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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Big Rally Today

Michelle Bachmann, Jon Voight and Mark Levin are hosting a rally in Washington today at noon. With the "Blue Dogs" quaking after the elections Tuesday the timing could not be better. I suspect that you won't see much about it in the fringe media and if you do it will be vastly understated.


Liberal POV said...

GOP ( Grumpy Old People )

The Conservative movement is truly made up of those having trouble adapting to a very fast changing world. Fear is part of the emotion felt and there's plenty of con artist out there to capitalize on that fact. Fear is a wonderful selling tool.

Many want no part of computers, others with computers are overwhelmed by twitter, facebook, blogs, Leapfish and what ever the new thing next week.
The wars Iraq and Afghanistan are not turning out as promised.

We have a new black President of the United States

Every small town in America now has a Latin American population.

2010 and 2012 are a long way off The Sarah Palin fans will be long gone or short lived.

Those posting here by Palin groupie will be an embarrassment to the posters by 2012.

Obama does have to deliver some real progressive change to keep the young voters engaged.

guy faulkes said...

POV, your post is absolutely irrelevant to the thread.

Supporting your political convictions is not fear. It is patriotism.

If you think conservatives want no part of computers, then how do you explain liberals attempts to censor the Internet. Of course they also want to censor talk radio and any media outlet that is not in the pocket of the Obama administration.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are not going as promised. Obama promised to get out of Iraq. He did not. He promised to win Afghanistan. He has not.

Obama is of mixed blood. He claims part of his genetic heritage, but not the rest.

Not every small town in america has a Latin population. It would not matter if they did as long as these Latins wer Latin American or in othr words citizens of this country. They could also b legal immigrants. It is the criminal illegal aliens that need to be deported.

2010 is one year away with support for Obama falling daily. Palin keeps getting more influential as her support for the conservative in NY-23 started the endorsements from other prominent conservatives. That being said, nothing or no one in this thread refer to Palin except you.

Again, you brought Palin into this thread, so I would agree your posting of disapproval of her will embarrass you by 2012.

It is getting to the point that Mr. Obama will have trouble delivering a newspaper.

To return to the thread, I believe there will be yellow water running down the legs of some liberal politicians if they actually have to face their constituents.

Liberal POV said...


You prove my point about Grumpy Old People their unfounded fears, inability to change or face new world realities and the conservative movement.

oatz said...

I love "new world realities" by Liberal POV sounds familiar to NEW WORLD ORDER. At 43 does that make a grumpy OLD man typing on a Conservative blog? OH, the Irony of Liberal POV's rusty zipper from all the Yellow liquid after team Obama Failed to deliver any push on multiple election fronts in Virginia, New Jersey, and yes Afghanistan.

Sarkazein said...

"We have a new black President of the United States"-POV

Who was the old black President?

Liberal POV said...


You don't have to have lived a lot of years to be a Grumpy Old Person nor does Living a lot of years make you a Grumpy Old Person. The Key word here is Living and understanding the world in which you live.
Fear and negativism seems to consume the conservative movement and great ignorance of the world. Things like not understanding terms like socialism, Death Panels, facism, Universal Health care, human rights, freedom of religion, freedom, Social Justice.

Liberal POV said...


Jon Voight isn't he from Hollywood? Isn't he an actor?

That's right the right complains about those Hollywood types but are closet Hollywood groupies.Reagan, Sonny Bonno, Gubber, Fred Thompson, Arnold.

How do you spell hypocrisy?

Mike D. said...

Liberal POV,

"Fear... seems to consume the conservative movement."

In the introduction of one of Orson Scott Card's books, he discusses fear in the context of scary movies. He says that the worst type of fear is dread, when we are not even sure what it is we are afraid of. He says that once we have seen the monster, the movie becomes much less scary because the dread is gone. We can give a face to the monster, and it's not so frightening anymore.

We all have fears. No one is entirely without fear, and we all deal with that fear in our own ways.

I suggest that facing our fears is more productive than hiding from them. By facing them, we identify them, give them a face, and grow the courage to act in a way that eliminates them.

My ex-girlfriend was once stalked by a local man. Instead of living in fear, pretending that he wouldn't hurt us, I rounded up several friends and we surrounded him in a parking lot. We didn't hurt him, didn't touch him, didn't even threaten him. But we made him understand that it was going to stop. In that moment, we stopped being afraid, and it is very likely that he started being afraid.

