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Sunday, January 17, 2010

To Be Or Not To Be

Rather that name names, I'll refrain on all counts but you know in your hearts who you are.

There has been a request to ban a commenter. The request was reasonable and well stated. So much so that a known objector to banning commenters is reconsidering his stance. Others, one brutally bombastic babe in particular, enjoy the sport of it all. I've remained silent with the hope that it would play itself out but it keeps coming back and the case is strong. The obnoxious schmuck is, after all, useless...I guess.

Okay, let's work out the standard. He adds nothing. From now on I'll decide if and what every single post adds. Make it count...or else. He's threatened violence. Anonymous commenters aren't all that dangerous in the real world. The threats do illustrate a total lack of couth. Well reasoned, civil responses are better. He's rude and insulting. Duh! He's a liberal. Is he anymore insulting than the resident idiot who constantly tells us we're racist and form our opinions from anywhere but our collective noggins? Or the horsehead that lectures us on civility while siding with the bile-spewers? No, that's just the way they roll.

Seriously, I have no intention of banning anyone. If I was so inclined, the most I would do is suggest it to Blogger. I'm not there. I suppose there is a line somewhere but until then commenters are free to scream from the mountaintops, "I HAVE NO POINT SO I'LL BE A JERK!". Whether we respond in kind, ignore or attempt to reason is up to each of us.


Sarkazein said...

Can you imagine what the comments would look like if there were blogs during the founding of our country?
At least we can experience this at the attempted dismantling of our country.

BikerBard said...

The founding of our country was made by the wealthy elite to protect their lands and property. I'm sure the blogs would echo those on this site.

Screw the poor, the homeless, those less off than we. No healthcare except for those of us who can afford it. Not my tax dollars! Let them eat mush!

guy faulkes said...

BB has made a statement. As usual he is 100% incorrect.

Reader said...

I've been reading everyday, but not commenting as often. All the grammar correcting and fault finding with one another is a turn off to me. I read this blog because I respect what you guys say. I'm learning about politics and what's going on in the world. I happen to like POV though and think once in awhile he makes a point I agree with...don't let that statement go to your head POV. I often disagree, but once in a blue moon you come up with something.

The grammar lessons need to go. I'm tired of reading about homophobia. It's just something to accuse someone of when you have nothing else to offer to the conversation. I would never vote for same sex marriage and the majority of people wouldn't either. That's what makes the left so crazy, we won't give in.

It just boils down to differing opinions and the people who have class and the one's who don't. The one's with class, I learn from...the one's who don't, I don't waste my time on.

bridle said...

BB - I disagree to some extent. If you read Thomas Paine, he clearly indicates that a wealthy elite class is destructive and dangerous to a democratic society. Read Agrarian Justice and you'll see that he more or less invented social security and the estate tax. The other founders were certainly aware of the dangers of an hereditary ruling class, as they had just fought a war to escape that very system.
PS - I can't stand name-calling, but I dislike hypocrisy even more. Those who complain about your rudeness seem to be perfectly OK with the psychopathic spewings of Rico. If they ban you, and put up with that nutcase - I'm out of here too.

RT Sender said...

Personal attacks initiate more personal attacks. I hope the issues can be debated without so much vitriol against other individuals that post here.

Honest Debate said...


I've notice your infrequency but knew you were there. Your posts add greatly even when occasional.

Honest Debate said...

Bridle you wrote to BikerBard regarding Johnny Rico: "If they ban you, and put up with that nutcase - I'm out of here too."

Please reread the first sentence of the fourth paragraph of the original post. Gee wiz, ya' feeling a bit defensive?

You know what would be cool? If you put that Johnny Rico in her place by shredding her logic and credibly refuting her facts. Just don't call the "nutcase" names.

Happy to have you Bridle, lighten up.

Bushrod Gentry said...

