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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Global Warming Fraud Exposed

New Zealand too?
Obama's "Climate Czar",Carol Browner, dismisses the hacked emails. She says she will stick "with the 2,500 scientists..." The article from the conservative "Washington Times" refers to the "consensus of the 2,500 climate scientists on the International Panel on Climate Change". That is telling on two counts. First, it's not "international" it's the "Intergovernmental panel on Climate Change". Secondly, they are not all "climate scientist" as the Stossel video explains, there are activist as well.
American Thinker has analyzed the source code for the programs that East Angelina's CRU used. It's even more devious that we thought. Newsbusters is all over this story and has several post on the subject. It's worth a look. The "American Thinker" article is very technical. This Newsbusters post has the link within it for you tech heads. I'm linking the Newsbusters post because is nutshells it nicely.
The press continues to be silent.

Thanks to Guy Faulkes for contributing this.

The Wall Street Journal and James Inhofe tell the story. The Inhofe link has several updates within it which are worth reading.

If you haven't heard much about this, here's why.

Here is a database of all the emails.

This is old but adds to this debate. It is the best summary that I've seen. It shows clearly the deception in Algore's hideous graph as well as the corruption of the IPCC.


BikerBard said...

You folks choose to believe Faux instead of science??? ROTFLMAO!


Sarkazein said...

Anyone having believed the global warming hoax, should have to sit out the next 8 years of elections.

Imagine what Obowma's poll numbers would be if the MSM was not propping him up and down playing all his failures.

Why isn't Congress calling for an 80% surcharge on Gore's millions he gained in a total con.

Liberal POV said...

Flat Earthers

Follow the money!

The Cato Institute a conservative pro status quo think tank lobby group owns the writer. His job is to delay reform and continue wasting energy.

" According to a 1998 article by Institute for Public Accuracy executive director Norman Solomon, the Cato Institute has received financial support from energy companies -- including Chevron Companies, Exxon Company, Shell Oil Company, and Tenneco Gas, as well as the American Petroleum Institute, Amoco Foundation, and Atlantic Richfield Foundation. According to his bio on the Cato website, Michaels is a visiting scientist at the George C. Marshall Institute (GMI) in Washington, DC. The nonpartisan Congressional Quarterly calls the Marshall Institute "a Washington-based think tank supported by industry and conservative foundations that focuses primarily on trying to debunk global warming as a threat." According to an ExxonMobil report, the ExxonMobil Foundation donated $80,000 to the Marshall Institute's Global Climate Change Program in 2002. [The ExxonMobil report wrote "George C. Marshall Foundation, Washington, D.C." (rather than "George C. Marshall Institute"); Media Matters for America concluded that this was a typographical error on the part of ExxonMobil, as there is an organization named the George C. Marshall Foundation, but it does not have a Climate Change program and it is located in Lexington, VA (not Washington, DC).]

Journalist Ross Gelbspan has also documented Michaels's more direct ties to the energy industry; in the December 1995 Harper's Magazine, Gelbspan wrote: "Michaels has received more than $115,000 over the last four years from coal and energy interests. World Climate Review, a quarterly he founded that routinely debunks climate concerns, was funded by [the coal producer and electricity co-op] Western Fuels". (World Climate Review's successor publication is World Climate Report, and the latter is also funded by the energy industry). All these companies have a financial stake in opposing policies that seek to combat global warming by limiting carbon emissions."

Cato job one is to keep you misinformed.

Liberal POV said...

Flat Earthers and Know Nothings

I should have made the writer's name clearer I'm referring to.

It's Pat Michaels, a climate scientist at the Cato Institute in Washington.

Honest Debate said...


Please dude.

Pat Michaels did not write the article. He did not write the emails he was just mentioned in them. He adds little relevance to the discussion. His ties to the oil industry add none.

This is cut and dried fraud. Why not let the science decide? Why "redefine" peer review?

"In another, Phil Jones, the director of the East Anglia climate center, suggested to climate scientist Michael Mann of Penn State University that skeptics' research was unwelcome: We "will keep them out somehow -- even if we have to redefine what the peer-review literature is!" Neither man could be reached for comment Sunday."

Science is not partisan. Only "sheep" make it so in the name of ideology.

Reader said...

BB, we are rolling my friend.

Honest Debate said...


Your article's a hoot, thanks.

Let's assume that ice caps are melting and ignore the fact that they are thickening in other parts of the earth. Let's assume that 3 years of additional data actually means something in the context of billions of years. Let's assume that with 94% of greenhouse gasses coming from water vapor from evaporating oceans that we can make a difference. Let's assume we have the perfect temperature and ocean levels and the earth is too delicate to change one iota. Let's ignore volcanoes. Let's forget that Chicago was once under ice, heck let's forget all the ice ages that came and went without humans.

My question is, "If true then why does it mean that humans, and let's not beat around the bush, greedy Americans caused it?"

Sarkazein said...

The term "Flat Earthers" would be fitting to describe the global warming chumps. Just as Earth has never been flat, it has never heated up due to man's activities. As the info became even more obvious, the term was changed to "Climate Change". Yet the Flat Earthers still say "global warming", and fear falling off the edge of the Earth as in it's man made climate change/global warming. The Lefties are like superstitious primitive tribes. Their Great White Father Algore, can see into the future, and turn their fears into green.

Sarkazein said...

