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Friday, January 29, 2010

Poking Fun At Racism

Chris Matthews, like many liberals, is obsessed with race. His comment that he forgot Obama was black illustrates it.

This is hilarious. To be this funny there has to be an element of truth. They nail it. Liberal commenters here often see race first, gender second, looks third and then they may look at the issues espoused.


Reader said...

Great stuff HD. Thanks for the giggle. All the racial accusations are biting them in the rear.

Sarkazein said...

Matthew's statement is like Reid's, they are beyond just being racist and are actually bigoted.
They assume a Black man is not capable and when one proves different, they are surprised. I am not surprised that anyone can become President, or can be clean, or can speak in a non-Negro dialect, or can have varying complexions. The problem is they assume everybody including me, thinks like they do.

Honest Debate said...

Sark, you're right. That's what makes this so funny.