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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Does It Matter Why They Hate Us?

I love the Libertarians...until they talk about national security. I'd take Ron Paul as Secretary of the Treasury in a minute but wouldn't let him anywhere near the Pentagon. This video is basically a shouting match but is does serve as a jumping off point to ask the question: "Does it matter why they hate us?" Ron Paul takes the view (as most liberals do) that it's our fault. The example he gives is factually (and fatally) flawed. This ignores centuries of hateful indoctrination. It ignores the religious zealotry practiced by evil-doers convinced they are doing the work of Allah. It ignores terrorist nations that fund and train the evil-doers. It ignores common sense.

We gnash our teeth and scratch our heads trying to figure out why they hate. It's even been posited on this blog that they kill themselves to get on the news. Well, that makes sense...NOT! This kind of thinking is behind President Obama's ridiculous plan to close Gitmo. Two of the four Yemeni terrorist that trained, funded and facilitated this last attempt were released from Gitmo in 2007. There are 95 more from Yemen waiting to be sent back. Even Diane Feinstein realizes the folly of this idea. Abdulmuttalab should have been sent straight to Gitmo and interrogated. Now he's lawyered up and has all the rights of an American citizen. All because Obama thinks closing Gitmo will make the terrorist hate us less.

We are not fighting this war for oil, imperialism, arrogance or revenge. We're fighting to save our civilization from death. We no longer have a President that understands this basic fact.


Honest Debate said...

The other reason I used this particular video is because I know how much Sark enjoys seeing his Congresswoman on TV.

Sarkazein said...

She lucked out, the video ended before she realized where she was.

My biggest lifetime political disappointment... Ron Paul.
Just to show his complete ignorance in this subject, he puts credence in the terrorist trying to blow up the plane on Christmas Day as an act of revenge for the bombing a couple of weeks ago of his fellow terrorists.
HE WAS ALREADY RADICALIZED AND TRAINING PRIOR TO THAT INCIDENT. His warped mind gives the Underpants Bomber an excuse for his evil. Paul is Michael Moore in a human's body.

Wolf's Head said...

I gave up on Libertarians some time ago.

Basically, they are cowards and fools.

Their views on gov't and economics I can agree with, but when they take the idea of non-violence to a point that even the lunatic leftists would have trouble going to.

If someone is swinging a punch at your nose, you have the right, and the obligation, to do what you must to stop it. The libertarians would wait until they were punched, and sit on their asses with a broken nose trying to decide if they were at fault for provocating the attack.


Liberal POV said...


Ron Paul is right about one issue, we have to be careful not to play into Bin Ladin's strategy.

Sark, I like your Underpants Bomber description.

I think we have seen more mental illiness than radical extremsm both the Underpants bomber and at Fort Hood.

Johnny Rico said...

Liberal Socialist Sheep POV said:

"I think we have seen more mental illiness than radical extremsm both the Underpants bomber and at Fort Hood."

How come you don't say this about the American citizen who shot the cop in Seattle and was immediately branded by the Hussein Obama administration as a "terrorist". So you don't think the radical muslim Ft. Hood shooter is a terrorist? Funny, the Hussein Obama administration doesn't either.

So you think he knows not what he does and needs some psychiatric help, is that what it is? LOL!! In other words, you are, like most idiot liberal socialiststs, being politically correct not labeling the muslim what he really is - a terrorist.

And I bet you say other equally stupid, politically correct things such as "Happy Winter Solstice" instead of the correct "Merry Christmas". LOL!!!!

Would you tell the dead soldier's families that he really wasn't a terrorist? Oh wait, you might enlighten them with a railway system through China, I forgot. LOL!!!

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico


PS Do you EVER have an answer for the tough questions?

Sarkazein said...

As far as I know, Osama never gave those reasons Paul gave in the first of the video. It may be Paul's opinion of Osama's motives, but only his opinion.
POV, you of course agree with Paul's statement of fiction, show me where Osama said those things pre-9/11.

Sarkazein said...

When Terrorists struck during the Bush years, it was because we made them angry with our Imperialist ways. When terrorists strike during Obama's administration, it is because they are mentally ill.- POV wisdom.

Liberal POV said...


You've lost me?

My comment was "Ron Paul is right about one issue, we have to be careful not to play into Bin Ladin's strategy."

What did you think you read?

Does being Muslim exclude a person from being mentally ill or a common criminal?

Johnny Rico said...

Liberal Socialist Sheep POV,

And would you tell the dead soldier's families that the Ft. Hood shooter was not a terrorist and should be treated as mentally ill?

Hard questions, Hard questions.....

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico

Liberal POV said...


Lets see what happens at his trial, I don't know if he's a terrorist or a mentally deranged man.

guy faulkes said...

POV, he should be a dead man. This would discourage other terrorists.

Sarkazein said...

Guy Faulkes-

He should at least already be caged at GITMO, recovering from his interview.

Liberal POV said...


"POV, he should be a dead man. This would discourage other terrorists."

Lets see you want to frighten suicide bombers with the threat of death?

Do you have any better ideas?

Johnny Rico said...

Liberal Socialist Sheep POV said:

"Lets see what happens at his trial, I don't know if he's a terrorist or a mentally deranged man."

So now all of a sudden you don't have an opinion? You are going to wait and see what Hussein Obama tells you the Ft. Hood shooter should be? Why the 180 change in direction? LOL!!!

The Ft. Hood shooter is a radical Muslim who corresponded with, and took directions from, a known terrorist in the middle east. Then he spouts anti-American, pro-terrorist, anti-US Military filth on a military base. Then he kills several soldiers as his radical thoughts become actions.

And you don't think this Muslim idiot is a terrorist?

The white guy who shot a Seattle cop a couple months back was labeled a "terrorist" immediately by Hussein Obama even though he did not display any of the terrorist oriented activities above. Why the disparity. Could it be that Hussein Obama and you are racists?

Tough questions, tough questions

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico

PS Do you realize you lose each and every arguement on this post?



Sarkazein said...

"Lets see you want to frighten suicide bombers with the threat of death?"-POV

Killing him (underpants bomber) would prevent him from attempting and perhaps being successful at blowing up anything ever again. I would be safer if he was dead. How hard can that be to figure out?

guy faulkes said...

POV, try to focus. We were discussing the Fort Hood Terrorist. He was not a bomber. The point in killing a terrorist is not to control him. It is to discourage future terrorists. If they know instead of being martyrs, the world looks at them as dead fools that died in a vain attempt to make a political point, then they will be discouraged. Ridicule is a very strong motivator. However, you may prove differently as you are constantly ridiculed for your support of terrorism and it does not seem to effect you.

Johnny Rico said...

Still waiting for an answer Liberal Socialist Sheep POV

Johnny Rico said...

The silence is deafening LSS POV. Are you getting ready to quit on us again? LOL!!!!!

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico