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Monday, November 9, 2009

"Tea Baggers"

Four liberals who have previously expressed their distaste for ad hominem attacks have commented so far. None are bothered by this particular ad hominem attack on patriotic Americans by the President. None have given analogous examples from other Presidents. Stay tuned while we wait to be disproved about our belief that liberals are hypocrites.
"The reason the tea-baggers are so inflamed is because we are winning." I asked for analogous examples from other Presidents. Add Bill Clinton to the list.
On a recent thread a commenter, "Bridle" said this: "When you use the phrase 'liberal sheep' you are resorting to argument ad hominem. It's one of those stupid sound bites that cut short any possibility of real debate." Another commenter, "Nobody" replied: "Be sure to take LPOV to task for the same thing! Know nothing, Grumpy Old Men, Tea Baggers, the list goes on....". "Bridle" did not reply.

The tea party protests during the summer of discontent were peaceful. When hundreds of thousands protested in Washington on September 12 there were no arrest. At the town hall meetings it was plain that the concerned citizens knew more than the politicians. They were well-informed and exercising their Constitutional right (if not duty) to peacefully assemble. That did not stop the politics of personal destruction from the fringe media and many Democrat politicians.

Now we are hearing about some of the Obama arm twisting that went on behind closed doors before the House vote on health care. "According to Representative Earl Blumenauer of Oregon, who supports the health care bill, the president asked, “Does anybody think that the teabag, anti-government people are going to support them if they bring down health care? All it will do is confuse and dispirit” Democratic voters “and it will encourage the extremists.”

This is an astonishing look into the soul of the President. To him "anti-government" means "anti-Obama". It's one thing for pundits like George Stephanopoulos, Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann and Anderson Cooper to use the very derogatory term but the President!? Well, I guess that's "change".

Here is the chance for the liberal commenters on this blog to denounce Obama's use of this term to describe anyone who disagrees with his views.


Anonymous said...

I'll bite.

I'm shocked and angered that the President referenced "teabag, anti-government people."

He should have said "'teabagging' anti-government people."

Honest Debate said...

Nonny (if that's his real name) is anonymous. What can we deduce about his politics using nothing but his post?

Sarkazein said...

So far, I have seen nothing Presidential in Obama.
He has made a living as an agitator and he will always have the presence of an agitator, nothing more and nothing less.

guy fauleks said...

So now you are anti-government as well as racist if you oppose Obama's policies?

BikerBard said...


You made the headlines here. Wow!

Must be a slow news day. These folks need to keep their anger ramped up. It's the only plan they have to get votes.

Honest Debate said...

While you liberals condone President Obama trashing his fellow Americans maybe you can give us an example of Bush or any other President showing such disdain.

Sarkazein said...

Guy Faulkes-

I'm not a racist, I don't like his white half either.

Honest Debate said...

Good one Sark!

Liberal POV said...

GOP (Grumpy Old People), Anger Addicts, Hate Media Groupies, Silly People and Know Nothings

“Does anybody think that the teabag, anti-government people are going to support them if they bring down health care? All it will do is confuse and dispirit” Democratic voters “and it will encourage the extremists.” "

What a true statement!

Those on this blog are filled with hate and bitterness it would make No difference what President Obama did it would be wrong in the eyes of those here. They get a daily fix on the hate media and hate web sites each day. Oatz and blogger surfing the most dishonest propaganda sites for the most inflammatory postings.
I post over and over web sites showing the hate media doesn't follow any code of professional journalism code of ethics or examples of Fox news altering photographs the make liberal or critics look shady or unprofessional.
I've also posted simple math as to where they are wrong on tax issues but they are Know nothing which means their opinions become facts not to be questioned.

Example 23% of Americans consider themselves Republicans. Math questions How do you split conservatives and extreme conservatives Republicans and get a majority in a national election?

The Republicans plan and hopes and dreams for the future is that the Obama Admin to fails and they get back into power by default without a plan or fresh ideas for the future. We could then get the failures of the Bush Admin or Hoover, Nixon, or Bush 1 all over again.
Can you imagine the Know Nothing think Sarah Palin in qualified to be president Of the United States and she has never finished a bowl of cereal?

What failed logic!

Sarkazein said...

Damn. he's out of his coma! kinda

bridle said...

Thanks for the shout-out HD.
So was Obama wrong to characterize the teabaggers as anti-government, or was he wrong to call the anti-government protesters "teabaggers"? Or is tea-partier supposed to be more PC?
See the following headlines from the Washington post.

Here's another take from our best European ally, pretty much the only one supporting us in Iraq, and Afghanistan any more.
(Lovely image those crowds are promoting abroad.)
You may call those teabaggers(tea-partiers?) peaceful but the clips I saw on TV showed rude, aggressive, scary people shouting down the reps who were trying to communicate with their constituents.
Evidently this was well-planned and coordinated with the express purpose of intimidating Democrats and disrupting the democratic process. See the following memo.

bridle said...

I just now see your answer about clickable links. Thanks. I'll try them next time.

Sarkazein said...

Anti-Obama, anti-socialism. Anti-government only in the way he is trying to change it to reflect his Marxist goals.

Sarkazein said...


Your first link proves my point, with the use of the term anti-government. Look at the people in the picture...? scary? It proves most of the news media are leftists. Are you writing that Obama is driven only by what he reads in the press?

Honest Debate said...

The rudeness in the town hall meetings was politicians not listening to their constituents. If ever there was a grass rrots movement this was it. No leader, no organizers just concerned citizens. All of that is beside the point in regards to this post. The media and now Obama is calling protesters perverted fags. That's what "teabagger" means and your upset that Sark called you a "sheep" as you parrot the party line?

Sarkazein said...

Remember Rep Sheila Jackass Lee (Houston) answering a cell phone in the middle of a question, talking to the caller, not excusing herself... she can be glad I wasn't there. I would have had her talking about the astronauts she said visited Mars. Most of the protests at the Town-hall meetings were when the Representative were either patronizing, had hurled out insults to the questioners, or were rude as Jackass Lee was or were uninformed about the legislation in question, or were caught lying.
This turning to forced Socialism is serious stuff, it brings out people's passions.

oatz said...

More Liberal censorship on our campuses..The students of Young Americans for Liberty hosted a rally to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall at noon today on the lawn outside the Ann W. Olin Women’s Building at Washington University.
The students set up a gulag complete with prisoners, guards and barb wire on the Wash U campus.

Students constructed a memorial to the victims of socialism as a stark reminder of the horrors of socialism, and of its victims.

“We’re hoping to elevate the thinking of students about the connection between socialism, tyranny, and murder. Too often, we tend to think about state control in the abstract. This event is an opportunity to show the student body what socialism really is,” said junior Dirk Doebler, student leader of Young Americans for Liberty and lead organizer of the event. “We’re just twenty years away from the collapse of the Soviet Union’s despotic enslavement of hundreds of millions of people, yet everyone seems to forget that socialism killed over 150,000,000 people in the 20th century. All that gets lost in the convenient narrative our professors would have us believe. With this event, we’re striking down false notions. We’re speaking truth to power.”

guy faulkes said...

If the government I want is not the same as the government Obama wants, what gives that presumptive ass the right to say I am anti-government. I am all for a government that will protect me from foreign aggression, protect my civil rights, follow the Constitution, and otherwise leave me alone. I do not think Obama realizes he was narrowly elected by the popular vote to be President and not to be God. The interesting thing is that so many people are abandoning his failed polices. It bodes not well for our liberal friends.

Honest Debate said...

Take a look back to the Republican and Democrat conventions.

DNC protesters:
"Two people were arrested on the Auraria Campus in Denver....They were arrested for not giving their names to the officers....We had a limited number of arrests for minor infractions with DNC.”

RNC protesters:
"St. Paul police said that 120 of the 283 arrested were being held on felony charges."

This is good. The funny thing is that it's from "Media Matters". Notice the title. Civility indeed.

Liberals are such hypocrites especially when they are accusing Conservatives of being hypocrites

Sarkazein said...