Blogger: I confess that I do not monitor this blog on anywhere near a regular basis. But when I do I have noticed a pattern. The conservatives here often provide information resources to liberals when the conservatives are questioned about the conservative contradiction to liberal talking points. Instead of being grateful for their education, the liberals ignore the evidence and later recite the same talking points in a different article. They seem so angry. I wonder if psychology has a name for this behavior. Would it come under the title of cognitive dissonance or is it a learning disorder? Perhaps you could shed some light on this.

bridle said...

Sorry HD - I don't look past the first line of a typical Rico post. Life is too short to waste on playground name-calling games. Anonymity has positive and negative aspects. To some people it is just an excuse to be the playground bully they always admired and feared in 6th grade.
So notice - I do not call Rico a nutcase based on opinions or political thoughts, but the nastiness of his/her interactions.

guy faulkes said...

I must disagree with Reader over the grammar lessons. If I make a mistake and do not know about it, I can never improve. One should be able to communicate with the written word if one attempts to use it. It is never a good idea to stop trying to improve or to fail to hold others to at least an adequate standard. If we do not do this we only harm ourselves.

Grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure should never be taken for granted. Words do mean something. Punctuation and spelling are my downfall.

A blog is an excellent place to practice writing. It is better to make a mistake here and it be brought to your attention so you can learn to correct it than to make that mistake on a resume', application, or formal document.

I rather enjoy a person on that calls himself the Spelling Police. He seems to share this concern.

I ask that all of you continue to correct me. If you do not wish me to do you the same courtesy, just let me know, although I think this is a mistake. If I have offended you, Reader, my sincere apologies.

BikerBard said...


Thanks for the T. Paine suggestion. I will look into it.

I have just decided that so much sh** is slung on this site, that I will sling some back. It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

Faux is a prime example. He insults me, then cries to the girls when he can't handle the return volley. Coward.

REEK-O WACKO is just off the wall. Sark is the most sarcastic pompous liar, and Simon is whining to get rid of me. "Mommy, Daddy, make the bad man go away." Chickens**t.

And the comments about the possibility of my being one of those outsider "Yankees? " Is there anyone on this site who is willing to admit that he is an ignorant Hhillbilly? Equally offensive, no? But I'll bet the "Yankee" label is OK here, cause we all know about Yankees (and racists, Negroes, liberals, gays, etc.)-fill in the group.

I appreciate your voice of measured reason and logic in the face of such ignorance and outright lies.

I also appreciate your support.
Be well and, as Billy Joel says...

"Don't take no sh** from nobody!"

Johnny Rico said...

Tricyle Lard said:

"The founding of our country was made by the wealthy elite to protect their lands and property"

It was? I thought our country was founded by the common man seeking freedom. Were it the wealthy elite who beat the British and won the Revolutionary War at King's Mountain? Were it the wealthy elite who settled this country by killing the natives and conquering the wilderness? Uh huh. That's what I thought. You have no idea what you say, and even though you would like to rewrite history, what actually took place is exactly opposite of what you bluster and blow about.

Sorry about bringing you down so quick, but you, as usual, asked for it.

Johnny Rico


Professor Rico said...

Unbrideled Idiot said:

"psychopathic spewings of Rico. If they ban you, and put up with that nutcase - I'm out of here too"

One, no one cares if you leave this site.

Two, you purport to hate censorship and banning people to the point of leaving, so why didn't you leave Watauga Watch when they banned me.

Three, can you say "I am a hypocrite"?

Four, can you explain why you think I am a psychopath? If you are like Shylock on W. Watch, you like to accuse and make unsupportable statements that you cannot back up.

Tell you what. I will give you a shot at not being the idiot of a liberal that you are. How about we debate a topic. Any topic will do as I will, as I always do, figurtively trounce you into a litte pile of liberal socialist rubble. LOL!!

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico

PS I won

Katy T.

Johnny Rico said...

Honest Debate said:

"If you put that Johnny Rico in her place by shredding her logic and credibly refuting her facts."

Now your talking. Put this girl in her place, please!! I have not had a liberal invalidate anything I have said so far, so Unbrideled Idiot, do what even your own kind are calling for - action. Don't be a hypocrite, be a person of action. LOL

Thanks HD.

Johnny Rico

Bertha C.

