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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nuclear Power Play

With poll numbers plummeting President Obama needs a big play. This may be it. I applaud his decision.


guy faulkes said...

I would agree that this may be the start of Obama's turn to the right. I, too, like this decision. Now if we can start progress on other energy independent policies such as harvesting and promoting our domestic oil, gas, coal, water, solar, and wind resources, we will finally be getting somewhere.

Johnny Rico said...

I agree Guy. Funny how Obama is being forced into listening to the electorate - something anathema to his very being. LOL!! I constantly write my Congressmen and women, and explain to them the potential of harnessing water power from our creeks and rivers. They never reply or if they do, it is a canned response (From both Republicans and Democrates).

I hope they all get voted out and we can start anew with representative who abide by the Constitution.

Term limits, cuts in pay, cuts in health care coverage, and cuts in their fancy retirement packages should be the order of the day.

Johnny Rico

Professor Johnny Rico said...

Cat got your tongue liberal POV (sheep)? LOL

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico

RT Sender said...

The sooner we make use of all our energy sources, the more jobs we create and the fewer American dollars flood overseas.