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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Joe Wilson in Our Prissy Congress

Thanks to Gregg for this post. DAILY BEAST This nails the purpose of all my latest posts and says it all for me. Again thanks Gregg and to the rest of you, you let Lib take you off into the weeds again. When will you ever learn? AND GREGG'S OTHER LINK


Blogger said...

Neil Cavuto this morning suggested that Joe should have yelled: “Mr. President, your statements are at variance with the truth.” Less rude.

The president abused a joint gathering of congress to disparage the American people and the legislators who opposed him. His presentation was totally disingenuous. Believing we are all stupid, he accused us of lying and distorting his health plan. There is no Obama plan to distort. The only one we know is Pelosi’s, and no one is distorting that. So he lied over and over and Joe Wilson could not take it any more.

I could have more respect for the leaders of our party if they had walked out of the chamber. Like with Joe, we would have witnessed an authentic moment in history.

Sarkazein said...

Blogger- I am going to email that picture to the digital reproduction company I use and have them blow it up to poster size for my office wall.

Blogger said...

Sarkazein, I got Joe's picture by googling photos of Joe Wilson

Liberal POV said...
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Blogger said...

It is the lack of passion in our leaders which is freaking me out. Out in the streets, masses of American people are demonstrating the fire in their bellies that match the threat. Meanwhile, Our leaders, in tones more suitable to announcing the daily obituary, grumble that we are seeing our country pushed into bankruptcy–power grabs of centralized government seen only in Socialist countries--a total lack of appreciation of our enemies–and the undermining of our abilities to defend ourselves.

Look at that picture of them sitting next to Joe–pansies! WHERE IS THE PASSION?

Sarkazein said...
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Liberal POV said...
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Sarkazein said...
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Blogger said...

I will put deleted comments back when I find a more appropriate place for them.

The Wilson story is too important to go chopping weeds.

Liberal POV said...


I believe Wilson will apoligize on the house floor this coming week or give Demcrates a platform to paint Republicans as rude and extreme.

matt said...

I agree with you. I hope that pent up rage gets released more often.

90% of these politicians (reps and dems) deserve no respect from us. Obama included. As I have said 100 times before they are spineless and corrupt. Obama included.

More people need to be less concerned with being politically correct. The "you lie" comment is just what we needed, I think we will see a lot more "rude" comments in the future, and it is for the best. I hope it leads to walk outs, brawls and a few ptichforks going up the stairs of the capital. Maybe i am a pessimist, but I think we are too far gone for political correctness to have any effect. We need a revolution.

I'm still keeping some rotten tomatoes in my fridge until I can attend a Burr or Hagan rally.

Sarkazein said...

I think some people do not realize how this time period differs from others. We are truly at the civil brink. A shout from someone is the least of what can happen. Liberals will long for the day when people were only considered out of order.

Glen Beck just gave a great talk about cleaning up both parties of corruption. Both power and financial corruption. I am telling you, libertarianism is our only way out short of blood-shed or collapse.

Sarkazein said...

By the way, the White House now agrees Obama lied.

matt said...

Obama can outright say " is a lie plain and simple"

but Wilson can't say the same thing?

Oh Messiah, i am so sorry we spoke down of you...please forgive us!

I think Obama should be interrupted more often...let him try and talk without a teleprompter. I bet he chokes.

Gregg said...

I claimed on another thread that the few politicians that are speaking out are being led by the citizens. It's easy when you have cover. I don't know much about Joe Wilson but we need leaders to get behind. Until then "we the people" are kicking ass and taking names. It's estimated that 1.2 million protesters are in D.C. today. If anyone thinks Joe Wilson hurt himself then watch this reaction when the CNN reporter asks the crowd about "say it ain't so Joe"!

BTW Sark, check out the signs, slogans galore.

BikerBard said...


Conservatives find it's easy to rile the ignorant masses- just tell them that "truth" is a "lie", "lying" is "truth."

Hocus, pocus. presto, change-o.

Did you ladies enjoy your latest tea party? I hear baloney was served for all to swallow.

Gregg said...

Sorry BikerBard but the truth isn't partisan or negotiable to me.

Gregg said...


You know what, I'm happy to debate you honestly. In keeping with this thread, if you want to make the case that Joe Wilson was incorrect in his (and my) assessment that Obama was lying when he said that illegal immigrants would not be covered in his plan then I'm game. It's a bit nuanced in that Obama doesn't have a plan, which in itself exposes another lie. So to be clear I'm (and Joe) talking about the house bill and the debate surrounding it including the various amendments that have been defeated.

The thing is, if your argument is the masses are ignorant, I'm stupid and Republicans a racist bigot homophobes then I'll pass. I suspect, given your last post, that's all you've got.

Liberal POV said...

GOP (Grumpy Old People), Hate Media Junkies, Angry Mob

My understanding is nothing in the health care bill gives undocumented residents of the USA the right to purchase insurance from the new program.

Now what would Joe Wilson or any of you do with the following situation?

What would you do if it was entirely your decision? That would be the standard for the whole country?

What would you do if in charge at the local emergency room and to use your term an illegal immigrants child arrives with a serious injury, or a woman in labor also undocumented or the father or husband of these with chest pains? Now or after the new health plan?

How about a gunshot wound for a known criminal?

Now if giving medical attention to these injured fellow human beings is this why Joe Wilson and you are calling Obama a liar ?

What else would a civilized society do?

Gregg said...

"My understanding is nothing in the health care bill gives undocumented residents of the USA the right to purchase insurance from the new program." -LiberalPOV

Now that's a surprise!

Sarkazein said...

Posted: Friday, September 11, 2009 6:04 PM by Domenico Montanaro

From NBC's Mike Viqueira
The White House tonight is providing the below clarification on what the president's health-care proposals would mean when it comes to the issue of illegal immigrants.

The question, as we all know, arises from the Wilson "You lie" outburst, and the core claim that notwithstanding specific bill language barring illegal immigrants from participating in the "exchange," as a practical matter, there is no way of verifying the citizenship of applicants -- which is the current state of play. Republicans say that then means illegal immigrants would end up being enrolled in plans -- bill language or no bill language.

Today, for the first time as far as we know, the administration is backing a provision that would require proof of citizenship before someone could enroll in a plan selected on the exchange.

Here, the administration also concedes that hospitals would be compensated with public funds for the care of undocumented immigrants.///

NOW!, after being called a liar, Obama sees what Wilson was talking about and moves to change it. Keeping in mind, Obama wanted this bill passed weeks ago before the summer break and lawyers everywhere would be using the bill to get their illegal alien clients health-care.

Reader said...

You cannot stay on the subject Lib...amazing.

I'll be honest, Joe Wilson is a man I respect. If the right is not going to stand up to these nuts, I'll pray for a new party that will. Wonder if Joe would like to run?

Sarkazein said...

POV- The point of my posting this article in an above comment:

Posted: Friday, September 11, 2009 6:04 PM by Domenico Montanaro

is that even the densest of liberals should be able to see the reason for the frustration in Conservatives when we know the bill would give illegal aliens health-care, and Obama is up there in front of Congress saying it is an untruth being told by Conservatives, when as now admitted by the White House, the Conservatives were right. IF Joe Wilson had not channelled millions of people's words directly to Obama, the MSM would have never made it obvious that Obama was in fact lying.
I can safely say he was lying and Joe Wilson knew it, because the Republicans had offered two amendments to clear it up and they were both declined. Obama knew it. He lies.
AND yes all the Republicans and most of the Democrats should be just as riled up as Joe Wilson OR all the other stuff will creep by also. The MSM has to have the facts thrown in their faces in a manner such as Joe's action, to pay attention. Of course their first and main reason for the attention was because they thought Joe was wrong. BUT in their miniscule research, they found what all Conservatives already knew. The jig is up and Obama had to change it.

Liberal POV said...

Sark and GOP

Don't you believe those undocumented residents ( 12 to 20 million ) should also pay into this system?

We all know they get cared for at the emergency rooms across America now and in the future.

It will take sensible immigration reform to fix that problem.

Gregg said...

This whole "undocumented residents" thing is funny. Even Joe Biden slipped up the other day and called them "illegal". I don't believe Obama wasn't born in America but he has not provided a birth certificate. That makes him an "undocumented resident". Silly? Maybe, but accurate.

Maybe we should call bank robbers "unauthorized withdrawalers". How about we call the 9/11 hijackers "unlicensed pilots"? Crackheads could be "unprescribed patients".

Is it any wonder that there is so much confusion over giving illegal aliens health care when we can't even be accurate with the language? Well, I guess that's the point, isn't it? Obama's not confused. He's simply lying.

Liberal POV said...

Gregg , Angry Mob, Grumpy Old People, Hate Media Junkies

Does the word LIE help with finding the best answer to difficult problems?

