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Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Blame Game

Two things jump out at me. The first is how dishonest Obama is in his assessment. Secondly, I never in a million years thought I would miss Bill Clinton.


Liberal POV said...


You wanted Obama to say???
His comments were incorrect were?

Honest Debate said...

I would have liked it if Obama said what Clinton did.

There was a lot he said that was not true. For one he laid blame for the deficit on not "paying" for two tax cuts which is ludicrous on it's face. The tax cuts brought in more revenue. Tax cut's helped the economy they did not hurt it as Obama says. To say they were part of the cause for the deficit is a lie. He is dishonest when he ignores the fact that he was a Senator that voted for the spending he now decries. He doesn't acknowledge the cause of the banking crisis which was not greed it was government. He does not acknowledge that only the Legislature can spend money and how the deficit grew exponentially after Deomcrats took control in '06. He counts the second half of the TARP money as Bush's when it was he that spent it.

Honest Debate said...

"His comments were incorrect were?" -LiberalPOV

I actually understood that and responded. That's scary.