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Monday, November 9, 2009

Twenty Years Ago Today

Reagan's speech preceded the fall of the Berlin wall by two years, it still gives me chills. There are many excepts of the famous speech circulating today. If you're in a rush skip to 11:17 but do yourself a favor and make the time to watch the whole thing.


Wolf's Head said...

I notice our Marxist President isn't in Germany celebrating this.

Millions of people freed without a war by Ronald Reagan and Maggie Thatcher and our President decides to ignore it.

Honest Debate said...


I heard someone posit that Obama's absence is payback for Merkel denying his request to speak at the Brandenburg gate during the campaign. It's pure speculation but rings true to me. It's the kind of childish arrogance that I would expect from the man child.

oatz said...

He is obviously too busy supporting our troops in Texas as he deals with the Ft. Hood massacre (not!!!). Camp David calls him to vacation again, but at least this time he is not on the golf course.