Does your name Gregg, Blogger, or nobody work better than Angry Mob when I post?

None of you want to see the POV from a different prospective ( someone unemployed, someone who has a family member with preexsisting conditions, a Mexican family trying to make a better life.

Do you think you or Joe Wilson are being reasonable?

Gregg said...

I love angry mobs.

Gregg said...

"Does the word LIE help with finding the best answer to difficult problems?" -LiberalPOV

No, not the word itself but pointing out the truth does.

Liberal POV said...


I don't believe you, Republicans or the insurance lobby are truthful with the death panel bullshit well it help if I call you LIARs?

Sarkazein said...

POV- the non-existing death panels were dropped from the bill. Yet, they will still have the same result.
Just another lie by the Obamaians. Look at Gregg's
"I love angry mobs" video... that has to put the fear of truth in you.

Sarkazein said...

Synonyms for angry

Similarity of adj angry

Sense 1:
angry (vs. unangry)
aggravated, provoked
angered, enraged, furious, infuriated,
hot under the collar(predicate)
huffy, mad, sore
indignant, incensed, outraged, umbrageous
irate, ireful
smoldering, smouldering
wrathful, wroth, wrothful

POV- just in case you are boring your self also, here are some other words you can use.

Blogger said...

Gregg, Once again, Thanks. Great post on Tea Party link and great contribution the blog as usual.

guy faulkes said...

Joe Wilson should indeed speak from the House floor. When he does so he should retract his apology to the liar in Chief. Speaking the truth never requires an apology.

If Pelosi tries for a resolution condemning Mr. Wilson, then all Republicans, Independents, and moderate Democrats should vote against it and leave the chamber. The vote should be taken by name so we can determine those that voted for censure. This will be another reason to replace them in 2010.

POV I answered your question on the previous thread, Get some new material for your fictional world.

Blogger said...

One thing I am enjoying is that so many blogs and even national media are carrying the same videos and making the same points that we did.

But we were out there first!

Gregg said...

"I don't believe you, Republicans or the insurance lobby are truthful with the death panel bullshit well it help if I call you LIARs?" -LiberalPOV

No, silly man. You have to back it up or at least attempt to.

Nobody said...

"Does your name Gregg, Blogger, or nobody work better than Angry Mob when I post?"

First, I don't really understand this post. You are the one who ALWAYS seems angry on this blog. You ALWAYS begin your post with an insulting address. You spout opinion with mild vulgarities and never any factual info to back up what you say. Where have I "lied" on this blog? Specify it, then refute with verifiable information. If you can't do this, then shut up and we'll all know, as we already do, that YOU and your liberal friends are the true angry mob, angry that you no longer have complete control of the flow of information and speaking irrationally in the face of truth. Angry that your chosen one is actually being questioned on what he is saying, rather than having everyone just roll over for President Obey-me (not an original -- just heard it). Angry that you are finding it harder to defend your side and hear criticism when you're in power than to just criticize when you're out.

Gregg said...

Nice post Nobody. LiberalPOV cannot comprehend the difference between anger motivated by hate and anger motivated by love of country.

It's a serious charge to accuse someone of lying. The act of lying is worse than the charge so the most important issue is whether the accused lied. It this case all evidence says yes he did. BTW, multiple times. This is lost on liberals as they attack Wilson. Ideology trumps truth for them and they circle the wagons around the liar.

The big thing they miss is how much we wish we were wrong. We have a lying radical President and no one wants that to be true but it is.

Blogger said...

Nobody wrote LIb: "angry that you no longer have complete control of the flow of information and speaking irrationally in the face of truth"

Great return Nobody who is really Somebody!.

Reader said...

You have to say Gregg, that a lot of them, are seeing the truth. It just takes some a little longer and the rest never see it...they are easily brainwashed. I've never really believed it could be done, but the ones who claim to be so intelligent, are the ones easiest to train. Might go back to that evolution they speak about.

Gregg said...


You're right, a lot are. My neighbor voted for Obama. He's a typical independent that doesn't follow politics too closely. He now feels completely betrayed by the press and hoodwinked by Obama. I'm sure he's not the only one.

Blogger said...

Brit explains our problem. On morning Joe a lady from England pointed out that in England thay have a prime minister who is also head of the party. Then they have a queen.

She said the gloves are off attacking the prime minister in parliement. However, one never calls the queen a liar.

We have rolled the two positions into one person. The president is our prime minister, but he is also our queen.