Thank you for your last comment with the three links to the protests. When someone writes they are scared of the kind of people attending pro-conservative rallies, you have to wonder if liberals can ever debate honestly.
I have tried to find videos of the Michael Moore Republican protest parade at the Republican Convention during , I think, the President Bush/Kerry election, but haven't been able to find them. It actually turned the election in President Bush's favor as all of Moore's work does the opposite of his intended goals.

Honest Debate said...


Bridle the sheep asked me on another thread, "Suppose he(Obama) raises taxes on the rich and creates more government oversight on venal contractors and corporations, creates more jobs in alternate energy (all the things we elected him for) and the economy recovers. Will you concede being wrong?" to which I replied "absolutely".

The question gives insight into the liberal mind. Despite all of the thoughtful criticism of the right from the right, it's hard for a liberal to grasp the concept of honest debate.

I'm still waiting for thoughtful criticism of the left from the left.

Sarkazein said...

I am waiting for some Leftist professor to start writing about the personal lives of the Boston Tea Party participants and how they were evil capitalists trying to corner the tea market, or how they endangered the lives of innocent sailors and tea importers. The Boston Tea Party participants SCARED the Loyalists.

Sarkazein said...


The only economic recovery made by government programs will be temporary. Like the Clunker and flood the market with billions hot off the press programs. So I believe Bridal's question was bogus.

Honest Debate said...


I think the philosopher Wayne said it best: "Sha' and monkeys might fly outta my butt"

Sarkazein said...

Uncle Ted was at the San Antonio Tea Party.

bridle said...

Tea baggers is how the protesters named themselves, until they learned about the vulgar implications. They went to protests with tea-bags pinned on their shirts - so really, what else should one call them? Tea-partiers? That sounds even sillier, no?
And no leaders or organizers? How disingenuous can you get? Organizers and funders of the protests included Freedomworks, a conservative advocacy group,Americans for Prosperity, another conservative advocacy group, and Fox propaganda. The leader of the new Republican Party, Rush Limbaugh fired up the nodding ditto heads until they Rushed like lemmings to wave their little teabags and their misspelled signs at those horrible "libruls".

Honest Debate said...


You could not be more wrong. The town hall meetings were where it all started. Concerned informed citizens voicing their concerns to their supposed representatives. Once it caught fire the panty-waisted Republican politicians had the cover they needed to find some backbone. At that point the groups you mention fanned the flames but make no mistake this was a grass roots movement. As for Rush, you have no idea what you're talking about. He is not an activist and doesn't encourage participation in activist movements. You don't even have an idea what "ditto head" means.

Your tea bag argument is stupid. Yes, they did in fact call themselves "tea partiers". The tea bags were a reference to the Boston tea party and taxation without representation. Read a history book.

Why on earth are you condoning this incivility?

Sarkazein said...

Wasn't Anderson Cooper (sp) the first to use the tea bag thing in a homoerotic comment?

Bridal- try and hang tea from your rearview mirror
or pin tea to your shirt.

Not all protests have to be a colored rainbow.

Liberal POV said...


"The town hall meetings were where it all started. Concerned informed citizens voicing their concerns to their supposed representatives."

Things like the Tea Parties and all the silly straw men issues begin at The Heritage Foundation and Cato Institute. The political conservative talking points hit the conservative websites then hate media and back to the web again. Don't you notice the same words and phrases by coincidence is used by nearly everyone from day to day on conservative issues. Cato word smith coin those catchy little phrases. Do you really believe Sarah Palin read the 1500-2000 page Health care bill and came up the so called Death Panel phrase silliness?
The current plan now is to poison or weaken the health care bill to protect the insurance industry.
You fools are little pawns for the AIGs. Those greedy bastards don't care for you or this country they just need you to make noise.
This blog and thousands like it is just free lobbying for big business to give support to the folks like Ms Fox and other politicians whom they own. They don't care about you, your religious beliefs or your families you're just pawns to be used.

RV said...

I don't think name-calling is productive. It just alienates people when we need to be looking for solutions to serious problems.

