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Monday, November 2, 2009

Are the chickens coming home to roost?

Virginia goes red in what looks to be a landslide. Republicans swept the Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General races.
Christie beats Corzine in New Jersey!
The Democrat takes NY-23.
Tomorrow (Nov.3) is a big day. The race for Governors in New Jersey and Virginia along with the special election in New York's 23rd Congressional district will be decided.

In Virginia, a red State that turned blue for Obama, Republican Bob McDonnell has opened up a 13 point lead over Democrat Creigh Deeds.

It's a three way race in New Jersey, a notoriously blue State, between Democrat incumbent John Corzine, Republican Chris Christie and Independent Chris Daggett. President Obama has not sat on the sidelines for this one. Conventional wisdom said Daggett would help Corzine by taking votes from Christie but that doesn't seem to be the case. If Christie can pull this off it will be huge. I'm still skeptical... after all it is New Jersey.

Perhaps most interesting is the special election in NY-23 between Democrat Bill Owens and Independent Doug Hoffman. The Republican candidate, Dede Scozzafava, has withdrawn. She was chosen by the eleven Republican Party county chairs from her district. She is not Conservative but was supported by heavyweights like Newt Gingrich as a "big tent" Republican. It was thought she was the only kind of Republican that could win. Think Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins or Arlen Spector. Newt made the case that a vote for Hoffman (a true Conservative) would give the victory to Owens. Much like the tea party movement, there was a Conservative revolt and the floodgates opened when Sarah Palin endorsed Hoffman. Now with conventional wisdom turned on its head Hoffman leads. Scozzafava (RINO) has since endorsed the Democrat Bill Owens while her campaign manager endorsed Hoffman.

Buckle up, this will be fun.


Sarkazein said...

The only time I am allowed to fire up a cigar in the house... election day.

Honest Debate said...


If Corzine looses, I may have a cigar myself...and I don't smoke.

Sarkazein said...

The NJ race is with-in the margin of the Democrats will cheat their asses off error to keep from loosing the seat. As was Franken and the bogus re-count.
At least it is clear to everyone that the Dems cheat in the elections as I have known since LBJ bought an entire county (Duval) in Texas to win his seat, Daly, Dade County, West Virginia, and all the pending criminal trials for ACORN.

Breath Holder said...

It is like the fate of our country lies in the hands of the voters of New Jersey and Virginia. If they do the right thing and send a message to the Democrats to halt this destruction of our country, our children may still have the America we knew and loved and wanted to leave to them.

This is a real pivotal moment in history.

Liberal POV said...

Breath Holder

"Democrats to halt this destruction of our country, our children may still have the America we knew and loved and wanted to leave to them."

Twenty-eight of the last forty-one years controlled by Know Nothing Republicans. We have the world's worst drug addiction problem, we have guards and metal detectors at schools to protect kids from killing kids, sometimes kids committing mass murder, We have 41 million without health care. Homelessness is in every city many war vets. On my senior trip to New York City I saw my first homeless person at the age of 17. We've had war in Viet Nam, Panama, Granada, Beret, Iraq 1 and Iraq2, Afghanistan, Somalia, Bosnia. How many were necessary?
We've had Watergate, Iran Contra, along with other scandals too numerous to mention.
We've seen real wages for working people drop while those in top income brackets increased 900% in the last 30 years.
This is the Republican rule your proud of? Your afraid of themes like hope, change, opportunity, peace, justice, clean air, green industry, universal health care, diplomacy?
I want my grand children to see a much better America than we have seen the last 30 years.

Honest Debate said...

Lib, you wrote: "Twenty-eight of the last forty-one years controlled by Know Nothing Republicans."

What are you talking about? Presidents? The Senate was controlled by Dems 23 of the last 40 years, the House 29 of the last 40.

What's any of that have to do with the disastrous path that we are now on?

Let's see what happens tomorrow.

Liberal POV said...


Yes, I was referring to Presidents but Republicans controlled congress 12 of the last 15 years and conservative sill control the supreme court.

