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Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Shoe Bomber Was Mirandized

According to this Politico story, Richard Reid was read his Miranda rights within five minutes of his arrest. He is a British citizen and was not on a watch list so it's a little easier to overlook any terrorist ties and treat him as a common criminal...but not much. Not after 9/11.


Liberal POV said...


What was so bad about doing it the right way as was done in this case?

guy faulkes said...

This is yet another mistake by the Bush administration in the war on terror. As I have always said, his administration was not nearly aggressive enough in the war on terror. Fortunately he changed his policy to interrogate enemy combatants.

Liberal POV said...


"Fortunately he changed his policy to interrogate enemy combatants."

Don't you mean"he changed his policy to torture and human rights abuse?"

Sarkazein said...

POV wrote-"Don't you mean"he changed his policy to torture and human rights abuse?"

Only in the mind of the enemy, both foreign and from within the United States.

Sarkazein said...

Plus the US has had several years since Richard Reid to develop agency departments to handle these terrorists. We are learning nothing if we forget to use these developed skills. For instance, the agency specializing in terrorist intelligence would have more intelligence to base their questions. More intel to verify or make the terrorist know they are experts and not going to win with the ACLU sharing a joint with them while they plan their defense.