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Friday, February 26, 2010

National Taxpayers Union gives Foxx an "A" for votes on taxes, spending


Foxx’s 94 percent rating highest among North Carolina delegation

WASHINGTON—The National Taxpayers Union (NTU) today awarded Foxx an “A” grade for her record of consistently voting to reduce spending and keep taxes low. In NTU’s detailed rating of more than 300 House votes in 2009 Foxx scored a 94 percent, giving her the highest score out of North Carolina’s congressional delegation.

“Working hard to keep federal government spending in check and to keep North Carolina families’ taxes low is one of my top priorities,” Foxx said. “So I’m pleased that NTU recognized my commitment to fiscal responsibility and limited government in their 2009 vote ratings.”

NTU’s rating of members of Congress’ votes covers 333 House votes in 2009 that had a significant affect on taxes, spending or debt. Foxx’s “A” grade reflects her voting record on these 333 votes and also earns her the NTU’s “Taxpayers’ Friend Award”.

For more information on NTU’s congressional ratings, how the ratings are calculated and what roll call votes are used please visit


guy faulkes said...

I have always been a supporter of Ms. Foxx. She has been a supporter of conservative values for years.

Unfortunately, my investigations into the issue of the land trade between the Town of Blowing Rock and the Blue Ridge Parkway have lead me into being somewhat disappointed in her. It is not her stance that bothers me as much as she did not appear to be very transparent in her dealings with her constituents.

I am going to have to check out her opposition in all three groups, Republican, Independent, and Democrat. I doubt I can support the Democrat as he appears to support the health care debacle proposed by Obama.

I also hear that many of our left wing friends are planning to change their registration so as to be able to support her opposition in the primary (Keith Gardner) because they think he would be easier to beat than would Ms. Foxx.

Reader said...

Guy, I don't agree with everything Foxx does, but I will "not" vote for a democrat...period. Those days are over for me. Foxx is conservative with our money and that's what counts. She has my vote.

guy faulkes said...

I vote for the person I feel is best for the job. Many times I do not vote in some races. I do not vote in races in which I do not know the views and history of the person for which I am voting.

I have voted and campaigned for Democrats if I felt they were the best candidates. I did so for John Bingham, who was the best Clerk of Court I have ever known and I have known several in different counties. I voted for Glenn Hodges and Len Hagaman. I will probably support Tom Trexler for Clerk of Court in this election. This is a difficult decision as there are several good candidates in both parties running.

I wonder what LiberalPrverbs18:2 would think of this. For that matter, does it surprise any of you as I am an ultra-conservative?

oatz said...

Like her politics or not Mrs. Foxx is the hardest working woman I have ever known. The 5th district has the hardest working and most frugal person working hard for the American people. A political smoothie she is NOT. But a straight talking no nonsense person you can be proud to have working for you of that I am sure. Her staff some 40 years younger work in shifts to match her hard driving style. Conservatives be proud of Virgina Foxx.

Honest Debate said...

She's got my vote as well, I like her.

Guy, she has answered every time I've emailed. Have you asked her about the land trade? It doesn't surprise me that you vote for Democrats from time to time. I reckon I've done it once or twice. I admire your attention to local politics. I also don't vote in races when I don't know the candidates but I leave a whole lot more blank than you.

guy faulkes said...

Yes I have contacted both her office and the Town of Blowing Rock . They both tell me conflicting stories (with themselves) as to what happened. I have been told of a meeting that was on was not held between Ms. Foxx and the town depending on which version of which tale you believe from both entities. I have talked with people that wanted to attend this meeting but were not made aware of it. I do know the town manager went to Washington to testify before the House and that people in opposition to the trade were not informed in time to appear in opposition.

This was not transparent. It also shocks me because I have contacted Ms. Foxx on other issues several times. On every other issue, she informed me of where she stood in no uncertain terms. (Most of the time I agreed with her.) She always contacted me about my concerns, except on this issue. I even tried to talk with her about it at the Republican meeting that was held in Blowing Rock, but was not allowed to. She did discuss other subjects with other people. This is what surprises and concerns me so much.

I will also probably vote for her. It depends on what I find out about the other candidates.

Reader said...

You know Guy, I have always voted for the person. Bingham and Hodges were from Boone. They knew the people and therefore were fair in the decisions they made. I think that's why Foxx keeps getting elected, plus she's a business owner and knows what small business can and cannot afford. I hate to say it Guy, but democrat candidates these days are not trustworthy like years ago. Until they can prove they are, I will not vote for them. They have a habit of telling you what you want to hear and doing the opposite. Foxx does what she says, therefore she'll get my vote.

guy faulkes said...

Reader, you make an excellent point about being told what you want to hear and then being stabbed in the back. This is my problem with liberal Republicans as well as Democrats. It is important to research the history of a candidate's actions before you vote for him. Even a third party would not help in this respect. You have to know about the man, not the party.

Except for this one rather significant issue (at least in my mind), I approve of most of the Actions taken by Foxx.

Johnny Rico said...

That's funny, my post on Virginia Foxx and her corrupt politics with the equally corrupt town of Blowing Rock were deleted. Mmmmmm, this is not the first time this has happened.

guy faulkes said...

If Rico's post was deleted, I have to wonder why. I brought up the subject of the land trade on a thread about Foxx as the first comment. HD questioned me about my investigation of the issue and I answered. If Rico is addressing that issue, the post would seem to be on topic as my post was not deleted and the blog administrator responded to it. Granted Rico gets rather emotional at times, but so do we all.

Honest Debate said...

Guy and Johnny,

There's two things.

