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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This Post Addressed to Our Liberal Readers Re Afghan War

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Support for the war in Afghanistan is at an all-time low, according to a new national poll. A CNN/Opinion Research Corp. survey released Tuesday morning indicates that 39 percent of Americans favor the war in Afghanistan, with 58 percent opposed to the mission. Read Full Article

This post is addressed to our liberal readers and not our conservatives. Bush’s war had mission creep from weapons of mass destruction morphing into nation building. Now, Obama’s war is mission creeping from destroying El Queda, to war with the Taliban and attempting nation building..

Liberals, without Bush to kick around any more, now what?


Liberal POV said...


Neither History nor geography is not on our side in the Afghanistan War.

If the general population of Afganistan turn on us the war is lost.

Killing inocent civilans and supporting puppet political leader will turn the population againt us as has past torture policies.

Anonymous said...

Nice double negative. How can we take someone serious who purports to know history when they can not even use the English language correctly.

Liberal POV said...


Lets see if I can do better.

Neither history nor geography is on our side in Afganistan.

If the general population turns on the NATO forces as they did the Russians we have lost the war.

Killing innocent cilivans supporting unpopular political leaders and the past torture policy are not the path to victory.

Nobody said...

...and what Lib needs to add to the end of his post, but cannot bring himself to do, is, "and if President Obey-me continues to escalate the war in Afghanistan and support unmanned drone attacks into Pakistan, then I will condemn him just as I condemned Bush." On a side note, did anyone happen to catch the story on the Obey-me administration supporting extensions in the Patriot Act, including provisions that allow for NSA wiretapping and tracking book check-outs in public libraries? What say you, Lib?

Nobody said...

Sorry, meant to include this link to support my statements.

Blogger said...

Nobody said...
Forgot Link

Unknown said...

The difference between Iraq and Afghanistan is that AlQaeda actually trained in Afghanistan and attacked us from there. Also the terrorists are fluid across the Pakistan border and Pakistan really does have nuclear weapons.
We had the chance to do some real nation-building when we first went in and the population was glad to have us get rid of the terrible oppression of the religious nuts (Taliban). Because of the Bush administration's lack of attention or interest, and the diversion of resources to a country with more oil (Iraq), I fear we blew our opportunity. Now they hate us as much as the Iraqis do.

Blogger said...

David from a liberal point of view, what next?