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow is potentially a turning point in American history. A Rupublican sweep may well stiffen the spines of enough Democrats to stand up for America and put a stop to the overthtow of everyting American. If the insane heath care fiasco and the cap & tax assault on American sovereignty are allowed to pass, I fear we are headed for conditions that few can imagine. As citizens it will be up to us to resusitate constitutional government to save the republic.

Anonymous said...

To correct Liberal POV: Republicans controlled Congress (House and Senate) at the same time for 10 (not 12) of the past 15 years. When Jim Jeffords switched to an Independent and caucused with the Dems, the Reps lost control of the Senate for an additional two years. A small point but a correction nonetheless.

Sarkazein said...


POV, through the normal liberal dishonesty, leaves out the 40 years prior to 1994 the Democrats held the House. They lie liberally.

Liberal POV said...


"POV, through the normal liberal dishonesty, leaves out the 40 years prior to 1994 the Democrats held the House."

Thank you for that opportunity!

During that period Roosevelt gave hope to the American people after Republican President Hoover took the country into the great depression. Democratic president FDR gave us Social Security, the TVA, Rural Electric, won WWII, Truman over saw the Marshall plan in Europe, under Johnson we passed the Civil Rights Bill , medicare and mental health programs, Carter warned us to become energy independent and make greatest progress in middle East peace we've seen.Clinton gave us eight years of near peace, fewest number on US military men and women killed in hostile action plus the best economic time of my life time, plus he balanced to budget and had a surplus when Bush took office.

Sarkazein said...

Really POV? I didn't even know FDR was still in power after 1952.

Liberal POV said...


I decided to give you 50 years instead of 40. I hope that's okay with you.

Sarkazein said...

POV- That would be historically only part of your imagination.

Blogger said...

Liberal Pov, there are competing explanations to the deterioration in this country. For example, to be a Liberal or now, a Progressive, is by definition to be dissatisfied with what went before and to arrogantly push the envelope in every area of life. Conservatives therefore believe that the moral decay in this country was brought on by these so-called progressives breaking the moral contracts that had served us so well.

Another group with a different take on the cause of moral decay, are students of the Bible who are convinced that the decline started with the driving out of Christianity from the public arena. For example the Biblical story explains that when Israel turned its back on God, they were reduced to slavery (at one point having to resort to cannibalism). Bible believers usually date the beginning of the deterioration with the Supreme Court’s decisions on school prayer in the early 1960's (Can anyone prove that the Biblical explanation is not the true one and that Liberal POV’s explanation is?)

Finally, in the political area, many believe it was the misguided efforts at compassion in such programs as the Great Society by Liberals that had the unintended consequences of destroying the Protestant work ethic and thus the moral fiber of this country.

You pay your money and take your pick.

Sarkazein said...


I'll take the "Liberal POV" stance on this one. It's both.
For the liberals to get what they wanted, getting G-d out of the public domain was a necessity.

Liberal POV said...

Sark and Blogger

Do you believe in freedom of religion?

Pick what prayers you don't want in public schools

Fundamentalist Fire and Brimstone
Southern Baptist
Jehovah Witness
There're hundreds more I have not listed. Do you want a Government approved religion?

Can you see it's better that the government stay out of the business of religion? That includes schools.

Liberal POV said...

Blogger and Conservative

" the decline started with the driving out of Christianity from the public arena."

I would argue that the decline came when religion was inserted into the political arena by Ralph Reed, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robinson, Reagan's campaign manager Lee Attwater and later Karl Rove for the purpose of political power.

Liberal POV said...


Want to find a major source of Drug addiction's beginnings?

Look no further than the Reagan Admin and Iran Contra.

Read "The Dark Alliance," by Gary Webb

or look at these web sites.

Testimony of
Peter Kornbluh
Senior Analyst
National Security Archive

October 19, 1996
To summarize: there is concrete evidence that U.S. officials-- White House, NSC and CIA--not only knew about and condoned drug smuggling in and around the contra war, but in some cases collaborated with, protected, and even paid known drug smugglers who were deemed important players in the Reagan administrations obsessed covert effort to overthrow the Sandinista government in Nicaragua.

Sarkazein said...

POV- Not even you believe your own comment.
Somehow, Falwell entering the political arena caused sexual promiscuity, increased drug abuse, fathers not raising their children, people taking less responsibility for their own financial well-being, increased alcoholism, the end of shame, increased lack of respect for life, increased civil litigation... all this because some religious people got into the political arena. Like I said, even you don't believe that, it is another example of liberal dishonesty.

Liberal POV said...


What I do believe is using religion , social injustice backlash ( gays, race, supreme court rulings ) guns to maintain political power gave a green light to greed and exploitation of working people.
These same people that voted on religious grounds had their pensions taken and that asset transfered to those same players funding conservative policy and propaganda.
Unions were all but destroyed under Reagan pushing wages and benefits even for non union workers lower.
The next phase was to deplete the assets of American manufacturing, then ship those jobs abroad living many of the same people that supported religious issues unemployed or working for much lower income.

Next they figured out how to transfer wealth from working families 401k with increased Executive pay skimming profits and assets.
Our society started to coming appart with nelect.

guy faulkes said...

What I do believe is using religion , social injustice backlash ( gays, race, supreme court rulings ) guns to maintain political power gave a green light to greed and exploitation of working people

This is the strangest post you have ever made. In it you are saying people should not vote to protect their religious convictions, to "backlash" against social injustice such as racism and homophobia, to oppose those they fear would nominate judges to the Supreme Court that would legislate from the bench, or protect their civil rights such as described in the Second Amendment. How does fighting for any of these things exploit the working people as working people are primarily those that support these issues? The examples you provided make no sense. For example unions were a major cause of losing jobs overseas.

Sarkazein said...

POV- So you didn't believe your own comment...I knew it.

Liberal POV said...


You may teach me to be an effective writer.

The keyword her is EXPLOITED. The Republican strategist Lee Atwater and Karl Rove along with the Cato institute correctly targeted religions believesRacialracial and gay prejudices, highly emotional issue of guns then set about to distort and inflame the issue to drive a wedge between the personal bread and butter needs of these working people and the emotional and sometimes phony Cato institute issues pushed by Atwater, Rove, Fox, Falwell, Robinson, Reed and Rush.

These believers supporting the right, folks like you were targets for reduced wages, benefits, pensions take overs, banking fees and higher interest, IRA income lost to executive pay and Enron like schemes, corruption, job exports declining income, Higher insurance rates, higher telephone cost.

Sarkazein said...

These people just can not tell the truth. Obama makes 6 trips to NJ for Corzine, almost cries in a speech for Deeds, and he's not watching the returns? The only way that is possible is if he is nodding on the sofa with a spike hanging out of his arm.

Gibbs: Obama 'not watching returns'

Hours after urging reporters not to draw sweeping conclusions from Tuesday's gubernatorial elections in New Jersey and Virginia, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs told POLITICO President Obama wasn't even keeping an eye on the results.

"He's not watching returns," Gibbs said.

The Obama administration and other top Democrats have consistently tried to play down the import of this week's contests, which Republicans have sought to portray as a referendum on the Democratic-led government in Washington.

In Tuesday's White House press briefing, Gibbs dismissed suggestions that the two governor's races and a special election in upstate New York could preview the 2010 congressional midterms.

"I don't think looking at the two gubernatorial races you can draw with any great insight what's going to happen a year from now," he said.

Liberal POV said...


Here's another example on how the GOP elite or Corporate Royalty play the religious right for political power and profit.

Would this be hypocrisy in Guy's world?

Honest Debate said...

Lib from your article: "The General Motors Corporation, the world's largest company, now sells more graphic sex films every year than Larry Flynt, owner of the Hustler empire..."

Who owns GM. What's your point?

Honest Debate said...


Disregard the last post. I don't really care what your point is. This is a day to celebrate the GOP's big victories. Obama did all he could. He failed. Yea!

guy faulkes said...

POV, I fail to see any relevance in your link to the discussion. The only comment I will make is if we had not bailed out GM and let the free market fix the situation, then that problem would have been taken care of, wouldn't it?

The issues that concern you are caused by big government intervention and big government being in the union's pocket.

Honest Debate said...

Slightly R-rated but funny reaction to Tuesday's elections.

oracle said...

Lib - How is that hopey changee thing working out for you?