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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What Does It Mean?

Scott Brown's victory is a seismic event. No one saw it coming. We've all heard about the 60 votes the Democrats had in the Senate. Who would of thunk Ted Kennedy's seat couldn't be taken for granted. To me, that's the lesson: Never underestimate the will of the people.

The punditry has rightly surmised chicanery will ensue. Thankfully, some Democrats seem to get it. Jim Webb (D)Virginia said, "“In many ways the campaign in Massachusetts became a referendum not only on health care reform but also on the openness and integrity of our government process,” and “It is vital that we restore the respect of the American people in our system of government and in our leaders. To that end, I believe it would only be fair and prudent that we suspend further votes on health care legislation until Senator-elect Brown is seated." Barney Frank made similar comments and now Obama has said it too. Brown will be seated but they've got other tricks up their sleeve.

There is much to glean from this race. Many questions are raised. Conventional wisdom says heath care is dead. If so, we must give credit to Republican unity. That includes Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins. Maybe RINO's are better than least this time. Does this race indicate a resurgence of Republicans or is it a sign of the tea party movement taking hold? Will this be Obama's Waterloo? What does it tell us about the Democrats prospects for 2010?

I'm particularly interested in the liberals take on this. The party line appears to be "all politics is local". Are you buying it?


Sarkazein said...

Brown's victory gives Medina a better chance in Texas to beat out some tired ole Republican establishment types. She unfortunately is tied to Ron Paul, but that can't hurt the country on a state level as she cannot surrender to Alqeada as Paul desires. She is a rancher, and that can't be all bad.

Sarkazein said...

Scott Brown's win has brought out the complete picture of Obama's disorientation. On Sunday he belittles Brown for driving around in a pick-up truck that no one should want to ride in because he will take you where you don't want to go, reminding people of the Teddy Kennedy and Mary Jo's death ride. Then on Wednesday he is identifying with Brown as they are two peas in a pod (elected for the same reasons).
This child-like President has no limitations to his dishonesty.

Sarkazein said...

Brown's victory should help slow down global warming. Campaigning Democrat candidates everywhere will tell Obama to stay home, leave the carbon spewing AF1 in the hanger at Andrews, we'll call you, don't call us.

Bushrod Gentry said...

I'm not sure how the Democrats feel, but I don't think that the Republicans have been this happy since FDR rolled his wheelchair down the access ramp to Hell.

Reader said...

Bushrod, the dems that voted are happy too, so we don't want to leave them out. What do you call Brown? Do we call him a moderate conservative, liberal conservative, what's the correct term?

Bushrod Gentry said...

Reader, Brown defines himself as a Brown Republican. I'll accept that for now. We'll know for sure after he has been in office for a while. How do you call him?

Sarkazein said...

Bushrod Gentry-

Now that was funny. (FDR ramp...)

Oatz said...

Can we combine two threads? Scott Brown R-MA recieved a better reception today in DC than Roland Burris D-IL from Harry Reid D-NV. Is that becuse Mr. Burris is darkskinned with a negro dialect?

guy faulkes said...

The election of Brown in Massachusetts is profound, especially for the left. The fact that a fairly conservative Republican won in one of the most liberal states in the union is more than a leaf in the wind indicating which way the wind is blowing. It is more like an anvil in a hurricane.

If we were to consider liberal politicians to be farmers, the outcome of this race is the Dust Bowl. Those liberal politicians that have not completely burned their bridges will be moving right to the center. It is to late for many of them to do so, although I think many will try. The other movement is going to be caused by those that have burned their bridges being sent home in the 2010 elections.

Support for this idea can be garnered from Pelosi's admission that she does not have the votes to pass the current health care bill and the capitulation of many on the left to not try to pass the bill before Brown is seated.

The liberals have been forced to recognize that the people are speaking and they had better listen.

It is probably a big shock to change your beverage from Kool Aid to Tea.

Mike D. said...


On election night, did you happen to turn the dial to MSNBC? I could not resist the urge to witness their horror... and delight in the physical manifestations of their disbelief.

Chris Matthews was gaunt, haggard, ashen faced, and he looked like he was doing everything in his power to avoid a vomitous, sobbing shooting spree.

Keith Olbermann was giddy, but not giddy like a kid who just got an Xbox 360. It was more like The Joker kind of giddy.

Rachel Maddow. My god, is she the hottest guy you've ever seen? I just love her. Well, her usual sarcastic mirth turned into a brutally forced smile, poorly coating the bitterness that dripped from her every word.

It was the best 10 minutes of television I have ever seen. No reality show could come close to displaying the honest emotion shown by these three clowns.

Sarkazein said...

Mike D.

As one with no writing style, I do admire yours.

This is Matthews and Howard Dean showing the stress.


guy faulkes said...

