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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Did Dowd Reveal Unconscious Racism?

Psychological projection is the unconscious act of denial of a person's own thoughts which are then ascribed to someone else.

The New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd wrote: that when Joe Wilson yelled “You lie,” she heard: “You lie, boy!”

Because none of the rest of the country heard that word boy, where do you think it came from in her?


Gregg said...

This is unconscionable. Now Jimma Carter has joined in. Obama is a racist and his election is the worst thing that's happened to race relations since slavery. It's just hideous.

Liberal POV said...

Hate Media Junkies

Not all Republicans are racist but most all racist are Republicans.

Notice thoses signs.

Blogger said...

Historians pick Jimmy Carter as among our weakest presidents. He keeps reminding us how really bad he was. Typically former presidents show class and do not undermine sitting presidents in the way he did Bush. Now he is undermining Obama by focusing Americans' attention on race, something Obama was trying to get away from.

Carter is a disaster and always has been, runaway inflation, failed foreign policies, failed military missions. I am certain Obama would like him to go away as did Bush and as does most of America.

Carter, go build houses and grow peanuts. That is all you ever did well.

Gregg said...


I didn't see a single racist sign, please point one out to me and I will denounce it.

You got upset at Joe Wilson for correctly saying Obama lied, then you turn around and make a totally unfounded reprehensible accusation of racism. I'm not even going to waste my time telling you what kind of person I have come to know you to be. It would not be gentlemanly at all.

Unfortunately you are not alone with your accusation or your inability to back it up. This proves my point that Obama is a disaster for race relations and honest debate.

For once in your life back up your unbelievably hateful claim or shut the hell up.

Gregg said...


Your question, "Did Down reveal unconscious racism" implies a psychological overtone that I find interesting. I've asked Lib more than once if he thought he was convincing anyone with his rants. Of course he didn't answer. I can't believe he, Dowd, Carter, etc. think that they are convincing anyone. Maybe I'm wrong. Why would anyone enter into debate if they did not think they were convincing. Is it pure hate? Is it stupidity? Is it Ideology? Is it desperation? Do they actually think they have a leg to stand on? Is their opinion of their audience so low that they believe they don't need to be logical? Are they devious? Does truth matter to them?

I guess my questions are rhetorical and I'm not sure there is an answer but I do know it's very sad.

Gregg said...

Wouldn't a President that truly wanted to transcend race and unite us distance himself from Carters statement?

Gregg said...

Note to Liberals: Previous post at 12:03 before Rush said the same thing 3 minutes later.

Gregg said...

I hate to be hoggin' the bloggin' but Rush just cut to chase and asked the important question (not a direct quote), "Can we have a black President or does the inability to scrutinize and criticize for fear of being labeled racist paralyze honest debate?"

This is why I unashamedly admire Rush, he agrees with me. I can now finish my lunch, hold it down and get back to work.

Nobody said...

Krauthammer said something similar last night -- the unsubstantiated charge of racism is the last refuge of the liberal who is losing an argument. It is the worst charge that one can level and is meant to END the debate. Because it is such a serious charge, the person who makes it without evidence, who is just smearing, is the most dispicable form of scoundrel. A caution to liberals - if the charge continues to be tossed around so flippantly by you liberals, perhaps it will become less of a significant charge to the detriment of those people who may be real victims of racism. What is more important - scoring political points on a false charge of racism or trying to help real victims of racism?

Liberal POV said...


"A caution to liberals - if the charge continues to be tossed around so flippantly by you liberals, perhaps it will become less of a significant charge to the detriment of those people who may be real victims of racism. What is more important - scoring political points on a false charge of racism or trying to help real victims of racism?

Like the know nothings and a\hate junkies toss around the words socialist,and communist?

Nobody said...

Unlike you, we don't toss around the labels of socialist/communist without evidence to support our claims. You don't even respond to the points of my post -- no surprise there. When we claim that Obey-me is moving us towards a more socialist system, we are looking at the government takeover of the financial sector, automobile sector and health care sector. We have evidence. You even lend credence to our argument when you talk about the wonderful "benefits" of socialized medicine in states like Canada. Are you now saying that we are wrong in claiming that you and Obey-me support moving towards a socialized system when you have previously argued for just that?

oatz said...

Start by rejecting those in the mainstream media who refuse to bring you the truth. Keep score on them and spread the word. For example, reports on Van Jones from appointment to resignation:

• FOX News: 51
• CNN: 9
• MSNBC: 2
• ABC: 1
• CBS: 2
• NBC: 1
• The New York Times: 1
• The Washington Post: 4
• Wall Street Journal: 1

Or reports on ACORN corruption:

• FOX News: 133
• CNN: 90
• MSNBC: 10
• ABC: 2
• CBS: 1
• NBC: 2
• The New York Times: 17
• The Washington Post: 10
• Wall Street Journal: 5

Keep questioning with boldness, hold to the truth and speak without fear. Hold their feet to the fire.