It is illogical to say that someone is consumed by fear simply because they identify those fears.

"Let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance. In every dark hour of our national life a leadership of frankness and vigor has met with that understanding and support of the people themselves which is essential to victory." - FDR

guy faulkes said...

How do you spell hypocrisy? - POV


Honest Debate said...

The news blackout on this rally is, while typical, astonishing. Even Drudge and HotAir have said nothing. That's cool the Democrats heard them loud and clear.

RV said...

I read all about it. It was sickening. There is no news blackout.

guy faulkes said...

How can the exercising of your rights as to participation in the political process be sickening? There was no violence as would have been typical of a liberal political gathering.

Honest Debate said...


Please provide a link. I've seen some pictures on Hannity's site but that's it.

Honest Debate said...

Well then. I did find this hilarious example of journalistic malpractice. Notice she says that the Constitution doesn't have a preamble. What an idiot! Boehner does get it wrong in that he quotes from the Declaration of Independence but Maddow uses it to display total ignorance. If RV gets his news from sources like this, it's no wonder why he thinks the right to assemble is "sickening".

Honest Debate said...

Oops, forgot to add the link.

RV said...

Here is what I read.

Honest Debate said...

Wow, that was a fair and balanced look. I stand corrected there isn't a blackout it's more like a black-balling.

Seriously though RV, thanks for the link.

Sarkazein said...

Thanks RV, "Weasel Queen". I hadn't heard that one before. I'll use it... it fits her perfectly.

RV said...

Here is another link.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this link will work.

RV said...


add this to the link above

Honest Debate said...

From RV's link: "At approx. 10 am today, USCP arrested 9 people without incident who were all charged with Unlawful Entry in the Hart Senate Office Building, rm. 706."

I wonder who the pansy politicians hiding behind their desks were. Dollars to doughnuts they were Liberal. There was outrage when Skip Gates was arrested for breaking into his own house do ya' think there will be outrage over the arrest of these nine for entering theirs?

Honest Debate said...

It was Lieberman. This internet thing is cool. Thanks Al. Page 3.

RV said...

Good job finding the office, HD. Would you feel the same way if some liberal socialists broke into a senate office and started tearing up a Republican bill?

The longer I live, the more I realize it is not the truth that matters but what the majority of people believe.

Honest Debate said...


I don't think there is any evidence that anyone broke in or tore up anything. Is there?

Truth matters most.

Liberal POV said...

Fox News Groupies

Fox news Fails to follow Society of Professional Journalist Code of Ethics.

Examples below.

Honest Debate said...

Funny stuff Lib! I haven't had a belly laugh like that in quite some time. Thanks.

guy faulkes said...

I guess POV does not realize that Fox News has more viewers than any other network, usually more than all of them combined as demonstrated by the people tuning in to get updates on the Fort hood incident.

I also need to understand why one can burn the flag but not tear up a bill (if that happened - nothing in the link suggested it did). Apparently the people in that office did not want to listen to those that do not agree with them.

Liberal POV said...


You almost make my point Fox News is a whore for not only the Republican party but fails to follow Society of Professional Journalist Code of Ethics as it gets in the way of both their political agenda and ratings.
The link below gives 30 examples of Fox News in violation of the Society of Professional Journalist Code of Ethics.
Guy do want to be informed or watch the popular channel?

Liberal POV said...


The Link again:

guy faulkes said...

POV, Media Matters is a biased left wing organization. Post something from a non biased source as what you have this is only an opinion of a left wing organization. Might I suggest the Cato Institute or the Heritage Foundation.

Liberal POV said...


Do you want to give me a list Guy approved non biased web sites that deal with Ethics in Journalism?

The Cato Institute and Heritage Foundation are the heart of right wing propaganda and lies.

If you want to be a misinformed fool follow those two. Guy I'm not say you're a fool but you sure sound like one. Have you ever heard the term garbage in garbage out. Stop inputing so much garbage,

Why do you think Media Matters is biased?

Honest Debate said...

"Why do you think Media Matters is biased?" LiberalPOV

Try this Lib. Don't shoot the messenger just weigh the evidence.