MikeD, I did surf though all the channels. MSNBC was hilarious, at least in my opinion. I never before knew that a person could speak out of four sides of his mouth at the same time. I made more sense than they were doing when I was in the hospital with a temperature of 104 and was heavily medicated. I have never seen people contradicting their previous contradiction in such short order.

As my Dad used to say, they looked like they had been sucking green persimmons.

Honest Debate said...

The tentacles of this election are amazing. You just never can tell, think about what it took to kill health care (assuming it's dead). The town halls, tea parties, governorships in VA and NJ (even NY-23),more town halls, plummeting poll numbers and a Republican party that finally found a spine have all culminated into the glorious tipping point Scott Brown embodies.

I like watching MSNBC too. I'm fairly regular with Chris Matthews but can't do Olbermann...even for sport. It's funny stuff.

jaustin said...

First time poster here:

Aside from the hoopla of the GOP and the deer in the headlights look of the Left, I don't see anything yet that would make me think that there is a significant change stirring in the wind. Time will tell. Brown may very well end up costing us just as much as any Senator or Congressman. The question to ask, "Does he know the limits of the federal Constitution placed on his office?"

To Sarkazein, don't be too hasty to condemn those of us who choose to listen to the message of the good doctor. Ron Paul is as close in philosophy to our founding principles as any congressman has been in decades. If you took a hour or two to understand his stance on the use of our military you might find that you agree more than you first believed.

Thanks for giving me a slot tonight.

Mike D. said...


I can't quite put my finger on what it is in your words that tips me off, but my guess is that you idolize Ayn Rand.

Am I right?

Mike D. said...


I watched and loved every moment of your link to the Chris Matthews interview of Howard Dean.

Please, to others reading this, if you did not click on Sark's link, refill your wine glass and prepare for nine of the most entertaining minutes of 2010. Then click and enjoy.

Here it is again:


jaustin said...

Mike D.

I'm almost finished with my virginal reading of "Atlas Shrugged"

What is more profound to me, being just an 'ol country boy and a puddle pirate, is that I knew this all along. I just wish that I had had the courage to admit it much sooner in life.

BikerBard said...

Mike: I'd rather see a video of YOU and the Tea Party Queens watching the MSNBC video. I just bet you all wet your panties over this one.

By the way, we are turning the government over to Scott Brown. I'm sure we can get him to recreate that soft porn photo holding the Constitution in the strategic area.

Mike D. said...


The question is, did you watch the video?

Come on, man, this isn't like when I asked you to spend three hours listening to the Jerry Doyle show on the radio. This is Chris Matthews interviewing Howard Dean on MSNBC.

That must be safe to watch. It must be a sanitized, liberal on liberal, in a liberal studio interview, right?

Simon Jester said...

BB is back to posting his homosexual fantasies again. HD, you said you would decide if a post added to the blog. When has Bikerbard ever posted anything that added to anything but his hate.

Sarkazein said...

Justin wrote-" If you took a hour or two to understand his stance on the use of our military you might find that you agree more than you first believed."

It would have to be someone other than Paul explaining it, because all the times I've seen him do it, he has sent me off. I have followed his career for decades, as he is from Texas. I was shocked by his appearance at the Presidential debates, so I can't agree with the 1% that want him to be President.
Everything else he says makes good sense.

I first read Atlas Shrugged in 1978. Took me 3 months, but worth every bit of it. Read it again in 1990. For years there has been talk of a movie. You will be able to relate some of the Atlas Shrugged characters to some of the commenters here.

Sarkazein said...


"puddle pirate" is that Coast Guard?

jaustin said...

Sark, Yes - Coast Guard

The way I see and understand Paul's foreign policy and the use of our military is simplistic and basic to its core. I have a right and a duty to defend my property and my life, even from my next door neighbor, as he does likewise. I do not have a right to impose my will by force on anyone who has not harmed me or infringed on my liberties. If you expand that out to a national level then you see that our interference in the lives of other nations might have some negative ramifications. It does not mean that we become isolated on the planet, it means that we choose to be good neighbors and a more determined defender of liberty.

It's a great subject to discuss, but in this format it would take a long time.

Rand is a new discovery for me. Since I lived most of my life wrapped up in the events of my own doing I sort of lived in a hole. I followed the rules and went my merry way, then I decided to build my own house 8 years ago. My understanding of - and the reality of property rights seemed to go in two different directions from the start. I dealt with it on my own for several years and then I happened upon Dr. Paul and his campaign for the Presidency. He was saying everything I felt and saying it in a way that I understood. For the first time in my life I heard a politician say that my life and my property and liberty were mine to do with as I saw fit. I answer to nobody but me, now that's my kind of leader - one that does not tell me how to live and does not limit my ability to enjoy what I make of it.

Honest Debate said...

Simon Jester,

I was being facetious when I wrote, "From now on I'll decide if and what every single post adds. Make it count...or else", although I guess in a sense I do just that. I have a hard enough time keeping up with and deleting the spam.