Gregg said...

"Wouldn't a President that truly wanted to transcend race and unite us distance himself from Carters statement?" -Myself

Credit where credit is due.

Blogger said...

Thanks Oatz you wrote: "Start by rejecting those in the mainstream media who refuse to bring you the truth."

One commentator suggested the other night that it is now time to stop even calling them the "mainstream media"

Readers do you have suggestions such as "What use to be the mainstream media, but no longer is."
"Yesterday's chopped liver media."

oatz said...

ABC's Charlie Gibson did not know anything about the ACORN teen prostitution scandal that had been brewing for 5 days but he was able to devote a whole segment on those "racists" who oppose Obama.

Remember only racists oppose Obama that is the only reason to oppose him not the $1.9 trillion in budget deficits, the take over of auto, bank, and insurance industries, Acorn, or Health Care. Really silly little people do not think, just chant Hope & Change, Hope & Change, Blame Bush...Blame Bush..Hope & Change ...H...O...P...E...

Gregg said...

“I have no quarrel with a president of any race. Obama is not black to me. He’s not half black, half white. He’s president of the United States, and as such, given his agenda, he poses a grave danger to the America I believe in. And that’s all that matters to me. I couldn’t care if he’s a hermaphrodite. I don’t care who he sleeps with. I don’t care where he eats. I don’t care what he eats. I don’t care how he drives. I don’t care about any of that. I don’t care about his haircut. I don’t care whether he’s getting gray. I don’t care about his tie. I don’t care about any of this. I care about his intent to remake this country into a country unlike any of us have ever seen. I have serious concerns about today’s media and their new standard, which is this: Any criticism of an African-American president’s policies or statements or misstatements is racist, and that’s it.

Therefore the question: Can this nation really have an African-American president? Or will the fact that we have an African-American president so paralyze politically correct people in the media that the natural scrutiny and process through which all of our presidents are put through and vetted do not occur because of the fear in the State-Controlled Media of themselves being called racist and the desire to be able to call everyone else racist. In other words, we have a blank slate. We have a president here who is not scrutinized, who is not examined. There is no attempt to be suspicious of power anymore. So is it possible that we really can have an African-American president? Or does having an African-American president paralyze the process by which people with that kind of power in our representative republic are kept, quote, unquote, honest?” -El Rushbo

Good question.

guy faulkes said...

The liberal's use of the race card has had some interesting and disturbing consequences.

The first instance is the apparent hypocrisy in making a charge of racism without regard to the merits of the issue being discussed. When one presents a accusation in this manner without being able to provide a logical reason or documentation of the act under discussion having a racial context, then the person making the defense appears to be racist himself. The Joe Wilson incident is a prime example. Saying "you lie!" has no racial overtones. It is detrimental for a person to claim it does as it makes the person making the accusation appear to be unreasonable and racist himself. This is especially true if the person making the claim is of the same race as the person he is claiming is a victim of a racist act. Another example of this is West's attack of Taylor Swift at the music awards. I have heard him being accused of being a racist also. There are many other possible explanations other than his being a black man and her being a white woman. He might dislike country music. He might dislike Ms. Swift personally. He might be a drunken semi-sentient cretin whose mother never taught him any manners, or it may be as Mr, Obama says that he is a jackass. (I can finally agree with an Obama opinion!) Nothing proves he is a racist in this instance.

It is detrimental to make a charge of racism without merit in all cases. When this is done, it makes the charge meaningless even when it is made with justification. If the race card is continuously played solely for political purposes, then the same thing happens as with the story of the boy that cried Wolf. No one believes it when it really happens. When the left continually makes these unfounded charges as with the Wilson case or as POV and BB do on this blog, it demeans the entire concept of racism being a valid concern.

A friend of mine that I seldom get to see visited yesterday. We discussed this matter along with Carter's allegations. We came to two conclusions about Mr. Carter. The first is that John Rich made the best evaluation of Carter we had ever heard. This evaluation was that Carter did not matter even when he did matter. The other is that Carter and the far left do not realize that most people in this country only recognize one race and that is the human race. While there are racists out there, there are fewer and fewer all the time.

Blogger said...

Late night comic Jimmy Fallon: "Yesterday former President Jimmy Carter said that Congressman Joe Wilson’s outburst during President Obama’s speech last week was “based on racism.” When Joe Wilson heard that he said, “Aw, I can’t get mad at Jimmy Carter. He’s white.”

Blogger said...

Oatz Thanks to you for those media stats. That tells it all.