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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's On!

Sorry to keep going here but this ought to be good.


Honest Debate said...

This story just won't die. We have speculated about the criminality of this and here's the first step. That's what I'd like to focus on here, there is no need to rehash the validity (or lack thereof) of the hoax. The science is settled, the debate is over.

I believe all Inhofe can do is ask for hearings. It's doubtful that Obama will grant his request. Public pressure could make the difference. Do they really have a leg to stand on to deny the request? The thought of Algore being drilled by Congress and not being able to kill their mic sends a tingle up my leg.

Sarkazein said...

Al Gore is a natural at claiming ignorance. They will start turning on each other. Al will first accuse Bill Nye the Science Guy and Captain Planet of being where he heard it first.
What did he know and when did he know it?

guy faulkes said...

HD is correct in his apprehension of the liberals (mostly Democrats) allowing the hearings to take place. However he is also correct in stating the fact this story just won't die.

If the conservatives have any sense at all, they are going to stir up such a storm over this hoax that health care will look like a partly cloudy day by comparison. If they do a halfway decent job of informing the public what the effect of this hoax will have on them through Cap and Tax or the EPA, then some of these charlatans will go to jail after the mid term elections. It may even happen before then because of the political backlash that obstructing these hearings will produce.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that NASA has withheld much of it's climate change data dispite requests for that data through the Freedom of information Act.

Johnny Rico said...

I hear the scientists are recallig their prior claims of sea level rise, citing erroneous information in one of the main seal level rise studies.

I think they read "A Watauga Conservative" when we plied Socialist Sheep Lemming POV with the obvious question of why the sea is not rising if the ice caps are melting!!!

Good job to A Watauga Conservative for forcing the pseudo-scientists to retract their memos (and make POV look like the total Troglydyte he is).

Good stuff

Anything to say Lemming POV?


Your ole pal

Johnny Rico

And yes, this ought to be interesting!!!!!

guy faulkes said...

The British have decided that the study on climate change was invalid and needs to be done again correctly.

India has started its own study because it says the current one cannot be trusted.

With these countries having this response and with the insurmountable evidence that the entire hoax was deliberately done in order for certain entities to gain power and wealth, it is going to be very difficult to deny a Congressional hearing into the matter. The Obama administration would be made to look even more complicit than it does now. Of course, this administration does not care; look at how it keeps proceeding with the socialized medicine issue when it knows the people are overwhelmingly against it. The question is can the hearing be held over the objections of the Speaker?

Honest Debate said...


I don't know the answer to your question but I agree that we need to beat the drum. We can make a big stink and a difference. By "we" I mean Americans not Republicans or Democrats.

Have you noticed how far ahead the British press has been on this? They are not invested in Obama to the extent the media is here. That illustrates the danger of having a biased press. This hoax is costing Americans untold billions and the press can't be honest because of their investment.

guy faulkes said...

Have you noticed how far ahead the British press has been on this? - POV

Yes. Thank God for the internet. One can read news from anywhere. While foreign news sources are also sometimes biased, there is not the filtering of the news (censorship) usually applied by the left wing media in this country (At least as to news int this country. They probably do the same in their own.)

Johnny Rico said...

Nothing to say on this one Liberal Socialist Sheep POV? Didn't think so. What an idiot!!!


Your ole pal

Johnny Rico