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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Our Humble Obama



Liberal POV said...


One more silly post.
Don't forget such images as this can be easily photoshoped. Is this an unalterd image?

Honest Debate could you have posted a dishonest image?

Liberal POV said...


I give you the image is unnaltered, but is it important?

Sarkazein said...

POV asked-"Is this an unalterd image?"

Hard to believe if it's not?
I wonder what the Flag Officer standing there was thinking.

guy faulkes said...

Forget the Flag Officer, Sark. Do you wonder if the Mayor of Tampa was thinking "God! Another Clinton! My face is up here, Jerk!"? :-)

Reader said...

I was wondering if he thinks he's really of asian descent.

Liberal POV said...


Much of his early childhood was in an Asian culture.

Sarkazein said...

His religion doesn't allow him to gaze upon a woman without a hijab. The picture caught the results as Obama was trying to hide his excitement.

Honest Debate said...


Thanks for posting this.

I have a brother that lives in Tampa. I called and congratulated him for his mayor's promotion to queen.

I saw a video of this and it really does look more innocent in real time, but still...