Johnny Rico said...

Unbrideled Idiot said:

" but the nastiness of his/her interactions."

Can you give some proof of my nastiness?

Johnny Rico

PS I owned you on the Watch and I own you now - so please keep reading my posts!!!! LOL

Johnny Rico said...

Tricyle Lard said:

"REEK-O WACKO is just off the wall"

You liberal hacks keep saying this, but are unable to ever give any proof. Still waiting.....


Johnny Rico

PS Stand by for my boyfriend's updated psycho analysis of Tricyle Lard's weight problem.

BikerBard said...


You ARE amusing! And you DO belong here.

Johnny Rico said...

Tricycle Lard,

How come you can't answer any of my posts? Is it because your moral foundations are weaker than UN headquarters in Haiti, or because you don't understand the concepts? Either way, you lose!! LOL!!!!

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico

Reader said...

Guy, I'm not offended. I just believe when you don't have a rebuttal, don't come back with a grammar lesson. It's meant to be an attack on the person, not the comment.

Bridle, how people present themselves, I either skip by their comments, or read them. I've been attacked by Rico and others myself...I don't give passes, just skip on by. I don't give respect to someone who belittles others. It's not in my nature. I guess you could say I'm the sensitive type.

BikerBard said...

I'm sorry if I have offended you. You seem like a nice enough person.

Reader said...

BB, thank you and I want you to know, I'm not offended. Everyday that I wake up, is a day to learn.

People used to help one another. Today is much different. I'm the first to admit my faults. Could I have helped my neighbor and why didn't I? Do I help others find a way to make money in times of suffering? I try.

We all need to be good examples to one another and hope that someone takes something away from our comments.

I don't like banning of any sort HD, unless people are physically hurting one another. So no, I wouldn't ban anyone...but that's up to you.

HD, thank you for the interesting topics and I do read them. Please know when I don't comment, I have nothing to offer. You guys are a lot smarter than me, I admit it...and you can teach me about politics. So if I ask a dumb question, help me, that's why I'm learn. By the way, I can spell, but as BB can see, I'm not too great on the punctuation.

Thank guys!

Sarkazein said...

"Please know when I don't comment, I have nothing to offer."-Reader

Hey, that never stopped me.

guy faulkes said...

HD, it appears that all you have accomplished is to set a policy of anything goes. This will reduce this site to another Watauga Watch. This is a shame as the Conservative has always been a venue for reasoned discussion.

I do not usually support banning anyone. However, I do support deleting posts that are pure attacks with no point being made. Maybe there needs to be some rules on posting as with

Liberal POV said...


I do support deleting posts that are pure attacks with no point being made. Maybe there needs to be some rules on posting as with

You're on a slippery sloop, You sure all of your post or Sark's meet your requirements?

"Please know when I don't comment, I have nothing to offer."-Reader

Hey, that never stopped me." Sark

BikerBard said...

I will try not to be a member of the "Punctuation Police." I just get annoyed when the "holier than thou" types here have nothing to argue with except punctuation. You are not one of them. Be well.

Lib POV:
Nice observation. Exactly right.

Reader said...

HD, please don't take what I say as anything of importance. You know me, I read more than comment.

I don't agree this blog is like WW Guy...HD and Blogger don't ask for gossip and malicious rumors, they state the facts and so do you. To me there is no comparision.

oatz said...

Is Scott Browns victory to gain "Ted Kennedys" Mass Senate seat aka the Peoples seat truly the shot heard around the world?

Sarkazein said...

The Obvious may now become mainstream.

Honest Debate said...