However, isn't it possible that Obama was not aware of this other connotation of teabag? I still don't know what you are talking about. And please don't explain it to me. I will look it up on the Internet.

Sarkazein said...

"However, isn't it possible that Obama was not aware of this other connotation of teabag?"-RV

It is PROBABLE that Obama is unaware on everything other than his ideology. So you are right.

Sarkazein said...

"Do you really believe Sarah Palin read the 1500-2000 page Health care bill and came up the so called Death Panel phrase silliness?"-POV

If she only read one page, it is more than the number of pages you have read. You are just accepting this blindly, which one is more ignorant?

Sarkazein said...

" Do you really believe Sarah Palin read the 1500-2000 page Health care bill and came up the so called Death Panel phrase silliness?"-POV

Thus proving to POV himself, that the bill is ridiculously long and most people, even those against it, will not be able to read it. It will all be sorted out in civil courts by trial lawyers, suing businesses and doctors over the next generation. The bill is chum for the sharks, slopped into the water by the Democrats.

Honest Debate said...


There iis a link on the original post. Click it for a definition of tea bagging. Obama's comment was recent and the tea bag thing has been much discussed. I don't think it's possible that he did not understand exactly what he said, even though he rarely does.

Congratulations, you have come closer than any other liberal to denouncing his blatant, destructive insult with your tepid response. Read the definition and get back to finish what you started.

guy faulkes said...

Tea Baggers is term the left tried to use as a derogatory comment for those that were participating in the political process in a manner with which the left did not agree. They thought to marginalize this grass root effort by using this tactic. As usual they failed because something is derogatory only if you let it be. Those using the political process laugh at this attempt. I for one am proud to be a Tea Bagger or a Patriot (another term they have tried to demonize).

Sarkazein said...

Cuba cuts electrical power back with extreme measures. Venezuela cuts water service off two days a week. Ain't Socialism grand!

oatz said...

CNS news reported:

More than 200 amendments were rejected by the House Rules Committee ahead of Saturday’s vote on the Democrats’ health care bill, including 11 that would have required members of Congress and other government officials to be enrolled in the same federal insurance plan proposed for the American people.

Critics of the health care bill said they offered the 11 amendments – including some that would require the president, vice president, and Supreme Court justices to give up their Federal Employees Health Benefit Program (FEHBP) to enroll in the ‘public option’ or Medicaid – to showcase the problems with the massive legislation.

“If Congress forces our constituents into a public option plan over time, then members of Congress should be expected to do the same,” Rep. Howard McKeon (R-Calif.) told

Sarkazein said...

Current Media, a cable television company co-founded by former US vice president Al Gore, announced Wednesday that it is cutting 80 jobs as part of a reorganization.
The layoffs, which will leave Current with some 300 employees worldwide, come seven months after the San Francisco-based startup shelved plans for a 100-million-dollar initial public offering, citing market conditions.///

The selfish bastard multi-millionaire, lays-off working Americans in the industry he says will replace capitalism. What a complete and total bafoon is Al Gore, and all of those liberal sheep following him off the cliff.

Liberal POV said...


When you rant about tax cuts keep this lesson in economics in mind. It may help you with your lack of math skills.

Sarkazein said...


Your link is academic commie drivel. The "narrator" is trying to prove his own opinion/theory with "educational" graphs. I notice he speaks v e r y
s l o w l y so the minds full of mush can
u n d e r s t a n d him.

Sarkazein said...

By HOPE YEN, Associated Press Writer – Sun Nov 15, 1:58 am ET
WASHINGTON – The government paid more than $47 billion in questionable Medicare claims including medical treatment showing little relation to a patient's condition, wasting taxpayer dollars at a rate nearly three times the previous year.
Excerpts of a new federal report, obtained by The Associated Press, show a dramatic increase in improper payments in the $440 billion Medicare program that has been cited by government auditors as a high risk for fraud and waste for 20 years.///

As is all government programs. Government program not working? Bring in more government to make it not work even more. Liberalism at work.

Liberal POV said...

Sark and Guy

Here's one you may like better. It's still a lesson in VooDoo economics.

Do the math