for those that make millions lobbying for Obama care?

Sarkazein said...

Matt- Many of these lobbyists are there just to keep these law passing maniacs from legislating them out of business. An industry can just sit there and take it in the shorts, or they can send in the troops to defend their future and their stockholders or members.
They also lobby to try and get back some of the tax revenue they have generated before some lawmaker gives it or favorable conditions to their competitors.
If the Congress wasn't so hell-bent on making laws controlling everything and everybody and taxing everything and everybody, the lobbyists would be few and far between... they are expensive.

Liberal POV said...


Please tell me you didn't attend todays public school system. Tell me you had some religious schooling this caused the logic gap.

You pay 7% state sales tax,
Social security Tax is 6.2%
Medicare is 1.4%
Fed income tax bracket is 15%
NC income tax is 7%

Do you expect to pay no taxes at all like some of the rich folks you lobby for?

You say "His cause is lobbying paying down the national debt, which costs you, me and everyone else here 30%+ of their income. "

His cause is to get rich on the backs of people like you selling you down the road to politicians like Ms Foxx.

This is the sorry ass that makes people like Roger think the working poor like yourself are a bunch of lazy no goods.

This is the man that villainizing the weakest among us to assure they get no help. Most of America's prison population has more moral humanity than the man that made this propaganda.

When do you expect to win the lottery?

Your knowledge of unions is very poor.

This being Labor Day Did you know nearly every thing we have known as the American life style is owed to the unions?

40 hour work week, Paid holidays, end of child labor, safe work places, Vacation time, Living wages, company paid health insurance, overtime pay. These benefits were paid for with the blood of union organizers.

Rent or find the movie Matwan about the coal miners in along the border of KY and West Virginia.

Gregg said...

"Do you expect to pay no taxes at all like some of the rich folks you lobby for?" - LiberalPOV

The last time I checked the "rich" (top 1%) pay 39% of all taxes. Why do you hate them? Your beloved universal health care depends on them. You should thank them.

Liberal POV said...


" Why do you hate them?"

I don't hate anyone, but our tax structure and laws need to be structured so these people get all the breaks and the middle class and working poor get nothing.

The extreme wealth acumliated by the top 1 % during Republican rule all the while the middle class has lost ground and working poor lost even more ground. Much of this wealth was supsidized by the working poor. Now these greedy folks going hire firms to flood the right wing hate media with propaganda.

Gregg said...

You really are delusional Lib.

Liberal POV said...

Anger addicts

Is that egg on your face? Don't you people feel silly?

Sarkazein said...

"Is that egg on your face? Don't you people feel silly?"-POV

Does HE or anyone know what he is writing about?