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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Joy To The World

Merry Christmas to all!

I've mentioned this writer before, most recently on the "Cash for Cloture" thread. He is one of my favorites. His Christmas message is for believers and non-believers alike. Joy to the world.


Johnny Rico said...

Most excellant article. It is strange that non believers seem to accept Islam, Hinduism, Taoism, and a host of other non Christian religions, yet they hate Christians. An Islamist can call an American Liberal an infidel and the liberal will almost apoligize. But if a Christian wears a cross in public, the world nearly comes to an end. This is hypocrisy!!!

Any liberal socialists want to take the bait on this Christmas Eve? I love Jesus Christ as my saviour. I invite all liberals to attend chuch with me and a couple of my girlfriends at Mt. Vernon Church this Sunday.

Johnny Rico

Honest Debate said...

Great point Ms. Rico! It is perfectly safe to malign Christians...if they're white. Don't mess with Rev. Wright or Jesse Jackson.

RT Sender said...

In a way, I can understand people being loyal to different faiths. I can understand agnosticism. What I do not understand are the atheists. To be an atheist,one has to deny the existence of God. One cannot prove a negative, yet many "atheists" are almost virulent in denying religion. I once knew an atheist that claimed to have seen a ghost and never noticed the possibility that one of his beliefs tends to contradict the other. Hardcore atheists tend to be extremely narrow minded and myopic. I have a relative that disliked the idea of Huckabee as a presidential candidaste just because he was once an ordined minister. At least he's not a shakedown artist like Rev. Sharpton and Jackson. Huckabee's religious beliefs may have lead him to be too lenient on convicted criminals as governor of Arkansas, but I don't see him trying to force a religiuos agenda on American citizens. He would certainly have been less dictatorial than the president we have now. Merry Christmas

Sarkazein said...

A person of the peaceful religion intended to bring down an airplane full of civilians including women and children on Christmas Day over American soil. This not long after the Muslim at Ft Hood murdered in the name of Allah.

How's that conciliatory CHANGE in America's foreign policy working for you liberals? Did Obama not apologize enough?

Honest Debate said...


Do you know what "peaceful religion" the terrorist was or does the fact that it is not being reported tell me all I need to know?

This incident needs its own thread. I'll get on that.