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Monday, December 14, 2009

Whiny and unpresidential: Unlike Obama, Reagan never impugned his predecessor

“(Obama) is beginning to sound whiny — and unpresidential. Enough about the terrible mess he inherited. Let's hear a little more about the tremendous honor that has been bestowed on him. Ronald Reagan inherited a worse situation in 1980 — inflation at 13.5 percent; the prime rate at 21 percent; the Soviets in Afghanistan; American hostages in Tehran; communist coups in 10 new countries over the previous decade — but Reagan never impugned his predecessor. As biographer Lou Cannon noted "Reagan ... was generous to Carter in his public statements even though he did not care for him."

George W. Bush showed the same chivalry toward Bill Clinton, declining to breathe a negative word about him.” Mona Charen, The Morning Journal Dec 6. 2009
Mona Charen


Blogger said...

What's more Reagan and Bush both did the correct things to pull us out of the messes they inherited.

Everything Obama has done so far has made what he inherited, worse.

Anonymous said...
NCFIRE-North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement

guy faulkes said...

It is said there are two manners in which to make one's self look good. One is to be good, as was Reagan. The other is to try to make your peers look bad by character assassination. This is the Obama tactic. Unfortunately for Obama, his performance is so dismal he cannot even succeed with lies and innuendo. What is especially telling is that Bush did not do a good job, but still is looks exponentially better than Obama. Obama is even making Carter look good.

Bushrod Gentry said...

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guy faulkes said...


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Reader said...

Ive seen that legal greeting too, Bushrod. I'm sure some would use it, but I prefer the simpler greeting of "Merry Christmas". It's still a federal holiday, for now. So Merry Christmas my friends.