From The CSM article: ""Both sides want to maintain this idea that science is this pure thing, this source of clarity, exactness, and truth. Of course, it isn't," he says. "It's a human endeavor, a social endeavor. The people who do it are people full of imperfections."


Sarkazein said...

John Stossel is a libertarian. If one of the alphabet networks had made him an anchor, they would have climbed out of the ratings basement.

The answers from those kids in the video are appalling. Yet, our own resident liberal sheep continues to call Conservatives "fear mongers". Those poor kids have been brainwashed. They would turn their own parents in for burning the wrong kind of light bulb. They are in actual fear of drowning in their own man made rising sea. Al Gore should be prosecuted for child abuse.

guy faulkes said...

I think BB and POV would try to defend the Holocaust if that were to be the liberal party line. These emails prove without a doubt that the study of man made global warming is a fraud. Those that manipulated data, tried to cover up their actions from Freedom of information Act requests, and censoring opposing opinions (surely they can do better than Watauga Watch) should be fired, prosecuted for anything illegal(at least the cover ups) and imprisoned when convicted.

No one who has ever done any research into the issue can possibly believe that man influences climate change to any significant degree.

Anonymous said...

Check out "The Petition Project" where over 31,000 scientists oppose the theory that man causes global warming. The debate is far from over. It is being suppressed.

Reader said...

I hear snow is coming to Boone this winter. Do tell.

Flat Earthers Unite! said...

Our minds are made up. Don't confuse us with the facts!

guy faulkes said...

Flat Earthers Unite! said...

Our minds are made up. Don't confuse us with the facts!

So say the proponents of global warming due to man.

Bushrod Gentry said...

In a spirit of bipartisanship, I would like to ask each of you to join me in saving our planet. Will you pledge with me to be greener than Al Gore? I hereby attest or readily affirm that my home energy bills will remain lower than Al Gore's $29,000
per month home energy bills. I promise to drive a car with better gas mileage than Al Gore's Lincoln Towncar. I swear that if I ever buy my own private jet, that it
will be one with better fuel mileage than Al Gore's Gulfstream and furthermore, I will fly around the globe less than Al Gore. There! Doesn't it feel good knowing that you are helping stop climate change by being greener than Al? Have a happy Thanksgiving and try to remember that just as the heavens have a reason for ticks, fleas, leeches, and other bloodsucking parasites, there must be a reason for liberals. I'm just not sure what it is.

guy faulkes said...

I believe Bushrod made a mistake. Mr. Gore's energy bill is $29,000.00 per year, not per month according to what I read. This means his bill is only 19.333 times mine. I should be the new green Czar.

Honest Debate said...


I'm in. I promise not to make millions selling carbon credits (snake oil).

Honest Debate said...

Hey, what happened to the Libs?

guy faulkes said...

Whistling as they walk by the future graveyard of socialism.

Johnny Rico said...

Liberal Socialist Sheep POV,

You mentioned the CATO Institute. A good organization for the most part. I was fortunate enough to attend CATO briefings on the DC Gun Ban a few years back. Unbeknownst to the local liberal media, Heller and his financiar Levy, (as well as lawyer Alan Gura) were giving free talks to the public on how exactly they planned to take the DC Gun Ban to the Supreme Court. They also gave away free Martinis, Stella Artois, and submarine sandwhiches after their briefings. A very open and transparent organization that spelled disaster for those who chose not to listen!!! Perhaps you should attend a CATO event before spilling patentedly false accusations and Climate Change garbage that never occured.

But then again you routinly indicate that our soldiers are war criminals because they kill poor innocent Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan don't you? You have probably entertained the thought of converting to Muslim yourself haven't you? Or you may already be one judging from the amazingly anti-American filth you spew on a daily basis. If cowards like you would stay in their own lane every once in a while, the rest of us real Americans, who understand just what sacrifice is, would be able to get along just fine.

Like Tricyle Lard, you are probably not a happy camper right now. Get the pacy, stick it in your well worn mouth, and start sucking. After all, sucking is the mantra of liberal socialist sheep isn't it?


Your ole dear pal
Johnny Rico

PS I won


Honest Debate said...

Man made global warming and it's catastrophic consequences are a sham. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a know nothing flat earther. The total and complete inability of libs on this blog, along with their disappearance, to refute the mountains of evidence proves it. The debate is over.

oatz said...

Carol Browner Joins APX’s Board of Directors

Santa Clara, CA – March 10, 2008 – APX, Inc., the leading infrastructure provider for environmental and energy markets, announced today that Carol Browner, former Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, has joined its Board of Directors. Ms. Browner, who has a distinguished career in public service, brings to APX’s Board deep expertise in environmental policy, including climate change issues.

UHHHHHHMMMMMM Like Al Gore I will not profit from Climate Change.

guy faulkes said...

And the beat goes on...

Honest Debate said...


The libs on this bog should take note of your link. Mr. Monbiot could teach them a thing or two about honest debate. I suppose a wee bit of credit should be given to the libs for hiding. At least they aren't trying to explain it away (notwithstanding BikerBard's and LiberalPOV's extremely lame and token attempts early in the thread).

I can't imagine myself or any of the conservative regulars on this blog being silent if we were so misled by propogandist. Where's the outrage? Once again the silence is deafening.

Johnny Rico said...

Wow the liberal socialist sheep couldn't answer another one of my posts. Amazing.