"HD, it appears that all you have accomplished is to set a policy of anything goes. This will reduce this site to another Watauga Watch. This is a shame as the Conservative has always been a venue for reasoned discussion." -Guy Faulkes

Thanks for your opinion Guy but I must disagree. I should lump in Simon Jester as well. I hear you both loud and clear but I have set no policy, I have not done anything. This site's greatest asset is not me or, with due respect, Blogger. It's the commenters. I'm not as good as Blogger at keeping the discussion on topic but I don't think "anything goes". If I were to referee each post, I'll be honest, LiberalPOV IMHO is much nastier with his casual bile spewing. He just happens to be lovable. I don't find BB's post remarkable in any way. Let him wave the stupid flag. He usually goes away when ignored. It takes two or more for an irrelevant discussion to take place. I think we do a good job of policing ourselves. No one wants to offend good honest commenters like Reader, not even BB. There is a standard that we've all had a hand in making. I'm not averse to deleting a post but it has to be grossly inappropriate. I find the term "tea baggers" pornographic and hideous, yet have not drawn the line there so we'll see where the line is...eventually. I just don't think it is a big problem at this point. I would like it if it weren't true but there are plenty of "pure attacks with no point being made" mostly from the left but not always. I've done it myself.

Has the conversation really become unreasoned?

BikerBard said...

"I would like it if it weren't true but there are plenty of "pure attacks with no point being made" mostly from the left but not always. I've done it myself." -HD

I know you'd like to think it so, but I respectfully disagree with your observations. I'd say the "pure attacks" are about 50/50 on this site. Faukes and Simon are equally as guilty as those they condem. They are like the schoolchild who is pointing to another in order to distract and hide his own misbehavior. Add to the mix Sark, Rico, and even Oatz, and I'd say the mix of nasty is about even.

Maybe there is even more "snark" from the right than from the left, if you look at the sheer numbers of entries. Take another (fresh) look at your "regular" bloggers here. You'll be surprised.

Nasty is as nasty does, so to speak. Many of your regulars are simply answered in kind.

Johnny Rico said...

Liberal POV (Socialist Sheep) said:

"I do support deleting posts that are pure attacks with no point being made"

Spoken like a true liberal. First their site is shut down due to fiscal irresponsibility and poor management, and now they come to this one and try to change the rules to mimic the cesspool from whence they came!!!!!!

Amazing. This also mirrors the liberal transplants who arrived here in Watauga County in the last 25 years. They came here to get away from some hellhole, and what do they do - try and change the little bit of heaven they just found to what it was they were running from.

Liberal Socialist Sheep POV, this fits your modus operandi doesn't it? You don't want anyone else developing these mountains, yet you live on a piece of ground that once had no houses. How do you reconcile these hypocrital beliefs?

Hard questions.

Johnny Rico

Master Rico said...

Tricyle Lard said:

"Add to the mix Sark, Rico, and even Oatz, and I'd say the mix of nasty is about even"

If you don't like it then leave.

Liberal POV said...


Sorry I forgot to put the quotes around this.

Guy said this.
"I do support deleting posts that are pure attacks with no point being made. Maybe there needs to be some rules on posting as with"

January 19, 2010 6:34 PM

Spoken like a true Republican who likes talks about freedom but wants the goverment to torture those people, supports reducing personal freedoms of choice and see no harm in 1% of our population behind bars.

Johnny, How do you know how long I have lived here and were I live?

Do I live in the country or in town?
Do you know about the word assume?
Did you have a point you wanted to make?

Mike D. said...


That's hilarious. You are losing it, again from lack of thought before blurting out words.

You quote Liberal POV and ridicule his words as typical of a liberal, but you fail to spend enough attention to notice that he is quoting, word for word, none other than Guy Faulkes.

I will expect to see your post declaring Guy a "Liberal Socialist Sheep".

"I am laughing at your superior intellect" - James Tiberius Kirk to Kahn

Johnny Rico said...

Liberal Socialist Sheep POV,

I struck a nerve didn't I? LOL!! Not hard to do when I am right. I simply, and very easily, brought two of your hypocritical views together to prove a point, and you hit the roof!!! As for you asking me questions, you have a lot of anwering to do on several dozen tough questions. LOL!!

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico

Mike D. said...


Let me help you in life here for just a moment.

Rapid thought is not equivalent to thorough thought.

Perhaps you have just been thrown for a momentary loop here by someone who is not deterred by your barrage of boastful banter, your bloviating, as it were.

But in your race against your own brain to show yourself how effectively your reckless mind processes information, you are consistently falling prey to serious logical and factual errors.