First, I did not delete Ms. Rico's post. Either she is mistaken, there was some glitch, or Blogger did it. I'm not too worried about which one it is.

Secondly, you guys make me feel like a frog. I'm not the "on topic" police. I even did a thread on it: "Let's Talk About It. What's 'It'." I'm not going around looking for post to delete. I'm privileged to hear from any of you. In the case of LiberalPOV, he was hijacking every thread with blatant disregard. Heck, that's no fun. Let him get his own blog. All I did was delete a few post, he practically dared me after I asked nice. He's still welcome anyway. He can even go off on a tangent if he wants ...just as long as he he isn't a jerk about it. Blogger has his jerk meter too. All in all, one would have to proactively try to actually have a post deleted. We encourage honest debate.

guy faulkes said...

It is entirely possible that Rico wrote the post and did not hit the publish button or that there was a glitch. This has happened to me three times. It really makes you mad when you hit publish, the post disappears and then it never appears on the thread.

One cannot delete a post that never appears.

It is for this reason I always copy the post before I hit publish. It is then possible to look for the post on the thread to be certain it went through. If it did not, you can paste the post and send it again with no trouble. The only problem is that it may eventually show up twice.

Anonymous said...

Guy- Looks like Burr was the one who initiated this transaction. Have you asked his office about it or do you have an ax to grind against Foxx?

guy faulkes said...

Anonymous, yes I have.

Burr and Hagan have introduced bills in the Senate. These bills can still being amended. Grass Roots North Carolina is leading the charge to amend the bills to bring in the 192 acres and the additional 50,000 acres that are proposed to be added to the Parkway as National Recreational Areas on which multi-use functions such as hunting would be allowed. I thought it best to reserve judgment on Burr and Hagan until they decide whether they are going to support the use of public lands for hunters. Also,the transparency issue is not nearly as great in this case.

The latest GRNC alert follows:

GRNC Alert: NC Traditions Under Siege

Grass Roots North Carolina, P.O. Box 10684, Raleigh, NC 27605
919-664-8565,, GRNC Alert Hotline: (919) 562-4137
February 15, 2010

NC Traditions Under Siege:

In recent months, GRNC has been informing you of moves being
supported by Sen. Richard Burr to place hunting land around Blowing
Rock under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service, thus ending
all hunting and sport shooting on that tract. Sadly it appears that
may have only been the beginning of a much larger move to make
thousands of acres of land off limits to the hunters and target
shooters of our state.

First there was S1767, "Blue Ridge Parkway and Town of Blowing Rock
Land Exchange Act of 2009." Now there is S2951, "Blue Ridge Parkway
Protection Act". Whereas S1767 is behind the attempted land grab being engineered by the town leaders of Blowing Rock to transfer a large tract of land which backs up to property owned by a member of the town council, S2951 will do the same thing for up to 50,000 acres of land along the Blue Ridge Parkway under the guise of protecting it. What are
they trying to protect if from: you?

In a display of bi-partisanship, both bills are sponsored by
Republican Sen. Richard Burr and are co-sponsored by Democrat Sen. Kay Hagan. It appears that bi-partisanship really means the people being hit from two different directions. Isn't it nice when our representatives get along! Today they feel the need to "protect" the Blue Ridge Parkway from us. We can't help but wonder what they are going to "protect" on our behalf tomorrow, and from which segment of our citizenry.


It is not too late, however. Sen. Burr can still fix this bill by
introducing a floor amendment that would designate these lands as
"National Recreation Areas" – open to hunting and shooting. Urge him to do so.


Contact Sen. Richard Burr and let him know you don't appreciate his
idea of "protection":

Washington DC Office:
Phone: (202) 224-3154
Fax: (202) 228-2981

Contact Sen. Kay Hagan and let her know that her continued work
against the people of this state is being noticed:

Washington, DC Office:
Phone: (202) 224-6342
Fax: (202) 228-2563

Ms. Foxx sponsored the bill on the 192 acres in the House where it passed unanimously as no opposition was allowed to be presented to the House in order to discuss the National Recreational Area option. This is my concern about Ms. Foxx.

Johnny Rico said...

My computer had a virus and the Foxx comment may not have posted. At any rate, Virginia Foxx and henchman Aaron Whitener have lied to the citizens of this county in regards to the land grab they are helping the corrupt Town of Blowing Rock with. In March of 2009, Foxx met with Blowing Rock Mayor JB Lawrence and Town Manager Scott Hilderan in council chambers to discuss how to proceed with the land trade after local sportsmen called the trade into question. Foxx hatched the idea of Hildebran testifying in front of Congress in May of 2009. Since the sportspersons were hot on their tails, Foxx and Whitener kept the Congressional testimony secret until 5:00 PM the day before testimony was started. In order to testify in front of Congress, sportsmen would need to request such testimony at least 3 days in advance and post documentation of what they intended to talk about.

In the end, the Town of Blowing Rock and Virginia Foxx used downright illegal practices against taxpayers of Watauga County in order to promote government for the government by the government. What about the taxpayers?

Virginia Foxx and the Town will not return questions asked about the testimony and such. They will also not talk about the fact that ex Town Councilwoman Barbara Ball owns a 1.3 million dollar home overlooking the land to be traded!! Something is fishy here. These events will be called into question before this years election to be sure. I for one will not vote for the corrupt Foxx. I am looking at Jeff Smith (I) from N. Wilkesboro. He claims to be pro-gun which Foxx obviously isn't.

Johnny Rico

PS Wish liberal socialist sheep POV and Tricycle Lard were here so I could give them a pounding.