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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Jack Webb Schools Barack Obama on Healthcare



Blogger said...

Every person I know personally would love to have given this message verbatim.

Gregg said...

Yea Blogger, the message is timeless. I came across it on Michelle Malkin's site,

Liberal POV said...

Anger addicts

More silliness, think how long someone researched and edited this to get this conservative message of know nothing , do nothing, support the rich and greedy, I pissed nonsense on the web.

It was well done but still fiction and was the holly wood character.

For you folks to whine about Hollywood you sure like the fiction from Hollywood.

Gregg said...

Please tell us Lib, what part do you disagree with? Try it, just this once.

Liberal POV said...

Gregg and anger addicts ( GOP )

I strongly degree with some fiction character from the sixties talking down to the current President of the United States in a phony edited fiction You Tube.

You people live in a world of fiction. You're the Know Nothing Cult.

guy faulkes said...

POV, How far back does your disagreement with fictional characters lecturing political leaders on issues extend?

Heinlein's science fiction? H.G. Well's stories? Kipling's poems and books? Shakespeare's works? Swift's "Gulliver's Travels"? "Grimm's Fairy Tales?"

Does it extend only to those works with which you disagree? I think so. I echo Blogger's comment.

USS Rodger Young said...

Liberal POV just got schooled!!!!!!!

Liberal POV said...


The literature you mention as well as Doonsberry Cartoons had some bases in fact. I'm hard pressed to find those here. I also fail to see government repression with this admin.

Freedom and Human Rights have improved under this Admin so far.

BikerBard said...

Wow! I didn't know Jack Webb was a redneck, zombie Republican! That explains the speech pattern. Thanks for the revelation, Gregg! (LOL!)

USS Rodger Young said...

Liberal Socialist POV,

Human Rights have improved under the Hussein Obama Administration? I bet the 90 plus civilians killed in Afghanistan would argue that one. Speaking of civilian casualties, why does the liberal news media not report on soldier or civilian casualties like they did under GW? Care to venture a guess.

So when you talk of civil rights you might want to think again (impossible for a liberal socialist sheep, I know).

And what of the Patriot Act. You railed so heavily against it during the election and now not a peep. Why is that one o great repressionist POV? LOL!!!

Uh oh, more difficult questions you are not going to be able to answer. Maybe Pammy and Doctor Williamson can lobby Watauga Conservative and have me removed from this blog for asking those darned ole tough questions. LOL!!!

Oh, and the cheerleader, Tricycle Lard, is back. How great to have two idiots in the same forum. LOL!!!

Your ole pal

USS Rodger Young

USS Rodger Young said...

There goes the term redneck again. Isn't that racist or is it simply an exasperated left doing what they do best - getting all emotional? LOL!!!!!

Sarkazein said...

Redneck actually comes from descriptions of the white laborer. The neck sunburned from head down and working. It is a term loved by the labor class white people. I can see where BB would think he is using it in an offensive manner. White, labor type work, pride, all things the liberal would have no appreciation or respect for.

Liberal POV said...

USS Roger

You make a very good point here I don't make a much noise about the Patriot Act which like you disagree with much of the power given to government.

The reason I's not as concerned because Cheney is out of the whitehouse, but much of it does needs to be repealed.

" And what of the Patriot Act. You railed so heavily against it during the election and now not a peep. Why is that one o great repressionist POV? LOL!!!"

Sarkazein said...

GENEVA – The United States has lost its place as the world's most competitive economy, mainly because of the financial crisis and accumulated fiscal deficits, according to a survey released Tuesday.
The U.S. is second ranked in a poll of over 13,000 business leaders conducted by the Geneva-based World Economic Forum, behind Switzerland. Singapore is third and Sweden comes forth.///

Thank you liberalism.

Liberal POV said...


No Sark, that's what the last eight years of conservative Republican rule with voodoo, greed economics has done.
Obama's only been in office 8 months and the figures you are seeing reflect 2008 and the conservative polices that got us in this mess.

Sarkazein said...

Then why is it NOW we are ranked #2 and why is the biggest part of it deficit spending that has been increased by 4X by a Liberal Congress and Obama, and why is it the financial crisis that started with Fannie-Mae a liberal org ? Manufacturing has left this country because of over-regulation, law-suits and unions.
The Left won't be happy until we are a third world country getting financial help from other countries in the way of sacks of porridge and offers to adopt our children.
You see success in being ranked #2, I don't.

Sarkazein said...

Corruption Probe Weakens Dept. of Buildings' Structural Integrity
Updated 3:57 PM EDT, Tue, Sep 8, 2009

The DOB is more like the MOB, according to shocking new revelations reported today.
At least six inspectors with the city's Department of Buildings have been videotaped taking bribes at construction sites, and some were seen dealing cocaine and prescription pills, according to the New York Post.
The workers, some of whom allegedly have ties to the Luchese crime family, will be arrested later this month, along with about two dozen mafioso, sources told the Post.
"This is going to be big," their source said.///

Let's bring these government bureaucrats and their associates into our health-care. You talk about chances for bribes and extortion...

guy faulkes said...

On a previous thread I posted this link concerning a security guard violating a persons first amendment rights.

I have tried to get some information as to the result of the complaints as to the security guard's actions. The Farifax County School system said the guard acted inappropriately and that their guards would be retrained as to the first amendment. I have been unable to find out if any punitive action was taken against Mr. Cheeks.

Sorry for the off topic post, but I thought some people might be interested, and I do not know how to start a thread.

Liberal POV said...


Keep working on costing this man his job then you can complain about paying him unemployment and covering his health care cost.

Republican logic is so silly.

mydorazio said...

Liberal POV said
"...think how long..."

It took me, my wife, and my son 4 hours to edit this video.

But of course it took a long time for me to stop being a liberal and learn how to take advice from realists like Jack Webb., aka "bulletpeople"