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Monday, November 23, 2009

SNL Destroys Obama

It's a bit gratuitously crude so I'll issue a mild content warning. That kept it from being posted yesterday but it's too good not to share.


Reader said...

Finally, people are getting a grip. Thanks for posting this HD, funny stuff and oh so true.

Bushrod Gentry said...

President Obama says he will call a summit to determine what to do about our economy. I hope someone tells him about HAUSER'S LAW which states that the government's revenue is 19.5% of the GDP regardless of tax rates. This means that cutting taxes on business will encourage investors and ultimately increase employment and a greater GDP. The greater the GDP, the more revenue the government will receive. We now live in a global economy and we need to cut our business taxes
to be competitive It's a shame that this nation is now being run by a bunch of economic lliterates. Some day, I hope we will learn that cutting business taxes and reducing government spending is the best path for prosperity for all. Adversely, high business taxes discourage growth and investment and the GDP along with government revenue are decreased. We now pay $500 billion a day in interest on
the national debt. That's on the interest without one cent paying off the debt itself. That's YOUR earnings NOT going to pay for your mortgage, your kids or your retirement. The only thing you can legally do is to vote the robbers out of office and educate your neighbors. When Congressmen are standing on a street corner,
holding a sign that says, "Will legislate for food," we can be sure that we're headed in the right direction.

Simon Jester said...,1518,662822,00.html

Blogger said...

Oh! This is so great! They say that when the TV comedians start weighing in and even the sophisticates snicker, a politician is in deep do do.

Blogger said...

Remember when Tina Fey spoofing Sarah Palin said "And I can see all the way to Russia from my front porch?" She did that so well that later when people were asked "Who said, 'I can see all the way to Russia'", informed people answered "Sarah Palin."

This guy mimicking Obama is so good, I can't wait until someone asks, "and what president was asked to kiss the Chinese leader's butt?" and some informed person answers, "I believe that was President Obama if I remember correctly." Hee hee.

Honest Debate said...

At first SNL made fun of the press and their treatment of Obama. Then they made fun of him. Now it's his policies that are getting ridiculed.

Honest Debate said...

Did anyone see Obama pardon the turkey? He said, "I believe it's safe to say we've saved or created four turkeys".

I know it's just a joke but it's at least as true as his claim of saving or creating jobs. It sounds to me like he's admitting his lack of logic. It's bizarre.

Simon Jester said...

Its a joke? I thought he was serious. He lied about jobs just as bad and he thought we would believe him.

Johnny Rico said...

Hussein Obama's woes are in the infancy right now. Wait until his own party starts backtracking in earnest. It will be glorious to watch. Pride cometh before the fall!!!!!