As to his most recent comment, I'm afraid it's fair game. Scott Brown evidently did pose semi-nude (whatever that means) for a magazine years back. I don't know the details and don't care enough to look them up. BikerBard feels differently.

I don't know why BB would hold that against anyone but I'd guess his thinking is we would so we're hypocrites for liking Brown. He's waving the stupid flag.

Your opinion is duly noted, believe me. Surely BB has added something at some point but largely I agree with you. I thought he was doing a little better. I hate being a school marm.

Sarkazein said...

HD wrote-"I don't know why BB would hold that against anyone but I'd guess his thinking is we would so we're hypocrites for liking Brown.

Brown was not wearing enough leather in the picture for BB's taste.

Sarkazein said...


It is true, with the onset of property tax, one never owns their property (land). With all the over-reaching building codes, you are restricted in the development of your land to the point of a renter.

jaustin said...


Not only that, but with the income tax I have become a servant to the government and bond by law at the point of a gun to turn over a substantial amount of my earnings. These were all things that I knew in my heart but the people around me were not complaining so I just kept quiet and my thoughts to myself. If nothing else the "Ron Paul R3volution" made me aware of more people who thought as I did and opened the door for me to make contact with people such as yourself.

Sarkazein said...

That is why I paid so much attention to Ron Paul's career. He is not my Congressman, he is south and east of Houston (my home). There is another libertarian Larry Elder that has a strong defense posture, but as of yet, I have not convinced him to run for office. But he realizes how hard it would be to be a libertarian under Sharia Law or Communism.

BikerBard said...

HD: In the last few posts, Sark referenced my having a leather fettish, and Simon suggested I have homosexual fantasies. Now tell me, how can the very ones ashing for you to play "playground matron" be so hypocritical as to post derogatory comments?

I would like to know how they (Simon, Sark, Faukes, etc) want you to police me, but THEY get a pass on denegrating comments??

I was making a sarcastic reference to the absurd notion that a male candidate's soft-core porn shot got a pass. Imagine if the photo was of Martha Coakley or any Democrat, for that matter. The folks here would have gone crazy!

Sadly, I needed to point out the message for those who cannot think for themselves. They have to get their thoughts through Fox News.
But the hypocracy here is unbelievable!

I trust I added to the dialogue in a number of ways.

Sarkazein said...

Leather Boy-
Show me where I requested policing of your comments.

Honest Debate said...


Sark's right but you have a point about Simon and Guy. Simon and Guy have a point about you. You love it, I don't but I guess I asked for it...sigh. There's a bowl of mush for you.

Your issue with policing post is irrelevant. I've been clear, I'm not your mama. I do read every single post and do have the password and veto power, so there's that. Someone's got to do it. I don't get the feeling you are pulling a Johnny Rico and are trying to get banned. I think you think you have a case and you do but not a right.

You wrote: "I was making a sarcastic reference to the absurd notion that a male candidate's soft-core porn shot got a pass. Imagine if the photo was of Martha Coakley or any Democrat, for that matter. The folks here would have gone crazy!"

You constructed the entire scenario and it's wrong. It's all a bunch of hooey. The foundation that you build on is flawed. Why even go there?

You go on to say: "Sadly, I needed to point out the message for those who cannot think for themselves. They have to get their thoughts through Fox News. But the hypocracy here is unbelievable!"

You're a fathead.

Sarkazein said...

First President Bush used smart bombs to breach the levees in New Orleans, now Obama has used an earthquake weapon to kill millions in Haiti.
POV, Obama needs to be tried as a war criminal for crimes against humanity.

BikerBard said...

"You're a fathead" - HD
Yes, your concern for keeping a moving dialogue is underwhelming.

"But, wit, not so, and of letters there are but three to write you down- A-S-S." - Edmond Rostand

"Come, Watson, come. The game is afoot!" - Sherlock Holmes

Mike D. said...

Martha Coakley, naked.

How about Martha Coakley and Nancy Pelosi doing girl/girl on film?

Screw contraception. Just the thought of Coakley and Pelosi getting it on could reduce birth rates worldwide for generations to come. Throw in Harry Reid watching from behind the curtains in a gorilla suit and the problem of overpopulation could be rectumfied on a global scale!

Honest Debate said...


It went right over your head, didn't it?

BikerBard said...

If that was a joke, you need better writers.

The name-calling from you folks was getting thick. I thought you were just adding to them. It wouldn't surprise me.

In the future, help us. Please label your jokes, "A Joke." :-)

Honest Debate said...


I'm person A.

guy faulkes said...

Honest Debate said...

Guy, the video has been taken down due to a copyright issue. What was it about?

guy fauleks said...

A cartoon Obama singing The Day ObamaCare Died. It was hilarious.