Your ultra-fast processor is missing important details and returning wrong answers.

You should take a deep breath, sit back, slice up a navel orange, squeeze a slice into a pint glass, relax some more, open a Blue Star Wheat Ale from North Coast, gently pour it down the tilted, inside surface of the glass, light up a Backwoods Sweet & Mild cigar, sink softly into your seat, and read the thread a couple of times, take a few gulps of your delicious brew, puff on that cigar so it doesn't go out........

Then post a response!!!!!

BikerBard said...

What, no response HD? Am I to assume you agree with me?

Sarkazein said...

Air America Radio R.I.P.

Honest Debate said...


I'm kind of sorry I started this thread, it's like a blog's version of naval gazing.

I like reasoned conversation. I love passion. I strive to keep the debate honest. At my age, I'd rather not yell. All that being said, there are not rules for nice. Nice is nice but can be over rated when dealing with jerks. I never chided anyone for not being nice. There, had to say that.

So let's just say person A makes a well reasoned claim backed up with evidence. Person B disagrees with the well reasoned claim but cannot refute the evidence. This contradicts person B's ideology who responds by saying Person A is a racistbigothomophobe who hates the environment and can't form a thought without Foxnews. Person A, realizing the integrity of his foe, retorts "you're a fat head". Are they the same?

BikerBard said...

No, they are not the same. Person B is the instigator of the verbal abuse. Person A is simply responding in kind.

Now give me an example which starts, " Person A writes a greeting which reads, You Socialist Liberal Sheep."

This is going to be revealing!

Mike D. said...


You crack me up! =)

Simon Jester said...

Rico's opening is in response to past posts, you idiot. Just like me saying you are an idiot.

Liberal POV said...


"Rico's opening is in response to past posts, you idiot. Just like me saying you are an idiot."

This really moves thing along in a positive way?

My own post are either to the poster or the mind set.

Guy is Guy, Sark Is Sark but when I address a mind set of a group it will be
GOP ( Grumpy Old People ).

Hate Addicts ( those people that go to O'Reilly, Rush, or any of the Evangelists of hate for a daily fix )
Fear Addicts ( those that like to be frightened about boogie men take your pick).
Rush Groupies ( just that Rush groupies )

Flat Earthers ( Those that believe some right wing lobbyist for the coal industry over NASA's team of scientist and their peers around the world.)

Liberal POV said...


Let me add

Teabaggers ( those that are involved in the tea party movement ) nothing more.

guy faulkes said...

POV, do you think the new beverage of choice for Democrats that want to remain in office is going to be Tea instead of Kool Aid? I believe so. Health care promoting socialized medicine is dead. Cap and Trade is dead.

Glad that you agree BB does not move things along in a positive way. The Jester's point apparently got through to you.

Liberal POV said...


"Glad that you agree BB does not move things along in a positive way."

I had you in mind as not moving things in a positive way. Lets get that clear.

guy faulkes said...

I have just read that the liberals are having a secret meeting this weekend to discuss the nuclear option that takes 51 votes to pass instead of 60. I may have been premature in my judgment that socialized medicine is dead. However, if they do this, November will end with both Houses in the hands of the Republicans. I also just read that even Barbara Boxer is not safe. She is only 3 points ahead of her possible Republican challengers.

POV, thank you for indicating I do not move things along in a positive. way. You are the most consistently incorrect person, other than BB, with whom I have ever been in contact. Thank you again for the compliment.

BikerBard said...

Liberal POV:

Shhhhh. Don't tell Faux about the secret meeting. It's at my house.

This stuff doesn't get any funnier!

Liberal POV said...


I'll bring beer and chips.

Sarkazein said...

BB wrote-"This stuff doesn't get any funnier!"

With the promise of open meetings and transparency being completely dismissed, the liberals laugh.
With the public opinion of Congress being the lowest ever and falling, the liberals laugh.
With the out right bribing of Congressman to make them CHANGE their vote, the liberals laugh.
With the dropping of a public option, the liberals laugh.