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Monday, November 23, 2009


This story reminds me of Billy Dale and the travel office firings during the Clinton administration, only worse. Pure politics of personal destruction. Byron York reports the firing of Inspector General Gerald Walpin happened before the White House had the explanation they scrambled to come up with. Walpin has sued and should win if there is justice.


oatz said...

To quote BikerBard and Liberal POV "What do you mean the Emperor has no clothes?" Insert Blame Bush quote Here-> "BUsh,Bush,Bush". I wonder How they will excuse Obama for Flouting a rule he voted on as a Senator?

Honest Debate said...

It's unbelievably blatant and Obama has no fear of being called on it. Sad.

guy faulkes said...

When you are the head of a religious movement, you have little to fear from members of your cult until that point in time one of them wants to overthrow you and take over. I think that time will come before 2012. Obama's falling popularity is making him a liability. His support has already been called toxic.

guy faulkes said...

We are finally getting the truth about the global warming farce. Emails hacked from research sites have exposed the conspiracy to promote global warming. I wonder if Al will have to give his prize back. So much for the legitimacy of cap and tax.

First ACRON and now this. How many such scandals will be linked with Obama's policies? His entire administration appears to be able to eat nails and defecate corkscrews. Obama is about as transparent as asphalt.

guy faulkes said...

More on globalwarminggate.

Professor Johnny Rico said...

Comments Liberal Socialist Sheep POV or Tricycle Lard (Cheerleader).


BikerBard said...

Hi fella! Let's talk on the other blog si...Ooops. sorry. LOL!

Johnny Rico said...

Tricyle Lard,

LOL!! Did you mean to say: "Gosh Johnny Rico, i am sure glad they banned you from Watauga Watch or else you would have taken over again with all those tough questions and dead on commentary!!"

Or maybe you aren't really glad as I was one of the few to pay attention to the head Cheerleader!!! LOL!!!

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico


Johnny Rico said...

Tricyle Lard - silenced again!!!! LOL!!!!

Hey Tricycle, why not see what happens if you ask the liberal socialist sheep Williams to open Watauga Watch to the public once again. LOL!!! You and I both know what will happen if those two trogyldytes do that!!! Taking over that blog gets kind of boring anyway!!!

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico