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Monday, November 23, 2009

Lies about Jobs

"The inaccuracies on that have come to light are outrageous and the Administration owes itself, the Congress, and every American a commitment to work night and day to correct the ludicrous mistakes." - David Obey (D-Wisc.) Chairman House appropriations Committee

We're now moving toward an incompetence that is so thoroughly invasive that it cannot be explained. Mark me down as one who no longer believes they are this stupid. Arrogant and naive, yes, total idiots, no. Whatever they're up to, it's not good. It's not rocket science to create jobs. One must try to achieve the unemployment rates we're seeing.

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Johnny Rico said...

The biggest lie I see Hussein Obama and his crooked crew spouting has to do with illegal aliens. Strangly silent in the current health care debate is the issue raised by Congressman Wilson when he called Hussein Obama a LIAR. Illegal aliens are taking jobs Americans used to, and continue to want to do. As I asked Liberal Socialist Sheep POV several times (with nary an answer each time), what would Hussein Obama say to the out of work stone masons, carpenters, house painters, dry wallers, boys looking to mow grass in the summer, etc....?

Liberal POV, I will give you yet another shot at answering this very, very difficult question!!! LOL!!

You can of course ignore it which only serves to highlight your severe lack of intellect and founding principles. LOL!!!

Your ole pal
Johnny Rico

PS I won that one pretty easy